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FREE 10+ Research Data Collection Form Templates in MS Word | PDF

In the research study, there are various important steps that are carried out every time and among these steps the method of data collection is an important one. The researcher uses both the primary and the secondary methods for collecting the data. And for these purpose there are the online data collection forms that would help in the collection of the data and information for the researcher from the various sources.

FREE 10+ Research Development Plan Templates in Google Docs | MS Word | Pages | PDF

Research and development (R&D) encompass practices performed by businesses to evolve and launch new products and services. This is also the first step in the process of evolution. Usually, the aim is to promote new goods and services and add them to the firm’s bottom line. The word R&D is generally associated with innovation in the corporate and governmental environment, or the public and private sectors. R&D makes it possible for a firm to stay on top of its competition.

FREE 10+ Quantitative Research Report Templates in MS Word | PDF

In the natural and social sciences, and perhaps in other areas, quantitative analysis refers to the comprehensive empirical study of observed phenomena by statistical, computational and/or mathematical techniques. Quantitative research aims to establish and utilize phenomena-related mathematical hypotheses, models, and theories. The measurement method is important to quantitative research as it presents the basic link to quantitative relationships between empirical observation and mathematical expression.

10+ Academic Research Report Templates in PDF | DOC

The Academic Research Report is the completed study that reports an investigation or finding out of the problem, identification of the questions to be addressed and includes in it the data collected, analysed and interpreted by the researcher. It is prepared after the study is completed and it communicates what exactly is done in the study and what resulted. It is the primary source of the information and data. It reports the result and methods of an original study.

FREE 10+ Educational Research Ethics Templates in PDF | MS Word

Even though it does not deter wrongdoing, a course for research ethics may be useful in helping to avoid deviations from norms. Research ethics in the field of education can help people understand ethical principles, practices, and problems better and strengthen moral judgment and judgment-making.