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Typography Fonts – 21+ Free OTF, TTF Format Download

Typography is the art and creativity of a designer that involves arranging type. Your decision on selecting a particular typeface and then its use in your designs are the things that can make or break a design. Design can be more attractive and eye-catchy if an expert work has been done on typography fonts. As an expert designer, you may have acquired specialized education on typography but while implementation it becomes quite time consuming and visionary task. Nevertheless, here is what you all need to know about typography fonts to make them work best for your designs.

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> Best Typography Fonts that can Work Best

  • Debby is a warm brush font that works best on preferably greeting cards.
  • Benyo, an uppercase futuristic design that attracts more attention when used for headings.
  • Bohema – An art deco font specifically made for branding, headlines, retro designs and similar.
  • Stellar is an elongated san serif font with enhanced legibility and appearance.
  • Ansley – Inspired by retro typography, this font is perfect for displaying. Free Fonts for personal as well as commercial use.
  • Lombok is a futuristic san serif style for minimal aesthetics.
  • Arkhip – Stunning headline font.
  • Manifesto – Eye-catchy angular headline font.

> How to Choose a Perfect Typography Font

You can find a wide array of free as well as paid fonts over the web for your design needs, but the selection of appropriate ones matters the most. Here are a few terms to consider while choosing a particular typography font.

  • Size- Different typefaces have different widths, heights and appearances so appropriate size need to be the first consideration while selecting fonts.
  • Leading- Leading is the vertical space between every line of the type. For a convenient reading and look the general is that the value of leading should be greater than the font size.
  • Kerning- It is referred to the adjustment of space between the characters. Kerning need to be performed such that the paring of words can look harmonious.
  • Measure- It is the width of a block of text. For giving optimum reading experience, measure need to be considered very well.

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Metrica Uppercase Typography Font


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Modern Brush Calligraphy Font


Anurati Typography Font


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Queens Typography Font


Besom Free Brush Font


My Globe Font Download


> Combining Typography Fonts to Match Your Design

Combining several typography fonts is one of the task need to be done attentively keeping a perfect design vision in mind. The pallete thus formed can add more elegance to your design. So let’s know about a few font combining tactics.

  • Use the Typeface families consisting of different features to prevent redundancy.
  • It is better to use typefaces in distant moods in your pallete to have a much energetic and attractive design.
  • If the texture of the typefaces are different then use them in a similar line quality to match your overall design.
  • Combine fonts in same proportion for exhibiting different properties. Also limit each font to a specific size range.

> Understanding Difference between a Font and Typeface

Sometimes most of the designers get confused with a terms font and typeface and often think both as same. But both are different terms. Here are the differentiated definitions for both of these terms.

  • A font is a term used to describe a group of typefaces that exhibit same properties or characteristics.
  • A typeface is referred to as an individual member of a font family.

> Bold and Light Fonts Together – A Perfect Combination

A perfect combination of various font styles like bold, italics or condensed can make your design more eye catchy and meaningful. There are different ways to combine multiple font styles like if you want to differentiate in two words written together then by making one bold and keeping other one as it is can help viewer carry out a difference in both without the need to adding spacing between both of the words. This technique suits in usually headlines where you need to put focus on specific word.

> Use a Typography Font That Reflects the Meaning of Word Used

A font selected in a way that it reflects the meaning of the word itself grabs much more attention as it helps views to have the actual feeling of word. For example if you are writing a word “Vibrant”, then best idea is to make use of vibrant font. Likewise if you are writing the word “Narrow”, make use of narrow fonts. This will make a great difference in your overall design. Also try to utilize spacing between letters and words proportionally.

> Why Typography Fonts are Important

You would be well aware of the importance of your clothes while getting out in public or group of people. As any person at first glance will make a good or bad assumption about you from the clothing style you carry. Just like your clothes, typography fonts play same role when we talk about a particular design. Attractive fonts are the things that grabs most attention from the viewers. People start judging the overall design by just having a look at font. A font size need to be reflecting behaviors exactly same as what the words are about.

> Is Your Typography Font Style Readable

It is obvious that words included in a certain designs are meant to communicate an important message to the viewer. So it is important to consider proper readability of your font style. An appropriate visual assessment is necessary to know whether your font is readable or not. Size, spacing and x-height are the various factors that need to be considered carefully for ensuring readability of the font style whether anyone uses mobile, system or any other device to view it.

> Checking for Font Licensing

Whether you are using a paid typography font or downloading a free one, it is a good idea to first go through its licensing information. Since a few of the font styles come for a limited period use or limited up to either personal or commercial use. Appropriate knowledge of a particular font you are using keep you and your client away from various implications associated with unfair use. Hope this resource about typography font will be helpful for leaning you importance of fonts and their importance in the overall design. So don’t neglect use of appropriate font styles to create an innovative, responsive and interactive design.

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