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How to Make a Construction Meeting Minutes in Microsoft Word (DOC)

Communication is of paramount importance to teamwork. One of the ways to communicate is through meetings. Meetings are helpful because each member gets the opportunity to contribute his or her ideas. once, stated on their website that every day there are conducted 11 million meetings in the USA. This number shows that meetings substantially contribute to the development of the companies and their projects. If you're going to have a construction meeting, here's a list of tips that can help you excel in making meeting minutes:

1. Note the Agenda

A meeting agenda is the lineup of the things that your construction meeting has to accomplish. Keep the board meeting agenda ready and clear to conduct the meeting in the right the flow. Make sure you have already informed other team members about the meeting agenda like construction project management, project estimates, the construction scope of work, etc. This will help them come prepared. To add, keep a proper timeline format ready in your hand or mind for discussing each topic or aspect.

2. List the Names of the Attendees

The people attending the meeting are great contributors to your business. Have the list of names of the members present. You have to a record of the meeting and send it to the people who attended and who didn't.

3. Observe the Action

Everyone present in the meeting should participate. Members are assigned with specific tasks that they should do within a particular time-frame. Observe and record each task a member has to do. By this, your document can help check the progress of each person about their responsibility.

4. Rephrase

While in a meeting, you must jot down the essential points and ideas that you have discussed on the meeting minutes. And it's typical to rephrase the concepts in simpler terms for better comprehension. This will also help you save time, instead of writing word for word.

5. Take Note of the Important Dates

As part of the meeting minutes, you need to record the essential schedules because there's no assurance that you're going to remember each date. You can list deadlines and timelines for each task discussed in the meeting minutes. This way, you're going to have reminders of those dates.

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