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Typography Fonts – 21+ Free OTF, TTF, HQX Format Download

Typography is the secret behind the success of any designer. It is the technique of arranging the letters and words so that it looks clear, readable and stylish when displayed thus epitomizing your creativity to a higher extent. Implementing typography is a bit tedious job. As an expert designer, attracting the reader’s mind is your sole duty and without using innovative typography fonts, your whole point of designing becomes vague. You can also see Retro Fonts. It is a decorative contraption every designer should use to increase the degree of creativity and making the whole design understandable at one glance. Here are some facts about Typography Fonts which a designer should know in order to make his design worth watching:

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Rustic Gate Vintage Font TTF Download


American Typography TTF Font Download


Sweet Heart Typography Font Download


Humble Hearts Typography Font TTF Download


Sunday Morning Custom OTF Font Download


Modern Calligraphy Font Dowmnload


Peace Sans Font Download for Free


Vegur Free Font Download


Design Typography OTF Font Download


Vintage Typography Font OTF Download


Selima Free Font Download


Grunge Typography OTF Download


Free Download Anurati Font


Marcellus Free Font Download


Custom OTF Typography Font Download


Luxurious Typography OTF Font Download


Free Brush Font Download


Leoscar Font Download for Free


Milestone Typography Font OTF File Download


Fashionable Sans Serif Font

SF Grandezza Font Free Download


> Decipherability of your Typography Font Style

As a designer your whole motive of designing should be the ease of communicating with your clients through your work. Whichever font you opt for, it should be understandable by the readers. Remember if your design is not Decodable Text at the receiver’s end, the communication between you two remains incomplete. The reader should not face any problem while reading it for the first time. It should be eye catchy yet sober. Some factors like size, height, spacing should be kept I mind while designing.

> Prefer Typography Fonts which will echo the ‘Feel’ of the entire Design.

At times your may want to portray a certain kind of feeling through your design. Choose typography font according to the main feel of your design so that the viewer can easily conclude the feel before going through each and every detailing of your design. For example, if you want your viewers to feel happy use some bright fonts and keep the size considerably big. You can also see Calligraphy Fonts.

> The Codes to choose an ideal Typography Font

There is a wide spectrum of typography fonts available over the web which you may download for free or spend some bucks to get it. But the problem arises when you don’t know what things you should mainly focus while choosing a typography font in accordance to your design. Here are some points you should strictly follow while opting for the appropriate one for your overall design:

  • Size range of the font: remember your font should be too small or too large. Too much of anything destroys the overall beauty. Different fonts have different combinations of width, height and looks, therefore choose accordingly.
  • Leading of the font: the plumb spacing between each and every line is a very imperative thing to keep in mind.
  • Measure of the entire block: you need to consider the measure of the entire block so that you design contains steadiness.

> The varieties of typography fronts to choose from

There are a lot of typography fonts available online to glee a designer. Some common classes are. :

  • Flat font: at times you want your design to be minimalistic. Flat fonts are very simple and sober, thus gives a sophisticated look to your design.
  • Arkhip font: the headlines are a crucial part of your design. Thus this font allows you to take your headlines to a whole new level.
  • Wavy font : it gives a dramatic tone to your design, thus adding a bit of spark in your design
  • Bohema Font: nothing can beat this font in adding a retro look to your design.

Therefore, choose accordingly and make your design worth wooing.

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