Can you imagine how fantastic it would be that you sit to make your Construction business documents and find them already formatted in MS-Word? Well, that's no dream anymore. At, we have created a range of all your Construction Templates with specific provisions in each to customize personal data. Moreover, you can easily access them with the easiest editing application MS-Word and use its special features to make your documents detailed or appealing depending on its purpose. What are you still waiting for? Grab the PRO subscription and get access to an unlimited collection of every construction document that one could possibly think of. Hurry!

How to Make Construction Documents using MS-Word?

MS-Word allows its users to create new documents every time as well as working and editing the old documents. Every time you select the application MS-Word on your computer, a new blank document appears. thus, you must know how to open and create a new document suiting the purpose of your Construction projects.

  • To Open a New Blank Document:

  1. Select the Microsoft Office option on your computer or Tab.
  2. Click on NEW to get the New document Dialogue box to open up.
  3. There will be two options- Blank Document and recent. if you intend to create a new document select the New option that will be highlighted by Default.
  4. On clicking CREATE a new blank window appears on the screen and start inserting the necessary details of your document. In case you are making construction invoices you might have to insert a table from the 'Insert' option.
  5. Office Online has also created some templates online for your access. these templates are made according to the needs of the customers. If you preset your needs and its details, they will open you a template(if available) for the same purpose. Select the Microsoft Office Button and go to New. Both blank documents and templates can be accessed from the dialogue box that appears.
  • To Insert a Picture in your Document:

  1. Place the cursor at the point where you want to put an image.
  2. Click on the Insert option on the Tab.
  3. In the "Illustrations" Option select the "Picture" command. The Insert Picture dialog box appears.
  4. Choose the image file you require for the document and then click Insert to add it to your document. For Construction Business Cards or Rack Cards try to use simple but colorful images of buildings, your previous projects, etc.

However, to save all the hassle and time has brought an exciting collection of readymade construction templates. they are easily accessible in Word, editable and 100% customizable and print-ready. Do not look any further and subscribe to get them all and stop wasting time and money on hiring professionals.

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