How To Make A Rehearsal Invitation In Apple Pages?

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime romantic event that you should cherish and commemorate forever. So days or a day before your wedding, it's essential that there should be a rehearsal, so when the actual ceremony commences, everything is smooth-sailing and perfect. A rehearsal may be a lesser event compared to a wedding, but that doesn't mean it should be planned thoroughly. Keep in mind that it also serves as a prelude to your wedding; just like a bachelor's party and a bridal shower. One of the essential things you must do in preparation for your wedding rehearsal is the creation of your rehearsal invitations. These invitations must give an excellent first impression to your guests. And to help you with that, we gladly present to you some of our tips on how to make quality rehearsal invitations.

1. Access Apple Pages

If you're a proud owner of a Mac PC, Apple Pages is already available for you. No need for you to allocate an installation fee for it in your wedding budget. When it comes to creating invitations, Apple Pages is certainly capable of it, despite its status as a word processor rather than an editing program. It has all the tools and features you might need to enable your rehearsal invitations to possess creative and attractive qualities. So look no further than Apple Pages.

2. Emphasize Your Names

The texts that should be most conceivable on your invitations are your name and the name of your fiance. The two of you are the main entities of your wedding. Hence, it's fitting that your names should be emphasized. What you should do for your names to be emphasized is set elegant font styles to its texts, such as calligraphy. And, you should also enlarge their font sizes until they become the most recognizable text on the invitations. We encourage you to check out the dummy names of our achievement certificate templates and wedding card templates so that you can obtain some ideas on how to enhance your names.

3. Provide Complete Info About The Rehearsal

The main functions of invitations are to guide its recipients about where and when an event takes place. Therefore, you should provide complete info about your wedding rehearsal, more importantly, to where and when it'll take place. You can also include a teaser of a pre-wedding announcement that only you and your fiance knows. It's best to convey them in message form rather than in bullet form or enumeration form. Some of our business invitation templates might help you with how they should look like in your invitations.

4. Include A Menu

After the rehearsal, there should be a feast as a form of celebration for your upcoming wedding. There's no need for it to be lavish or expensive, as long as the food is good. Hence, your rehearsal invitations must have a food and drink menu. It could be a dinner menu, a lunch menu, a buffet dinner menu, or a less costly potluck menu.

5. Use Our Rehearsal Invitation Templates

Whether you want your invitations to have a rustic design, a casual design, a floral design, or a casual design, it's entirely up to your preference. However, designing a rehearsal invitation can be quite challenging, especially if you're not much of an expert in graphic designing. For that reason, we encourage you to use our rehearsal invitation templates. With their help, all you have to do is select one that fits your preference. After a few or so minutes, you can expect to have a perfectly-designed rehearsal invitation. And since your rehearsal is a prelude to your wedding, you may also take advantage of our wedding invitation templates.

6. Put Each Invitation Inside An Envelope

Before you send the invitations, you must first put each of them inside an envelope to protect them from external hazards that may ruin their aesthetic quality. Envelope templates are available here in to save yourself the hassle of buying dozens from the store.

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