Surveys are conducted for research and development. Just like a questionnaire, a survey offers researchers a chance to gather insight and information for their investigation and study of a particular subject.  survey

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Survey Definition & Example

A survey is a method of collecting data from a group of people using relevant questions.

This helps researchers understand different perspectives on the various topics of interest. 

What Is a Survey?

A survey is administered by researchers or investigators as a means to gather information that may help with the study of a particular subject. Businesses often use surveys for market and product research that helps the organization make informed and sound decisions. It is also the approach used by scientists to aid their scientific research.

10 Types of Surveys

Satisfaction Survey

A satisfaction survey is used to gauge the satisfaction level and gather feedback from an employee or a customer. This helps companies understand what they need to change, address issues and encourage active participation. This type of survey is conducted after a customer has availed of a product or has attended an event, or employees are expected to complete this survey by the end of the year.


Cleaning Services Survey

A cleaning services survey is a survey that helps cleaning companies gather feedback and reviews from their clients. With this, they are able to check if there are any loopholes with the services they are offering or if they need to add or change anything. This works best when a rating scale type of survey that uses close questions is applied.


HR Survey

A human resource or HR survey is a type of survey that is conducted within the company. Its questions focus on the different internal issues the management is facing that require opinions and feedback from the employees. Internal surveys such as this often reflect how a company values its employee’s welfare and their engagement within the company.


Restaurant Survey

Restaurants are establishments that strive to offer the best food and service to their customers. And the best way to fully understand a client and determine how well the restaurant is currently doing is by conducting a restaurant survey. Surveys of this kind are either emailed or given after the customer has finished the meal.


Employee Survey

An employee survey is a more specific business survey that is conducted for its employees and designed for employee management. Employees are an asset to a company and to prevent a high turnover rate, it is essential to keep employees satisfied by addressing different areas of concern. Not only that surveys can also help measure performance and how motivated they are when it comes to working.


Training Survey

To measure the effectiveness of a training course, a training survey is administered to its participants. Information gathered from these surveys will help training organizers find out if there are any issues in their system or problems that need to be addressed. This can contribute to changing certain aspects of the training course to ensure its efficiency and competency.


Motivation Survey

Performance is often affected whenever an individual lacks motivation. And this affects office staff and students. An assessment could be conducted through a motivation survey, which will help management or a school’s faculty for that matter understand and find ways to increase motivation.


Product Survey

When a company is engaged in product development it is important to know how the public will respond if a new product is to be launched. To do so, a product survey is handed out to a group of respondents, and the information collected may affect the product’s design, features, and presentation. This will serve as a basis to make all the necessary changes to ensure that the product remains competitive in the market.


Market Survey

The study and analysis of a consumer’s buying behavior are often supported by the data gathered from a market survey. To remain competitive and to fully understand their target market, companies need to find out what their clients want, their budget, and what motivates them. This kind of survey may be conducted online or through an interview.


Business Survey

A business survey is a general type of survey that is implemented by a company either to its employees or to the general public. The survey is made up of a set of structured questions that help you to gather information about industry culture and dynamics, market preferences, competition, and other important business variables. Information that is collected will help the company in its decision-making and maximize its full potential.


Meeting Survey

A meeting survey will help measure the effectiveness of the meeting and if attendees are able to grasp what it was all about. It is a form of evaluation to see if the topic was clear and if everyone understood what was being discussed. This survey is given to the attendees right after the meeting has ended and managers usually use data to finalize their reports.


Survey Uses, Purposes, Importance


There are several ways to gather information and conducting a survey is a widely used method for research and investigation. Survey questions are designed to aid researchers with their study. In a way, they may find answers that will help support their claim or give them a better understanding of their research.

Data Collection

The main purpose of surveys is for data collection and analysis. A specific group of people is selected to take part in a survey which helps researchers gather all sorts of information from different perspectives. The data collected is then analyzed and is up for evaluation.

Gain Knowledge

Surveys are used to gather or gain knowledge in fields such as social research and demography. This also aids companies in their service and product development. Information from surveys is considered to be valuable often contributing to the changes and features during the development process.

Make a Difference

Surveys create a significant impact on the research. Data that has been collected often give researchers ideas and ways to understand what they are studying. In this way, it helps them decide on important matters concerning the study. In some cases, the input taken from surveys can help solve underlying issues.


Surveys also help validates theories. Although a 100% accuracy cannot be truly achieved a certain percentage is considered. This is why it is important that surveys should be designed in a way it helps achieve their purpose and choosing the right group of respondents should be considered as well.

What’s In a Survey? Parts?


A title should indicate what the survey is all about. This helps respondents identify what they are about to engage in.


A survey’s introduction should be brief yet informative to the reader. It should be able to explain the survey’s objectives and instructions on how to answer the survey.


The most essential section of a survey is its questions. These questions could take on a whole page or more depending on the research topic.

Closing Statement

At the end of the survey, you will find the conclusion or a closing statement. In some cases, you can find the contact information of the researchers.


How to Design a Survey?

1. Choose your survey size.

2. Identify the purpose of the survey.

3. Select a survey template.

4. Write down the content including the list of questions.

5. Add any images, icons or clipart then double-check your work.

6. Finalize and download.

You can check out this reference for more information if you need to create a survey using a different application.


Survey vs Questionnaires

A survey is one of the many methods to collect data and information from respondents.

A questionnaire on the other hand is the instrument used to conduct a survey, as these are set of questions included in the document to be presented to its respondents.

What’s the Difference Between Survey, Forms, and Feedback?

A survey is one way to collect valuable information used in research and examination of a particular topic.

Forms are used to fill up the information for whatever purpose it may serve.

Feedback is a statement of a personal opinion that is given to improve a product, performance, or process.

Survey Sizes

There are different kinds of survey sizes you can use to print out your survey. Here are the frequently used size standards for this document.


Survey Ideas and Examples

Surveys are created differently, depending on their purpose and the manner in which their serve. To help you identify what kind of survey you should be using, we’ve got a list of survey ideas and examples that you can choose from.

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  • Onboarding Survey Ideas and Examples
  • Website Survey Pop-up Ideas and Examples
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey Ideas and Examples
  • Exit Interview Survey Ideas and Examples
  • Real Estate Client Survey Ideas and Examples
  • Job Survey Ideas and Examples
  • Parent Survey Ideas and Examples
  • Coronavirus Survey Ideas and Examples
  • Workplace Survey Ideas and Examples
  • Safety Survey Ideas and Examples


What should be included in the survey?

A survey should include instructions and questions.

What is meant by survey in research?

A survey is a means that offers feedback, validity, and reference whenever research or investigation on a particular subject is conducted.

What type of study is a survey?

A survey is used in the field of research which is the study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and statistics and reach new conclusions.

How do you write a survey report?

A survey report includes a title page, table of contents, executive summary, background and objectives, methodology, results, conclusion and recommendations, and appendices.

What are the qualities of a good survey?

A good survey should be understandable and concise so that the respondents are able to answer them correctly and precisely.

What makes a effective survey?

An effective survey must be able to collect a good amount of information from its respondents, for example, the use of quantitative questions makes them easier and faster to answer.

Why is online survey convenient to respondents?

Online surveys are much preferred by respondents because these are custom-made to be convenient and easy to complete rather than sending these documents via mail.

Which method is the survey method?

A survey method is a technique you can use to gather data by asking questions to a  predefined group of respondents.

What is survey phishing and how to avoid it?

Survey phishing which has been reported on the news is a fraudulent method of gathering data such as passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information; and to avoid it respondents must never indulge personal information to suspicious links or individuals that may compromise their finances and software.

Why create surveys using a survey tool?

There are various survey tools and software found on the internet that can be helpful, affordable, and simply easy to use by its creator.