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How to Create a Construction Statement in Microsoft Word (DOC)?

When making statements for any construction project, make sure to provide the right, correct, and accurate details and information to ensure safety, quality control, and cost monitoring. However, we've created some tips that we suggested to help you craft any type of construction statement you need in the project. Follow the steps provided below:

1. Open MS Word

You need to open the software on your computer first so that you can start crafting your layout. MS Word offers a variety of tools you can use to produce statements for your construction. Its tools are user-friendly, making it easier for you to modify, customize, and edit the text. Choose the 'Blank' document or search for a ready-made template on the top 'search' bar. Choose and proceed to write or edit the template.

2. Itemize Your Statements

It's inevitable to have method statements, sworn statements, billing statements, risk assessments, and deliverables in the construction industry. However, depending on the transaction and process, you can make any of those. But you need to do proper research before creating a statement so that its contents are correct and accurate. If you are using a template all the essential information criteria would be highlighted for editing, customize them according to your project details. Also, customize the sentences and paragraphs if it doesn't match your construction plan. And if you are using a 'blank' document, use tables from the 'Insert' menu at the top to itemize the construction chargeable services, materials, etc.

3. Organize Your Layout

After researching and gathering the details, organize your format, statement, sentence structure, bids, and the layout itself. Arranging and perfecting the contents matters as it leaves a kind of impression on the reader about your brand identity. To keep the document readable and neat, maintain '1.5' line spacing, '12' font size and a standard typography style like 'Times New Roman', 'Arial' or others. Fix content alignment by going to the 'Format' menu and selecting the alignment style.

4. Don't Forget to Check What's Missing

Always review and recheck your documents, particularly its grammars, spellings, formats, contents, and other essential details. One wrong statement can change the meaning of a sentence. Therefore, make your sentence right. Plus, don't forget to put your company name and the company logo because it's still part of branding your entity.

5. Release the Copies

Save your files on your computer or websites like Google Drive or Yahoo Mail. Pressing 'F12' or going to the 'File' menu and choosing 'Save as' choose the preferred location on the desktop and save. Print it by going into the 'File' menu or press 'Ctrl+P. Now, you're able to monitor and manage the construction site, including the employees' safety.

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