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What is a Gift Tag?

A gift tag is a small label—often with a rectangular or circular dimension—that's attached to a present. The information on the card can either be a short greeting or phrase for the receiver of the gift. It could also come in distinct sizes and colors depending on the preference of the sender.

How to Design a Gift Tag?

People love receiving and giving presents. Whether for weddings, baby showers, or Christmas celebrations, gift-giving is visible everywhere. In a study conducted by NRF in 2014, Americans spend over 4.7 billion dollars buying graduation gifts for their kids. It shows how people appreciate gift-giving. And accompanied by these presents are adorable gift tags. The two come together to produce an appealing present for friends, loved ones, and colleagues.

The proportion of your gift doesn't matter as long as it's from the heart. Moreover, you can also include a gift label when you give your present to the celebrant or receiver.

1. Determine the Occasion and Recipient

You have weddings, anniversaries, and holidays to celebrate every month of the year. In creating your gift tag template, you have figure out the event and the person (or people) who will receive your present. With the idea of the receiver, you can create a concept of the gift tag's content. If you're close with the recipient, you can choose a more personal design. For colleagues, you can have a neutral color motif for the gift tag layout. Your thank you tag template, if you give one to your parents, should be intimate and warm.

2. Choose the Size of the Tag

The size of your gift tag may depend on the occasion. Luxurious and grand celebrations, like weddings and anniversaries, can have a more significant gift tag and wedding label. But even small events like family gatherings may have a different gift tag size. No matter what size you choose, you have to remember that it should reflect the occasion. Don't select sizes that are too big for your present; pick the right proportion for the gift.

3. Select a Theme

The theme for your gift tag should be related to the occasion. Imagine the confusion when the gift tag for a Christmas present is a Valentine's Day gift tag. It would be very absurd to match those together. So, you need to use a theme that pairs up with the celebration. If the birthday celebrant like flowers and summer, you can have a floral motif in your decoration. When the party you will be attending prefers neutral colors, you can select a white design for your gift tag. You can also add a card to accompany the present.

4. Place Graphics and Icons

To make the gift tag more attractive, you can include graphics and icons that show a connection to your chosen theme. For a spring theme gift tag, you can place sunny and nature-related images. For a teacher's day gift tag, you can showcase a vector of a classroom or a bundle of books. Furthermore, you can include a greeting card with the present for your loved ones, friends, or colleagues.

5. Print and Add a Ribbon

The sentimental value of the gift-giving is valuable for both the sender and receiver; that's why this act is essential for building strong relationships. When done with the editing of the gift tag, you can print it. You can also add a ribbon to make the gift tag more appealing and cute.

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