55+ Vintage Photoshop Background Patterns Free Download

Photoshop background patterns are widely used by designers and artists worldwide. The readymade patterns are extremely useful for one and all as they are readily created. You just need to download, open and employ them in your works wherever applicable. All of this has become possible due to Photoshop and its ever-continuous evolution. If you’re looking for samples of vintage Photoshop background patterns, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a set of collectibles which you mustn’t miss out!

They are the perfect backdrops to use in any number of situations. Their understated elegance lends itself well to weddings, as do their delicate intricacy. Make sure to stick to muted shades whatever the colors. Choose one pattern and stick to it, as two different patterns might clash aesthetically. Make sure to stick to one or two colors as well, as these are vintage backgrounds not modern ones.

The repetition of pattern is the distinct feature of this type of backgrounds pattern, so choose your pattern well. For birthdays, you could use simple candy stripes while for anniversaries lace-like intricate patterns are more appropriate. A refreshing twist on these types of backgrounds patterns is to use patterns native to other parts of the world.

Thus, the Indian “polki” design would evoke an ethnic, exotic and rustic feel, which could be a refreshing change from staidness and what is intimately familiar. If this is too radical, use textures like papyrus to invoke the same feel in a much more subtle manner.

Retro Geometric Seamless Background Pattern

Web Minimal Vintage Patterns

White Vintage Pattern

Retro Butterflies Pattern

Photoshop Vintage Decorative Patterns

Playful Retro Photoshop Patterns

Photoshop Patterns Victorian Damask

50 Subtle Photoshop Patterns

Vintage Sage Patterns

Photoshop Decorative Patterns

Flower Photoshop Patterns

Various Photoshop Patterns

Golden Vintage Photoshop Background

Retro Photoshop Patterns

Retro Geometric Seamless Backgrounds

Retro Monstre Sacre Photoshop Patterns

Grungy Vintage Photoshop Patterns

Retro Photoshop Patterns

Eight Seamless Hipster Photoshop Patterns

Retro Photoshop Patterns

Circles Seamless Premium Photoshop Patterns

Retro Striped Seamless Premium PS Patterns

Blue Retro Photoshop Patterns

5 Doodle Seamless Photoshop Patterns

Vintage Backgrounds with Patterns

Background Vintage Patterns

Retro Photoshop Pattern

Seamless Vintage Floral Patterns

Vintage Retro Floral Photoshop Patterns

Retro Grunge Wallpaper Pattens

Vintage Cupcake Pattern

Photoshop Patterns Vintage Bird Flower

Seamless Butterfly Pattern

Retro Photoshop Patterns

Retro Colored Lines Pattern

Retro Butter Pattern

Vintage Floral Patterns

Retro Grunge Abstract Maze Patterns

Vintage Bird Backgrounds

Retro Squares Backgrounds

Retro Grunge Patterns

Photoshop Patterned Backgrounds

Autumn Retro Patterns

Vintage Pea Green Photoshop Patterns

Retro PS Patterns

Retro Seamless Photoshop Patterns

Retro Grunge Photoshop Patterns

Vintage Sage Patterns

Playful Seamless Retro Photoshop Patterns

Retro Stripes Patterns

Victorian PS Patterns

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