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How to Write a Refusal Letter?

A refusal letter is a short letter that politely declines a job offer or any other invitation. It might be negative in tone but it should still have a courteous tone. Refusal letters can be used in any situation, such as an invitation, interview, job offer, business offer, proposal, and applications. It might not be an easy letter to write, but you just can't say yes to every invitation when you have a better opportunity that's waiting for you.

If you ever need to write a refusal letter, read some of our tips below.

1. Give a Warm Greeting

Always start your letter with a warm greeting. Especially for response letters like this one, you need to set the mood even if you're bringing bad news for the reader. After that, state the current offer and situation clearly.

2. Express the Refusal

Politely decline on the offer. Choose the right words to convey your refusal without being rude. Back it up with a reason why you're declining the offer. It has to be valid. Maintain your honesty as much as possible.

3. Offer an Alternative

Since you've already declined the offer, soften the blow of your refusal by offering an alternative. This alternative has to benefit your reader a lot. It can also be a recommendation that the reader can take.

4. Extend Well Wishes

Refusal is kind of a painful thing to receive. You should wish the reader his success on some other opportunities. Lastly, keep a polite tone on the whole sample letter.

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