34+ YouTube Backgrounds – PSD, AI, Vector EPS

Are you bored of plain YouTube backgrounds and looking for some cool effects? Well, the good news is that we have come up with a wide range of cool backgrounds HD for YouTube so that you can bring in a more personalized and artsy effect on the portal. These backgrounds from our list below can be downloaded for free.You can also see Youtube Banner Templates Our cool list of YouTube Templates is sure to amaze you with its diverse themes & Cool Backgrounds. There are abstract arts to choose from while you will also find beautiful scenic illustrations. We have covered every theme possible to satisfy diverse range of interests.

cool youtube background

Collection of 5 Youtube Backgrounds For Download

collection of 5 youtube backgrounds for download
If you are planning to create a great YouTube channel that will attract many followers, this collection of backgrounds is suited for you. Download it in the available PDF template.

Space Youtube Background Template Download

space youtube background template download
This space YouTube background template is designed professionally to make your channel look amazing. It can be downloaded from this site in Word format and used easily to create your channel.

Youtube Background Design Free Download

youtube background design free download
In order to come up with an attractive YouTube channel that looks professional and attractive, this free background design is what you need. Download it here in PDF file format.

Youtube Background Easy Download

youtube background easy download
It is now easy to make your YouTube background more interesting with our free backgrounds. They are easy to download and use and are available here in Word file formats.

5 Corporate Youtube Backgrounds For Download

corporate youtube backgrounds for download
If you want to create a professional YouTube channel this expertly designed background is the best option for you. It is readily available for download from this site in PDF format

Multicolors Youtube Backgrounds For Download

multicolors youtube backgrounds for download
In order to create a lovely multicolour YouTube channel, this colourful background design is one way to do it easily. This design can be downloaded from our site for free in Word format.

Red Color Youtube Background Download

red color youtube background download
This simple YouTube channel background is what you need to create a simple yet attractive channel for your followers. It is available in PDF file format ready for download here.

Simple Youtube Background Download

simple youtube background download
With this simple YouTube channel background anyone can create a great channel to attract more visitors and followers. It is ready for download from our site in Word file format.

Metalic Youtube Backgrounds For Download

metalic youtube backgrounds for download
If you want to create a metallic theme YouTube channel then this special background is designed just for you. Get it from here in PDF file format today free of charge.

50 Water Color Backgrounds For Download

0 water color backgrounds for download
With this water color background collection it is now easy to create a wonderful YouTube channel any time. Download it from this site today in PDF file format and design your channel.

Simple Youtube Background Template Download

simple youtube background template download

Youtube Background Free Download

youtube background free download

Space Youtube Background Template Download

space youtube background template download

5 Realistic Spacebackgrounds For Download

realisti c spacebackgrounds for download

Youtube Background Design Download

youtube background design download

Youtube Background Instant Download

youtube background instant download

Thematic Youtube Background Template Download

thematic youtube background template download

30 Water Color Youtube Backgrounds For Download

0 water color youtube backgrounds for download

Easy To Download Youtube Background

easy to download youtube background

Easily Downloadable Youtube Background

easily downloadable youtube background

Premium Youtube Background Bundle Download

premium youtube background bundle download
YouTube can be customized according to your own choice now. Let me tell you how? You can have different backgrounds for the title, your channel name, your channel title and your YouTube channel by downloading premium YouTube background bundle. Enliven your space on YouTube with these stylish visual effects and flaunt off your trendiness.

Modern Warfare Youtube Background

modern warfare youtube background
Enthusiasts of Call of Duty action game can download modern warfare background and change the look of their YouTube channel. Improve your YouTube browsing experience with this absolutely interesting theme. Gaming junkies are sure to fall in love with this background. Get it right away by clicking here.

Photographer Youtube Background Download

photographer youtube background download
Are you a passionate photographer? Let your interest in photography reach out to the world through photographer YouTube background. The dull background of YouTube that you get by default can now be replaced by an excellent background according to your will. Doesn’t that sound great?

Watery Grave Youtube Layout Free Download

watery grave youtube layout free download
There is another awesome background for gamers. If you are addicted to video games, watery grave is a great background for your YouTube channel that would suit your personality of a video game lover. The appearance of your YouTube account would certainly get pepped up with this layout.

Awesome Youtube Background Download

awesome youtube background download
Has the same old YouTube background since ages got you bored and you no longer feel engaged to it? We have some awesome YouTube backgrounds that would intrigue you and you would be able to customize it too. Download it right away and give your YouTube account a welcome change.

Cool Flower Bliss Youtube Background

cool flower bliss youtube background
Cool Flower Bliss is a beautiful flowery theme. It is quite unique from the themes in which you see flowers blooming in the fields. Fluorescent colored flowers scattered in a blue background would take you to a world away from clichéd backgrounds and improve your experience while browsing or sharing videos.

Metal Grid Youtube Background

metal grid youtube background
A very interesting background that gives you a feel of three-dimensional metal grid can be a great choice for your YouTube account. Keep it simple, yet smart. Download it here and add a spark to YouTube by changing the plain white boring theme.

Twisted Metal Youtube Layout Background

twisted metal youtube layout background
Twisted Metal is an abstract layout background with shades of black and grey that give an element of “oomph” to your YouTube account. Get it here and add spiritedness to your account with a smartly and tactfully designed layout. Brace yourselves for all the positive comments you are going to receive after the makeover.

Cool Burst Flares Youtube Background

cool burst flares youtube background
Revitalize the YouTube account by cool burst flares background intended to suit all those smart people out there. Anyone who wishes to give their YouTube a new look should definitely download the background from here. It would brighten up their personality even more. Get it immediately and have a huge number of fans in no time.

Clean Techy Youtube Layout Background

clean techy youtube layout background
Those who are looking for a subtle background to enhance their YouTube account would love Clean Techy background for sure. It is one of a kind YouTube background that is decently stylish. You can have it from here and take your subscribers/audience by awe.

Awesome Glowing Garden Youtube Background

awesome glowing garden youtube background

Dark Expedition Youtube Background Free

dark expedition youtube background free

Fiery Strings Abstract Youtube Background

fiery strings abstract youtube background

Clean Abstract Youtube Layout Download

clean abstract youtube layout download