Renewal Agreement Templates

Secure Your Right to Renew an Agreement with’s Free Renewal Agreement Templates. Download Official Renewal Agreement Templates Needed to Request an Option for Renewal or Extension. Use These Templates for Landlords, Employment, Rentals, and Tenancy. Use Also for Residential Lease, Employee Renewal at Work, and Rental Renewal Applications.See more

A renewal agreement is very helpful in order to continue your transactions with a certain person or company. So we have prepared 100% customizable, easily editable, professionally written, and printable Renewal Agreement Templates. These templates will help you save you time. You can easily write down your agreement on these templates since there are already original suggestive heading and content. These are available in Google Docs, MS Word, and Pages; also in A4 and US letter sizes. Look no more and download these professional templates now! Just sign up for any of our subscriptions and start editing your renewal agreement using our high-quality templates. 

What Is a Renewal Agreement?

A renewal agreement is a document stating the renewal of a legal relationship or altering an old contract with a new one. There are different types of contracts that can be renewed like lease, rent, commercial, tenancy, residential, annual, and travel. There are also automatic renewal contracts or an evergreen contract wherein when your contract expires, it automatically renews itself. 

How to Make a Renewal Agreement?

renewal agreement template

A renewal agreement is very important in order to upgrade your contract with a company or individual. Here are some steps to follow in making an exclusive agreement:

1. Information You Should Carefully Examine from the Original Contract

Before you can renew your contract, you should first review your original one. Some information can help you with your renewal. You can review from the length of your previous contract, evaluate if a longer or shorter contract period is better through your old contract. Next, the intentions or objective from your preceding contract is what you can identify. Were the past contract objectives aimed or not? If not, how can you improve it in your renewed contract?  

2. Create a Checklist

Checklists help ensure people that they can complete a task. You should make a checklist for the things that you wish to put and add to your contract. You can write who are the people to be notified of the changes. Set these reminders before it is time to renew your contract.

3. Content

With your content, but the names of the people or companies involved in the legal agreement. The beginning date of the renewal and the end date of the renewal agreement. Include the terms and conditions in the contract wherein the parties should utilize or make use of the information they both will have to agree on. Then, the signatures of both parties. 

4. Affiliation from the Very Beginning

After signing the sample contract, the parties involved should build relationships with each other. They need to communicate in order to maintain an acceptable and satisfactory relationship with each other. In terms of business, when the two parties have a good connection, they can easily renew a contract without any longer looking for other potential business partners.

5. Regular Reviews

Disregarding the end date of the agreement, it is important to examine regularly how the two parties are doing with the contract. It is a good step to check for your sample agreements so that you will be guided on how the agreement is benefitting you or your company.

6. Improve Your Contract

No matter how beneficial, favorable, or positive your contract may be, it is still fine to revisit and improve your sample contract. "Budgets, products, approach adjustments, service, and a contract should sail with the momentum of the business," one website says. Your regular contract evaluation should examine the sections of your contract that need improvements and revisions. Despite the fact that these alterations are just little, it is still possible that these can boost your business revenue.