100+ Creative & Funny Desktop Backgrounds to Customize your Desktop


Desktop backgrounds do showcase the personality of the user and oddly toggling between the preferred options in a common sight. With the trends fast evolving, background genres are taking a hit and the customers are looking to experiment with certain options which would justify the utility of the Operating System and the PC features. The time is thus right for the funny desktop backgrounds which come with varied color combinations and a humorous design philosophy. Monochromatic shades are mostly avoided as being funny often justifies being colorful. Free backgrounds are mostly preferred and can be downloaded easily for both desktops and mobiles. Better responsiveness is another attribute which separates these options from the rest of the herd. Other choices range from certain premium varieties which showcase better feature sets and a more exhaustive color palette. Top rated wallpapers can be readily downloaded by the professionals and features like PSD files and Adobe illustrators come in handy for most. Slogans with a humorous side and graphics which are meant to entertain make the backbone of these funny desktop essentials. Take your pick amongst these best available templates which showcase great innovation and provide a result oriented approach for the users in a fun filled manner.

Funny Backgrounds1

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Funny Backgrounds2

creatvie funny earth wallpaper

Funny Backgrounds3

48796 cartoon funny desktop wallpaper copy

Funny Backgrounds4

58971 copy

Funny Backgrounds5

79264 copy

Funny Backgrounds6


Funny Backgrounds7


Funny Backgrounds8

147432 copy copy

Funny Backgrounds9

151703 copy

Funny Backgrounds10

236063 copy

Funny Backgrounds11

241463 copy

Funny Backgrounds12

288287 copy

Funny Backgrounds13

356256 copy

Funny Backgrounds14

485256 copy

Funny Backgrounds15

489030 copy

Funny Backgrounds16

1794722 1360x768 desktopnexus

Funny Backgrounds17

1794722 1360x768 desktopnexus

Funny Backgrounds18

1828579 1360x768 desktopnexus

Funny Backgrounds19

1844087 copy

Funny Backgrounds20

april fools day funny cat wallpapers download copy

Funny Backgrounds21

banana copy

Funny Backgrounds22


Funny Backgrounds23

best funny animal desktop wallpaper copy

Funny Backgrounds24

best funny wallpapers copy

Funny Backgrounds25

best funny wallpapers 13 copy

Funny Backgrounds26


Funny Backgrounds27

cat and beer funny animal wallpaper hd copy

Funny Backgrounds28


Funny Backgrounds29


Funny Backgrounds30


Funny Backgrounds31


Funny Backgrounds32

dogs in clothes funny wallpaper 600x450 copy

Funny Backgrounds33


Funny Backgrounds34


Funny Backgrounds35

enhanced buzz wide 27544 1325276236 16 copy

Funny Backgrounds36


Funny Backgrounds37

free wallpaper 4 copy

Funny Backgrounds39

cute smile sunflower wallpapers hd 2560x16001

Funny Backgrounds40

funny 3d animal wallpapers desktop copy1

Funny Backgrounds41


Funny Backgrounds42


Funny Backgrounds43

funny animal wallpaper1 copy1

Funny Backgrounds44

funny baby cute full hd wallpaper 4

Funny Backgrounds45

funny cat bite 1366x768 copy

Funny Backgrounds46

funny cat desktop wallpapers copy

Funny Backgrounds47

funny cats hd wallpapers

Funny Backgrounds48

funny cat wallpapers 2 copy

Funny Backgrounds49

funny chimpanzee copy

Funny Backgrounds50

funny desktop high definition wallpapers cool widescreen backgrounds copy

Funny Backgrounds51

funny free wallpapers for desktop 8 copy

Funny Backgrounds52

funny green frog images copy

Funny Backgrounds53

funny turtle funny wallpaper copy

Funny Backgrounds54

good morning funny wallpaper 1024x640 copy

Funny Backgrounds55

hd funny wallpaper free download desktop wallpaper copy

Funny Backgrounds56

hd wallpaper funny animals wallpapers copy

Funny Backgrounds57


Funny Backgrounds58


Funny Backgrounds59


Funny Backgrounds60


Funny Backgrounds61

joyful wallpaper copy

Funny Backgrounds62


Funny Backgrounds63

minions yellow funny wallpapers copy

Funny Backgrounds64


Funny Backgrounds65

obama wallpaper copy

Funny Backgrounds66


Funny Backgrounds67


Funny Backgrounds68


Funny Backgrounds69


Funny Backgrounds70


Funny Backgrounds71


Funny Backgrounds72

you know what its like 1280x800 copy

Funny Backgrounds74

1 copy

Funny Backgrounds75

2 copy

Funny Backgrounds76

3 copy

Funny Backgrounds77

4 copy

Funny Backgrounds78

5 copy

Funny Backgrounds79

6 copy

Funny Backgrounds80

7 copy

Funny Backgrounds81

8 copy

Funny Backgrounds82

9 copy

Funny Backgrounds83

10 copy

Funny Backgrounds84

11 copy

Funny Backgrounds85

12 copy

Funny Backgrounds86

13 copy

Funny Backgrounds87

14 copy

Funny Backgrounds88

15 copy1

Funny Backgrounds89

16 copy

Funny Backgrounds90

17 copy

Funny Backgrounds91

18 copy

Funny Backgrounds92

19 copy

Funny Backgrounds93

20 copy

Funny Backgrounds94

21 copy

Funny Backgrounds95

22 copy

Funny Backgrounds96

23 copy

Funny Backgrounds97

24 copy

Funny Backgrounds98

25 copy

Funny Backgrounds99

26 copy

Funny Backgrounds100

100 copy

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