30+ Dark Backgrounds – PSD, JPEG, PNG

Some people want their background to be dim or shadowy to highlight the icons and menus at their computers or cell phones; it can also calm their minds and emotions by just looking at pure dark. At wallpaper template that can be found at Microsoft word or online, you can download or create the ideal dark background that fits your like or applicable for your project. You can also see Space Backgrounds.

Amazing Premium Rendering Dark Background

  • amazing premium rendering dark background

Awesome Free Dark Background for You

  • awesome free dark background for you

Dark Polygon Premium Backgound Download

  • dark polygon premium backgound download

Dark Winter Background Free Download

  • dark winter background free download

Free Dark Ivy Leaves Background Download

  • free dark ivy leaves background download

Astonishing Free Dark Background for You

  • astonishing free dark background for you

Abstract Dark Background for Free

  • abstract dark background for free

Dark Grunge Background Premium Download

  • dark grunge background premium download

Mystery Face Dark Background For Free

  • mystery face dark background for free

The Best Dark Background for You

  • the best dark background for you

Dynamic Premium Dark Background Download

  • dynamic premium dark background download

Elegant Dark Texture Background Download

  • elegant dark texture background download

Beautiful Truth Dark Background Free Download

  • beautiful truth dark background free download

Free Excellent Dark Background Download

  • free excellent dark background download

Premium 3D Polygon Dark Background

  • premium 3d polygon dark background

Ascendence Dark Background Free Download

  • ascendence dark background free download

Dark Background Design Free Download

  • dark background design free download

Dark Blue Background Premium Download

  • dark blue background premium download

Premium Stone Textured Dark Background

  • premium stone textured dark background

Free Oraculum Dark Background for You

  • free oraculum dark background for you

Black Storm Dark Background for Free

  • black storrm dark background for free

Excellent Premium Dark Background for You

  • excellent premium dark background for you

Dark Reflection Background Free Download

  • dark reflection background free download

Dark Smoke Background for Free

  • dark smoke background for free

Free Enigmatic Lady Dark Background

  • free enigmatic lady dark background

Free Red Coloured Dark Forest Background

  • free red coloured dark forest background

Extraordinary Free Dark background Download

  • extraordinary free dark background download

Back Dragon Dark Backround for You

  • back dragon dark backround for you

Extravagant Premium Dark Background

  • extravagant premium dark background

Temperance Dark Background Free Download

  • temperance dark background free download

Free Artistic Dark Background Download

  • free artistic dark background download

For wallpaper of wide selection, the web has a lot to offer for you, relating this template can create your ideal dark background; you can change the colors darkness and implant designs just to make different just plain dark.

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