Inviting someone in person can be a lot of work for anybody who is already busy preparing for the event. This circumstance gives a purpose for invitation cards. By using invitation letters or cards, you don't have to put effort into going to the individual houses. You can directly plan the event with more time in your hands! offers high-quality printable invitation templates that are beautifully designed by our experts! These templates are 100% customizable, easily editable, and open in all versions of Adobe Illustrator. Every template is, of course, printable! So, hurry and download now!

How to Make Printable Invitation Template in Adobe Illustrator?

There are many types of invitations, but what categorizes all of them is the digital and printed invitation card or letter. The benefits of digital vs. traditional paper invitations are different and choosing which of the two might need a thorough thought of your preference and understanding of the purpose. Printed invitations give more intimacy and connection between the host and the guest. The tangible invitation creates a clear memory for the receiver to go to the event. To guide you, here are the steps in making an invitation template.

1. Initiate with a Purpose

Just like any other project, clarity of the purpose is essential to keep the process of the plan steady. You must determine the purpose of the invitation; it answers the question, What are you inviting everyone for? You can use invitation cards in various ways. It can be for an elegant wedding ceremony, a wild party, a heartwarming engagement party, a lively birthday bash, and an adorable baby shower. You need to specify the purpose of the invitation since every aspect, from text to design, of your invite depends on it.

2. Gather the Basic Information

Invitation cards only need the necessary information for the guests to have an idea of the event that they can attend. The essential details must answer the Who, What, When, and Where of the event. For the Who, you have to be particular with the people that you want to invite. You can invite a person, a pair, or a whole family with just one invitation card. So, be as specific as possible; the same goes with the What, When, and Where. You must be precise about the event, and its theme since the guests rely on it with their attire and their decision to go or not. The time and location must be exact. You have to be precise with the time and date to avoid confusion from your guests. If it is for a graduation party, take note of the graduation day and the graduation celebration. You may include two dates if the celebration and the ceremony do not fall on the same date, but be clear in distinguishing the two.

3. Visualize a Charming Design

In designing your invitation, open Adobe Illustrator, and resize the blank paper into the apt size. The design relies on the theme and the event itself. If it is a Christmas invitation card, one can expect reds, Christmas trees, and reindeers. The design sets the mood of the invitation, and it gives an initial idea to the guest on the type of event. You can also add a theme or a concept for an eye-pleasing invitation card. You can go for vintage, modern, minimal, or any artistic approach that suits your aesthetic palette. With colors, be careful with the high-contrasted hues since it may disrupt the overall design of the invitation. Choose colors that give relevance to the event and, at the same time, provide satisfaction to the eyes of the receiver.

4. Mix the Essentials

Finally, insert the texts to the design. The arrangement of the details must give harmony to the overall invitation card. Follow the typography hierarchy to know what information must be more prominent and what's not. Afterward, check for any errors. Finalize the invitation, and save the file. Then, print!

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