Borrowing money for various purposes, such as house renovation, car down payment, or a surprise graduation party, do not only need preparation but enough budget as well. It could involve a large amount of money. And if you can't prove your financial assets, underwriting the process through a gift letter ensures that the value you get is a gift and not a loan. You can download our 100% editable Gift Letter Templates so you can avoid making one from scratch. Whether borrowing money from a lender or a family member, editing a ready-made content helps you pass their standards. So, download now! 

What Is a Gift Letter?

A gift letter is a document that states the amount of borrowed money from a lender or relative is a gift and not a loan. It contains different elements that keep the letter valid, such as the amount of donation, donor's complete name, donor's relationship with the client, terms, and donor's signature.

How To Write a Gift Letter

Based on the report by, each year, there are $89 million loans between family and friends in the US. Writing down the terms in a document helps both parties secure the deal. We created a list of the steps below that you can follow in making an appropriate letter.

1. Acknowledge the Lender or Donor

Showing appreciation means you have to acknowledge the donor or lender into your formal letter. Here, you have to state the donor's complete name, yours, or the giftee's relationship with the donor, contact information, and address. Remember, this section must be accurate and complete to identify that the person you acknowledge is correct.

2. Write Down the Deposit Amount

Next, in your sample letter, you have to accurately write down the dollar amount the lender offered. And whether it is $20,000 or $30,000, along with it must be the date when the money was transferred. This is important so that both the lender and the giftee understand to agree on the same amount.

3. Specify the Terms

At this point, you have finally outlined the essential information and the amount offered by the donor. The next thing you will do is specify all the agreements, mainly declaring that repaying the gift amount given by the donor isn't necessary. This verifies that both parties keep documentation for later proof.

4. Observe Formality

A gift letter does not necessarily need to be long to call it comprehensive. Instead, it must contain statement facts, and nothing else. Therefore, a simple letter with the correct format and layout is enough to call it valid and formal.

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