How to Create a Professional Card in Apple Pages

Whether you are a professional graphic designer, a lawyer, or a makeup artist, you will be needing a professional card to manage your clients. A Professional Card can be of many forms, depending on the purpose. For instance, company ID cards are used by business companies to uphold security and safety while appointment cards are generally used by professionals to have their clients organized for appointment schedules.

However, some cards like professional thank you cards and professional greeting cards are for both personal and business use and oftentimes, they convey personal emotions more than just the listing of basic information. Invitation cards furthermore, have a different purpose and should be created in a different take. Regardless, the goal is to make our cards look professional.

To whatever purpose your card may serve, drafting one could definitely be taxing. In that case, we will provide you basic tips on how to create a professional card using our free ready-made professional card templates in Apple Pages.

1. Create a Professional Image

A card will not be able to tell everything about you or your company. You can’t write the whole story because it’s just about 2 inches by 3.5 inches. However, your card can possible make a professional look about you and the business you’re running. When you do make a card, it simply presents the image that you are going to portray. Thus, make it as professional as you are.

2. Highlight the Logo or Photo

Cards don’t actually have enough space to tell something about yourself or your company. What captures attention is a photo of you or a logo of the company. You have to make it the biggest element of all the details you put in a card.

3. The Basics are the Essentials

In drafting your professional card, never forget to include the basic information: your name, the name of the company, the position, the address, and numbers. In this sense, your clients will not find it hard to contact whenever they have appointments with you. Remember that these are essential information which means, failing to include them in your card will also affect your image as a professional.

4. One or Two Colors is Enough

One way to keep your card simple is to limit the colors to its minimum. More than three colors would disparage your card as well as your image. Besides, it’s not an essential part of your card.

5. Make Sure It’s Readable

Make sure to write the details big enough to be read even by the old ones. Despite a limited space due to the size of the card, you have to still make every detail readable for everyone. You can also choose the right font as you edit it in your Mac Book.

6. Carry the Card With You at All Times

If it’s an ID Card, put it in a [card] case and carry it whenever you’re around the company or school. If it’s a thank you card, you can have it covered by plastic.

And if ever it’s an appointment card, put it in a box where it is dry and easy to get any time you need it.

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