Notice Letter Templates

Notice Letters Have Multiple Uses Depending on the Purpose—Employment, Landlord, or Employer. Download Ready-Made Editable and Customizable Notice Letter Templates with a Choice of Simple, Short, or Formal Layouts. Use for Work as Resignation Notice to Employers and Landlords to End Tenancy for 7-Day, Two-Week, or 30-Day Notices Depending on the Situation. See more

Proper communication is vital to every business transaction. From workplace operations to personal errands, everyone is sure to experience situations where there is a need to notify personnel and other stakeholders. These Notice Letter Templates can help you get started by sending all your essential messages. Each one has professionally-written sample content you can use as a reference for your content. These templates are available in multiple file formats like MS Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs, so all you have to do is choose one and download what you need. Get started on your paperwork right away, and don’t forget to subscribe!

How to Make a Notice Letter?

According to Business Insider, writing emails and letters can be tricky, because the lack of verbal cues can lead to potential misunderstandings. Topics like employee termination and tenant payment may not have the proper context of weight.

To ensure that you create correct yet straightforward notice letters, we’ve prepared a few tips you can keep in mind.

1. Sort By Topic

Since you will surely be writing more than one notice letter for certain occasions, make sure that you create a list of all the types and topics of letters you need to complete. You may sort by essential category or by recognizing the recipients. This technique will help you avoid confusion in arranging your documents and in sending the letters afterward.

2. Finalize All Information

Once you begin writing one letter, gather all the information you need to present in the notice. You must provide all the necessary details to avoid having to send another note if the first one had insufficient data. You may provide an index of reports and plans that you have cited in the notice so that readers may use it for easy reference.

3. Use Simple But Professional Language

Keep your letter short but complete and use the appropriate language just like a simple letter. Business documents don’t need to have lofty words unless it is talking about technical terms. Avoid compound-complex sentences, and do not beat around the bush. The objective of notice letters is to inform, so make sure to go straight to the point.

4. Be Polite

Some notice letters tackle heavy topics, such as reduction and company loss. You must be polite and careful when you present the information, especially if the people involved are among the recipients of the notice. 

5. Include Contact Information

While some memos do not necessarily require a response, it is still essential to enclose your contact confirmation at the end of the letter. Also, include the names and numbers of other people that the recipients can approach should they have questions or clarifications regarding the content of the notice.


  • What are the types of notice letters?

      1. Termination Notice Letter
      2. Payment Notice Letter
      3. Change of Address Notice Letter
      4. Contract Dispute Notice Letter
      5. Closure Notice Letter

  • What are the elements of a notice letter?

      1. Name and Address  of Recipient 
      2. Name and Address of Sender
      3. Content/Body
      4. Contact Names and Numbers
      5. Sentence mentioning any attached documents

  • What makes a good notice letter?

      Notice letters have to be concise and straightforward. The language has to be professional and simple. The purpose of a notice letter is to inform, so the content must reflect the pertinent details that the recipient has to know about.

  • What are things to avoid when writing a notice letter?

      1. Placing incorrect or non-updated information
      2. Using rude language and highly-technical words
      3. Including unnecessary details

  • What are the types of resignation letters?

      1. Two-notice resignation
      2. Short-notice resignation
      3. No-notice resignation
      4. Retirement letter
      5. Notice of a New Job