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How to Make a Construction Invoice in Microsoft Word (DOC)?

An invoice is an accounting tool compiled for accounting purposes. Usually, its sole purpose is tracking sales. Also, it existed as it would let your clients be reminded about their pending payments. But, according to statistics, 27% of the business industry population is having a hard time in creating and issuing invoices. Well, if you happen to be a contractor and subcontractor of a construction firm and do not have any idea in making an invoice, read the following tips.

1. Choose the Right Template and Software to Use

In generating a professional invoice, it comes with the right template and software program to use. As the generation is evolving, people often use online templates and software programs that would cater to their invoice needs. You can choose from our array of professionally written and beautifully-designed construction invoice templates. Also, a fitting application to utilize in downloading, editing, and customizing our templates is the basic Microsoft Word. This software application is known to be user-friendly and gives versatile features that beginners and professionals can efficiently utilize.

2. Set Invoicing Policies

If you set constant policies in your construction invoice, you would look formal and professional. To do that, make itemized sets of policies, talk with your clients, and agree with some terms and conditions favorable for both parties. Afterward, take note of the approved policies as you can indicate it in your invoice. Prioritize policies that would involve the payment, such as the payment date, payment terms, timeline, and more.

3. Layout Variety of Payment Mediums

One way of making sure that your clients are paying on time is to layout multiple payment terms. It might be inconvenient for them that you would set a standard payment, so include a variation. Think about your clients and include the payment terms accessible to them. You can also refer to another construction invoice sample to get ideas about other payment mediums that you want to include in your business invoice.

4. Make your Invoices Unique

As stated above, the primary purpose of an invoice is to track the business' sales. With that, you need to number your invoices to make it unique. Also, it would not only be advantageous for you but also, your clients can conveniently pay the said invoices through the tracking number. Consider putting the identifier to your invoices according to your clients.

5. Include Other Necessary Information

As you are making a sample invoice, you would need to include other information for you to be connected with your clients. With that, include your business information. Include your construction company name, logo, location, email address, and other forms of contact. Also, the same goes for your clients, you need to include their information.

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