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  • Every construction project requires different teams to look after particular tasks and an HR department to look after all the teams.  They are responsible for planning and of the management of the business. They are responsible for managing matters concerning the employees from resume to job descriptions and providing crucial resources. Find a suitable document in our collection of ready-made Construction HR Templates in Microsoft Word. All of them contain original content and suggestive headers. Using them you can save your time and money. Get access to all the essential templates you need only in one click. Subscribe now and start downloading!

    What Are the Different Construction HR Forms in Microsoft Word (DOC)?

    Human resources or HR performs a lot of duties aside from preparing payroll for employees. They are responsible for the planning and management, preparing strategies that aim to enhance the performance and productivity of employees, etc. They are also tasked with the recruitment of new people as well as handling the termination or dismissal of employees. As such, they also handle a lot of paperwork. Read more to understand the types of forms a construction HR team require:

    1. Candidate Evaluation Form

    Candidate evaluation forms are used by human resource personnel to evaluate a candidate that is seeking a position in the company. It contains a checklist of categories or traits in which an applicant is to be evaluated. 

    2. Employment Application

    Employment applications are typical business documents that have several questions deemed as relevant to the business that a job applicant will have to answer. It is also part of the candidate's evaluation.

    3. New Employee Checklists

    New employee checklists are a list of requirements a new hire employee must submit to HR to finalize his or her hiring process.

    4.Performance Review Form

    Performance review forms are used to evaluate an employee's work performance. An employee's success or failure will be reflected on this form.

    5. Termination Form

    Termination forms are used to inform an employee that he or she is being terminated or dismissed from the company. It also contains a particular reason for termination. 


  • What are the typical things a client would ask regarding the construction?

      Clients usually ask the construction companies about the functionality and safety of the building, as well as its quality by the time it was completed.

  • What are the phases of construction?

      There are five phases of construction:

      1. Initiation – This phase involves the hiring of essential people to lead the construction. Surveys on the construction site are also performed.
      2. Planning – In this phase, every possible problem is taken into consideration. Strategies are formulated to counter these problems. Procurement of materials are also made.
      3. Execution – The construction process has started in this phase. You can then proceed to the action points that you have planned.
      4. Monitoring – This involves checking the progress of the project.
      5. Completion – By this time, the construction project is complete and is now ready for turnover to the client.
  • Who are involved in the construction project?

      The people involved with the construction project are typically the owner, architects or engineers, and the construction company. 

  • What is the typical income of a construction worker?

      A construction worker typically earns an average of thirty four thousand dollars per year.

  • What are the three sectors of construction?

      The three sectors of construction are building, infrastructure, and industrial.