Questionnaire Templates

What Is a Questionnaire?

A questionnaire is a data-gathering tool that allows people to collect information about a particular subject. Questionnaires are most useful for interviewers to gather accurate information from a group of people. This document is reliable in collecting details for feedbacks, health assessments, or evaluations. With questionnaire documents, you will have more convenient ways of recording the data gathered Read More

Types of Questionnaires

Questionnaires are a set of questions that allows interviewers to get the right data they need for their study. But questionnaires vary in their content, depending on the purpose of the document for the surveys. This document has different types and formats that people should be aware of. Here are the common types of questionnaires:

Open-Ended Questions: Open-ended questions enable the respondents to prove a written opinion about the subject. This section is an excellent way of providing your respondents with the freedom to answer the questions. It is great for gathering feedback or evaluations.

Rating Scale Questions: For quantitative results, rating scales may work for every questionnaire. The rating scale questions will include scales such as “1-5” ranges for respondents to measure their experience with the subject at hand.

Multiple Choice Questions: This type of questionnaire provides the respondents with a couple of things to select closest to their experience to the subject. Sometimes, the document comes with questions that don’t match any of the respondent’s experience. Hence, the “Others” section will be at the end of every choice for respondents to fill out.

Download a Questionnaire Format from Our Questionnaire Templates

Collecting data for a particular project will be difficult without any written document as a tool. Questionnaires will be a great tool for this task. With well-written and formatted questionnaires, you will have a hassle-free process of gathering information. Get yourself a ready-made questionnaire document from our collection of templates to get you started on your data gathering today!