Opportunities can sometimes be available for employees who already work for a company. A chance of being promoted might be presented to anyone who hard-working. Want a shot at that position? Why not write an internal letter? To save time, you should check out our Internal Letter Templates. Our collection of ready-made templates lets write a letter without having to begin from nothing. It is convenient because it will let you choose a letter template to customize and download on your personal computer. The quality of these templates will help leave a good impression because each template is original and made by professionals. Grab a template.

What is an Internal Letter

When a company has a job vacancy, sometimes, they would prioritize hiring from within their ranks. Internal hiring can have several advantages both for the company and the employee. For example, an employee could get promoted, and it would take less time training for the position compared to someone hired from outside the company. An internal letter can help an employee to apply for that open position.

How to Write an Internal Letter

Writing an internal letter will not be a challenge for you. All you have to do is learn the format and follow several steps. But to write an effective internal letter can be a different thing entirely. If you want to write an internal letter that would secure you that internal job interview, then you should read the tips we have for you below.

1. Determine Where the Letter Should Be Addressed To

A typical letter always has a destination. You must know where your letter is addressed to. In this case, your letter should be directed to your company because it serves as your application letter for that job opening.

2. Determine the Purpose of Your Letter

Knowing the purpose of your letter is important. Right now, you may be interested in getting that new job position; therefore, the purpose of your internal letter is employment.

3. Write the Letter in a Professional Manner

Since you are aiming for a new position, then your formal letter should be written professionally. Why write in this manner? It's because you want to increase your chances of getting that job.

4. Organize the Contents of Your Letter

Getting that promotion might depend on how you arranged your letter. You will want your company letter to be comprehensive and easy to understand. It is all up to how you organize your message.

5. Finalize and Send the Letter to Recipient

Once you've done the initial writing of your letter, try to review your letter and see if you have committed any writing errors. If you are satisfied with what you have written, then you can send it to the recipient.

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