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Budget templates have been around for as long as anyone can remember. As time, resource and money saving tools, these templates budget planners to get their budget plans ready within the shortest time possible. And what’s more is that you can reuse these templates over and over again, which means there won’t a need to create another piece from scratch. Also, these templates are customizable, which means you can tweak them to make them look exactly like you want (they can be personalized).

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> Excel Budget Template


An excel budget template is an easy to use budget planning tool. In fact, it makes a budgeting task simpler, because you only need to download it instead of creating your own from scratch. We have created a high quality collection of excel budget templates that you may like, so browse through and download your favorite pieces. (10+ Excel Budget Template)

> Monthly Budget Template


Creating a monthly budget from scratch after every thirty days can be a tedious task. That is why it is recommendable to download an already made template. Luckily, a monthly budget plan template can be reused from month to month. This means that you can use the same plan as last month’s, or edit the same data should there be a few changes to make in the monthly budget. (9+ Monthly Budget Template)

> Personal Budget Template


A personal budget shouldn’t be difficult to make. In fact, a personal budget template makes the process quick and efficient. It should take you less than an hour to create a personal budget. You can create a daily budget, a weekly budget or a monthly budget depending on how often you get your paycheck from work although a monthly budget plan is often more convenient. (10+ Personal Budget Template)

> Household Budget Template


Do you ever account for every household item you buy at the end of every week or month? A household budget template can help you keep a clear transaction record of the total money spent every month for household goods. This plan will help you learn your spending habits, helping you make adjustments where necessary for the good of oneself. (10+Household Budget Template)

> Family Budget Template


A family budget template is meant for those who have families. The plan helps you track the family’s spending habits, making it easy to know where money went and what it did. Although you can create a budget plan on a daily basis, a monthly budget would be more convenient for you and your family members. (8+ Family Budget Template)

> Simple Budget Template


A simple budget template is easy to create from scratch, but downloading a sample template in excel format is easier. A simple budget is considered the easiest to prepare. All you need to do is to create a list of items you would like to buy then indicate the amount of each item against that item. (12+ Simple Budget Template)

> Wedding Budget Template


We have seen a number of wedding events go soar because of poor budget planning. And although a wedding budget is often the simplest one to make, some couples often ignore the idea of early planning and end up messing things in the rush hour stage. Use a wedding budget template to plan your wedding’s budget early enough. The planning should start at least five months before the wedding. (10+ Wedding Budget Template)

> Weekly Budget Template


A weekly budget can save you the trouble of being broke before the end of the month, because it helps you account for your finances on a weekly basis. The purpose of a weekly budget template is to not only enable you plan wisely, but also it helps you to make sure that all your planned purchases for the week are necessary. (10+ Weekly Budget Template)

> Business Budget Template


A business budget template is free to download. Because it is easy to customize, the template offers the benefit of ease and flexibility. If your business is a startup, you will use this template to create a startup budget. If the business is already an established one, you will use this template to plan or review your operational costs. (13+ Business Budget Template)

> Budget Proposal Template


A budget proposal template is used as a startup plan tool. Content of the budget include the cost of initial setup of the business, expected operational cost, cost of maintenance and risk mitigation costs. The content of this budget can be used to make necessary financial arrangements, which makes it possible to step the right foot forward as far as the new startup is concerned. (11+ Budget Proposal Template)

> Budget Planner Template


There are tens of budget planner templates out there. From high quality Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and PDF files to Keynote Budget plan templates that come high quality design layouts, it is certain that you can never miss the right tool for your budget planning. And what’s great is that these templates are free to download. (10+ Budget Planner Template)

> Event Budget Template


We all love to party, there are times we just want to hold special events and welcome friends over. An event budget template will help you outline all the necessary items you will need for the party. Once you figure out what the party will need, indicate the amount of each item then calculate the totals, which is the amount you ought to spend to grace a successful party. ( 7+ Event Budget Template)

> Project Budget Template


Even small projects need a budget plan. Don’t foolishly jump into project development stage without a project budget. A project budget template helps you outline how much the entire project is going to cost. And budget planning is important because it helps you figure out how much money will go into a project, and it explains how exactly the money will be used. (10+ Project Budget Template)

> Marketing Budget Template


A marketing budget template is designed to help you create an effective marketing plan in terms of finances. Use this template to determine how much money will go into marketing, and clearly indicate who exactly is going to take part in the marketing process. You should explain the marketing techniques you intend to use, clearly indicating the cost of each. (3+ Marketing Budget Template)

> College Budget Template


Are you still in school and wondering whether there is a better way to prepare your college budget? A college budget template can help. On this template, write the number, name and cost of the items that you need to buy for college. If the budget includes your tuition fees, make sure it is reflected on this template. (10+ College Budget Template)

> Film Movie Budget Template


A Film Movie budget template can help you create a comprehensive budget, which should help you streamline your film’s storyline. The role of the budget plan isn’t t let you guess how much to spend. Instead, the template helps you create a special list of what to spend money on, and this helps to make sure money is spent correctly. (9+ Film Movie Budget Template)

> Yearly Budget Template


Long-term goals often need careful planning, that includes making a proper budget for the same. A yearly budget template can help you manage your spending for the year, because the template makes it possible for you to plan your budget with ease. The template can be used by students, families and even business executives. (8+ Yearly Budget Template)

> Financial Budget Template


Managing personal or business finance isn’t often an easy task, but this doesn’t mean that it’s rocket science. In fact, the only thing you need to manage your finances is the right tool and the right spending strategy. A financial budget template is the right budget planning tool that can help you create the best spending strategy. Download template for free. (8+ Financial Budget Template)

> Travel Budget Template


Short and long journeys must be planned, which means you need to have a budget plan before you travel. A travel budget template will help you outline all the expenses you are likely to incur on short as well as long journeys. Once you know exactly how much you are going to spend, you will travel knowing that you aren’t going to run short of resource. (10+ Travel Budget Template)

> Construction Budget Template


A construction project is often a complicated one; a lot of money, time and energy are spent in the process. What you need is a good construction budget template. A construction budget template will help you create the budget with ease. And what’s more is that you can expand on the same budget with time should the need arise. (10+ Construction Budget Template)

> Church Budget Template


If you are supposedly a man of God, you will know that running a church isn’t really an easy task. You need a good budget to run church errands efficiently. Use a church budget template for budget planning. With this template, you can create a comprehensive budget, which you can then use for the months to come. (10+ Church Budget Template)

> IT Budget Template


IT budget template is something you should be using on a regular basis. Remember, IT business is similar to another business out there, so you need to account for all the money you spend on your computing. Without a budget data, it becomes difficult to tell whether or not you are making profits in business. (9+ IT Budget Template)

> Vacation Budget Template


Traveling is fun, but you need money to go to new places, which means that even having a good time with friends “home away” will require spending some money. Overspending is actually a common habit when people go on trips; people overspend because they don’t have a budget. Download a vacation budget template and use it to plan the budget for your travel. (9+ Vacation Budget Template)

> Budget Template for Mac


Are you looking for the best budget template for Mac? Well, there are often only two options to getting a good template: creating one yourself or downloading a free template from the internet. If you have little or no time to create one on your own, download one. By the way, a budget plan template is often free to download. (15+ Budget Template for Mac)

> Budget Tracker Template


Although you can create a budget template from scratch, downloading a free template is often the easiest solution. Every budget tracker template is useful, so don’t throw away a monthly budget plan data just because it reads a previous month. You will need every monthly budget template to learn your spending habits at the end of each year. (9+ Budget Tracker Template)

> Capital Expenditure Budget Template


By definition, a Capital expenditure budget template is an important document meant to help you track incoming revenues and estimate outgoing expenses. It is important to note a capital expenditure budget will be required to run the business efficiently. Download a template for free today and smart planning your budget. (8+ Capital Expenditure Budget Template)

> Payroll Budget Template


Payroll budget template will help you manage the chunk of cash that often go to the employees at the company. It is important to note that earlier and proper payroll planning will help your company avoid payment loopholes, loopholes like delayed payments. Download a free template today for employees payment planning. (7+ Payroll Budget Template)

> Expenditure Budget Template


An expenditure budget template is an important document, because it not only helps one to record their expenses but also enable them to know what budget areas they need to optimize on as far as your finances are concerned. There are various expenses template online that everyone can use to create the very best budget plan. (8+ Expenditure Budget Template)

> Manufacturing Budget Template


Manufacturing is often a complex project. The project, therefore, needs a proper communication among members involved as well as a comprehensive budget plan. Note that there will be direct and indirect costs that will go into this project, so it’s important to use a manufacturing budget template to create a proper budget for the project. (7+ Manufacturing Budget Template)

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