9+ Restaurant Menu Designs

restaurant menu design

A menu serves as a diner’s first impression of the food they’re ordering. How the elements within are designed and laid out has a certain sway to how the diner pictures the food served in your restaurant and the service that comes with it.

A well-designed menu will have the customers feeling hungry, more eager to sate their appetite, and even try out some more dishes that they otherwise wouldn’t have. If there are other design approaches you want to try out, have a look at these menu card designs and see if any of them strikes your fancy.

Classic Restaurant Menu Design

classic-restaurant-menu-design Download

Modern Restaurant Menu Design

modern-restaurant-menu-design Download

Sample Restaurant Menu Design

sample-restaurant-menu-design Download

Elegant Restaurant Menu Design

elegant-restaurant-menu-design Download

Printed  Restaurant Menu Design

printed-restaurant-menu-design Download

Making Good Impressions

The first thing that is usually handed over to a diner’s hands are typically menus. This gives them a certain idea on the kind of dining service they expect to get and the quality of the food they are about to order.

If you don’t find in this collection the right menu design for your restaurant, feel free to go over these food menu templates for more choices.

Restaurant Menu Designs

A menu’s role is to help decide diners in their choice of food your restaurant offers. There are certain ways, however, to improve your restaurant’s environment and overall feelyour furniture, lighting conditions, the ambiance and theme, or serving gimmick. Choosing an expertly done menu needs to fit in with all of it and go well with your establishment’s overall aesthetic.

Menu items can be grouped into logical groups and listed in the same chronological order the diners are likely to want them. They can be laid out to follow how a reader’s eyes would go over each point of interest on the menu, with the highlight of the menu, or best sellers, on top first. The kind of restaurant you have will inform the design choices you can go for and which template you can choose to download.

Restaurant Menu card Design

restaurant-menu-card-design Download

Restaurant Menu cover Design

restaurant-menu-cover-design Download

Luxury Restaurant Menu Design

luxury-restaurant-menu-design Download

Vector Restaurant Menu Design

vector-restaurant-menu-design Download

Abstract Restaurant Menu Design

abstract-restaurant-menu-design Download

Food for Thought

The menu design templates we’ve collected from around the web are expertly created by designers with the intent of having them in print for a specific type of restaurant in mind. So if you find the menu design style that fits your establishment’s overall design motif, consider trying them out. They’re available in print-ready CMYK .psd files for better image quality upon print.

With some basic knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, each template can have its main elements easily modified to include your design specifications and content. Once you’ve selected the menu template that most closely matches the design you have in mind, all you need to do is download and customize it to match your restaurant and you’re good to go.

Other Menu Design Styles

Any kind of design choice regarding your business isn’t a decision to be made lightly, much less if you’re thinking of handing the finished product into your customers’ hands. If you still haven’t found the right menu design to go on, take a gander at this collection of restaurant menu design templates.

With several more menu design templates to choose from, you’re sure to soon find the right menu design to match your establishment’s design and ambiance.


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