Letterheads are professional documents outlining the name, logo, and contact details of an individual or organization. They’re found at the top of sheets and papers.

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Letterhead Definition & Meaning

A letterhead is a type of document displaying the general information of an individual, company, or organization.

A letterhead shows the name and address of a person or group.

What Is a Letterhead?

Letterheads are what you see at the top of formal documents that serve as the heading showing the general information of their sender, author, or owner, usually an organization/company. They consist of the company’s name, official brand logo, address, and general contact information set.

10 Types of Letterheads

Company Letterhead

A company letterhead has a simple logo accompanied by a minimalist background design company’s authoritative business name.

company letterhead

Doctor Letterhead

Doctor letterheads are often on medical-related documents such as modern medical certificates and doctor’s notes.

doctor letterhead

Business Letterhead

Business letterheads can be found on small business letters and enterprise business letters.

business letterhead

Law Firm Letterhead

Law firm letterheads are found on legal documents and advocate documents owned and authored by law firms.

law firm letterhead

Graphic Design Letterhead

Graphic design letterheads are the creative letterheads found in the emails and printed documents authored by graphic design studios and personal graphic artists.

graphic design letterhead

Corporate Letterhead

Corporate companies in any industry create their corporate letterheads with their company name, logo, contact numbers, email addresses, and social media addresses.

corporate letterhead

Construction Letterhead

Construction letterheads have their logos come with minimalist aesthetics while showcasing the complete contact details of a construction firm.

construction letterhead

School Letterhead

School letterheads include the school’s slogan or motto, and of course, the official school logo.

school letterhead

Real Estate Letterhead

Real estate letterheads can ensure transparent, credible transactions, bringing with them a certain elegance.

real estate letterhead

Restaurant Letterhead

Restaurant documents have restaurant letterheads that showcase a restaurant’s brand and identity.

restaurant letterhead

Letterhead Uses, Purpose, Importance

Letterheads need to have high-quality print designs. They’re among the visual elements that represent the very image and trademark of your company, institution, or organization. Other than that, letterheads make your official notes, business letters, corporate memos, and other formal documents look legitimate as they should be.

To Showcase Identity

Letterheads help to convey the identity of your organization through various documents. Everything from the logo, company name, and slogan can paint a clear picture of what your brand is all about.

To Stimulate Visual Interest Among the Audience

Letterheads can stimulate the interest of the readers in your company. If it’s well-made and well-designed, they would easily remember your brand and consider doing business with you soon.

To Establish Credibility

Documents need to have credibility since they usually contain business-critical information. With your company’s name and logo on a document, it signifies that it’s official and contains authentic content.

To Communicate Clearly

Emphasizing who sent or authored a letter or document is essential in written communication. Letterheads indicate that your company created the document and is responsible for its contents.

To Be Easily Reachable

Letterheads contain your organization’s contact information. With letterheads present in your documents, you’re implying that the audience can contact your company if they have questions, clarifications, or they’re willing to do business.

What Is in a Letterhead?

what is in a letterhead

The following below are the elements that should be on your letterheads:


The logo is the face of your company and a visual manifestation of your brand. It can be placed at the center, left, or right side of the document header format.

Company/Organization Name

Your company name plays an important role in the letterhead since it acquaints the audience/readers to your organization. You can put it next to or below your company logo.


Not all letterheads have slogans, but it would be better if you write one. Insert your company slogan to shed more insight into your company’s brand, vision, and mission.

Contact Information

Your letterhead’s contact info should consist of your company’s phone number, mailing address, email address, and website address (if you have a company website).

How to Design a Letterhead

1. Choose a letterhead size.

2. Determine the purpose of the letterhead.

3. Select a letterhead template.

4. Add your company name, logo, and contact details.

5. Add minimalist designs.

You can also refer to these other excellent guides about designing letterheads:

how to design a letterhead

Letterheads vs Letters

Letterheads are the header part of documents containing an organization’s general info which includes their name and contact details.

Meanwhile, letters are documents containing messages from a sender to a recipient.

What’s the Difference Between a Letterhead, Cover Letter, and a Postcard?

A letterhead is a part of a doc that generally contains a person or company’s name and contact details.

A cover letter is a type of letter that supports or accompanies a resume or curriculum vitae for the purpose of gaining a recommendation.

A postcard, meanwhile, is stationery with a rectangular shape that typically features elegant photos of beautiful and famous landmarks that people love to go to.

Letterhead Sizes

Letterheads come in various sizes. The standard letterhead sizes are US, UK, A4, Legal, Tabloid, and Letter-Half.

letterhead sizes

Letterhead Ideas & Examples

Here are some letterhead ideas to help you get started with your own letterheads:

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What Is a Letterhead?

A letterhead is the heading part of most documents detailing the name, logo, and contact details of a person or organization.

What Size Is a Letterhead Paper?

Whether you’re using Microsoft Word, Google Docs, MS Excel, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop to create them, letterhead papers are generally 8.5 x 11 inches in size.

What Does a Letterhead Look Like?

A letterhead looks like the back page of an envelope with the name, address, and contact details of an individual or organization.

Why Is a Letterhead Important?

It’s important because it makes documents look more credible and official.

What Goes on a Letterhead?

What goes on the letterhead are the organization or person’s name, official logo, mailing address, contact number, and email address.

What Is a Letterhead Example?

A letterhead example is a complete sample modern of a certain letterhead that you can use as a template.

Why Are Letterheads Used?

Letterheads are used to indicate who owns or authored a document.

What Makes a Good Letterhead?

A good letterhead must be simple, clean, and shows the complete contact info of an organization or person.

What to Include in a Letterhead?

The custom info letterhead must include the company name, company logo, phone number, mailing address, and email address.

What Is a Letterhead Used For?

A letterhead is used as a source of contact information in case readers of a document want to reach out to its owners or authors.

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