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What Is a Notice Agreement?

A notice agreement is a formal statement that you intend to cancel your contract from another party. The notice includes the conditions that allow you to terminate the contract. It also says when the agreement is concluded. That way, if the other party says something different down the road, you will have evidence. That said, all agreements do not end badly.

How To Make a Professional Notice Agreement

professional notice agreement template

It can be an exciting prospect to move out of an apartment, particularly if you are uprooting into far better environments. But be sure to give your landlord adequate notice before racing off to your new house or apartment rental before you let your enthusiasm get better from you. In that case, you will need a notice agreement. To properly make one, we have outlined easy steps below.

1. Address the Letter to Your Landlord

In writing your notice agreement, remember to address it to your landlord properly. Look at your rental contract and find the formal email of the landlord to do so. If you don't have the official address, then just use the address you have in paying the rent.

2. Date Your Notice Letter

You should incorporate the date your notice is given, either before or after the landlord's address. This will guarantee that your landlord will understand as soon as the notice period begins.

3. Purpose of Your Letter

In this section, you are going to state the purpose of writing a basic agreement. In that manner, the landlord will have an idea on how he or she should respond, if necessary. In other countries, stating any particular reason for your intention to end is not required. Just stating that you are terminating your tenancy as needed by law is enough.

4. Include Date You Plan to Vacate

The date in which you are going to vacate on the premises should be included in your sample agreement. Remember, your date should be some time after the required notice period is up.

5. Ask For Refundable Deposit

In another paragraph, as stated in the landlord's tenancy agreement, you must mention any due payments. Usually, it's the security deposit you've had to compensate when your tenancy period began, as well as some additional fees you've given. Regardless of the reasons, verify before requesting with the tenancy agreement.

6. Provide Signature

After writing the entire notice letter, you will have to put your signature. This will make it official and assist if you and your landlord have some conflict over the letter. Providing signature create agreements with good evidentiary value. It provides you evidence that the other party meant to enter into the agreement with you and be obliged by that contract's commitments. Do not forget to proofread the entire agreement, too.

7. Keep a Copy

Right after putting signatures, make and maintain a copy of the letter for your formal documents. If you need to send the letter to an out-of-state address, make sure to allow it to travel through the mail for an additional seven days. Consider also delivering it with verification of shipment so that you have evidence that the intended recipient actually received it.

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