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There will come a time when two people who wish to bond under holy matrimony are going to plan a budget for their entire wedding. And nowadays, wedding planning isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do as it can cost people a lot of their time and money, especially if they have no idea what they’re doing. You may also see Checklist Samples.

So when it comes down to it, those who wish to get married and hold a wedding ceremony are going to have to do some proper planning. This is the reason why there are wedding checklist templates that can help these people ensure that they have a wedding that’s well-organized and cost-efficient.

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Simple Wedding Checklist Template

simple wedding checklist
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Wedding Planning Checklist Template

wedding planning checklist template
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Wedding Coordinator Checklist Template

wedding coordinator checklist template
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Wedding Event Planning Checklist Template

event planning checklist template e1509437276158
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Wedding Shot Checklist

wedding shot checklist


Wedding To-Do List

wedding to do list


Wedding Services Checklist

wedding services checklist


Wedding Flower Checklist

wedding flowers checklist


General Wedding Checklist

general wedding checklist

Wedding Summary Checklist

Â>wedding summary checklist

Essential Wedding Checklist

essential wedding checklist


Guide for making a wedding checklist

Whether you’re planning the wedding two years or two months in advance, it can still be very stressful. Wedding planning is always going to be a headache, which is why this guide is going to tell you all of the main things that you’re going to need to do. It will also let you know what you’re going to have to add to your wedding checklist. So here are all the rules and things you’ll need for your wedding checklist:

As soon as you get engaged

  • Sit down with your partner and discuss your ideal wedding plans. It won’t help if the two of you aren’t on the same page so make sure that this is discussed properly.
  • Draw up a budget so that the two of you know just how much you’re going to want to spend. Budget planning is definitely important because weddings can cost a lot and you can easily go over your budget if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Start planning the guest list. Decide on how many people you wish to invite to your wedding. The reason for this is that it will help you determine the best venue where you should hold the ceremony.
  • Check on the best time to hold the wedding ceremony program. Check the date with the important guests so that there won’t be any conflict in terms of schedule.
  • Check on the potential wedding venue and the ceremony location. If the two are separate, then keep a list of the possible venues for each.
  • Enlist any helpers or talented family friends who can contribute to the wedding. See if anyone can pitch in for the cake, the wedding dress, etc.

12 months before the wedding

  • First, you’re going to have to visit both your reception venue and ceremony location to see that there are no problems. Once that’s done, book them immediately if you’re happy with the decision.
  • Research all of the potential wedding servers and suppliers. That means everyone and everything such as wedding photographers, florists, invitation templates, cakes, chairs, tables, music, decor, and much more.
  • Consider getting wedding insurance plan and review all of your options before signing up for one.
  •  Decide on the kind of entertainment that you want for the ceremony. These can be anything from the drinks reception to dancing.
  • Book the photographer that can take the most memorable wedding pictures.
  • Book the videographer you and your spouse think can make a beautiful wedding video.
  • Send save the date cards. This is very important if you and your future spouse decide to marry abroad, or if the wedding is taking place during a very busy time of the year.

Eight to 10 months before the wedding

  • Prepare the music that’s going to be played during the ceremony. Then you’re going to have to book the band or the DJ you’ve chosen to play during the reception.
  • Research the kind of accommodations that your guests are going to need and reserve them after you’ve finalized where they’re going to stay.
  • Contact any decor hire companies if you’ll need to rent anything for the ceremony or the reception such as chairs, tables, or even tents.
  • Book where the two of you will be spending your honeymoon together.
  • Go through the list of baking companies to find the one that can create your ideal wedding cake. Once that’s done, book it.
  • Book the suits that the groomsmen are going to wear.
  • Book the pre-marriage course.

Six to eight months before the wedding

  • Book the musicians that are going to participate in the ceremony.
  • Make sure that your passports have valid dates if you’ll be traveling abroad for your honeymoon. If this is not the case, then get them renewed as soon as possible.
  • Start planning the honeymoon. This would mean everything from the location, the means of travel, the hotel that the two of you will be staying in, and more.

Four to six months before the wedding

  • Choose the dresses that the bridesmaids are going to be wearing for the wedding.
  • Choose the type of wedding invitations and stationery that you want for the wedding. Once you and your future spouse have made the decision, then order them as soon as possible.
  • If you’re part of a Catholic family, then make plans for pre-marriage counseling and make sure that the two of you attend it.
  • Meet with your chosen florist so that you can discuss the different options of flowers for the ceremony
  • Go shopping for the groom’s suit.
  • Organize all of the legalities. Make sure to give at least three months’ notice to the registrar and your wedding officiator.
  • Decide on the prayers, readings, and music for the mass booklets. It’s best that you check with your priest or registrar for this aspect of the wedding ceremony.
  • Organize all of the invitations that you’re going to send out and the order of the service booklets.
  • Organize all of the transportation for the wedding.
  • Start gathering all of the addresses for the guest list. You’re going to have to create a spreadsheet for those that have sent in their RSVPs.
  • Book the hairdresser that you’ve decided on and ask for a trial to help ensure that the hairdresser has the necessary skills.
  • Book the makeup artist for the wedding and do a makeup trial run to see whether this person will make you and others look special for the event.

Catholic Wedding Checklist

catholic wedding checklist


Bride’s Checklist for Wedding

bride checklist for wedding


Printable Wedding Checklist

printable wedding checklist


Ultimate Destination Wedding Checklist

ultimate destination wedding checklist


Sample Wedding Checklist

sample wedding checklist


Simple Wedding Planning Checklist

simple wedding planning checklist


Wedding Checklist

wedding checklist


Wedding Day Checklist

wedding day checklist


Two weeks before the wedding

  • Go through the list of all the guests who have sent in an RSVP and contact those who have yet to make a decision.
  • Deliver a list or an information sheet to the photographer and videographer that contains information on what shots must be taken during the event. Decide on who should be in the formal portraits and determine when these portraits are going to be taken.

One week before the wedding

  • Give the venue/caterer the final guest count.
  • Supply the wedding coordinator with a list of all the supplier requests such as  a table for the DJ or the setup tables or space that your florist is going to need.
  • Create the table plan for the wedding. You’re going to need this as you’ll want to set up the best arrangement where you’ll want to place your friends and family members.
  • Contact the wedding suppliers to confirm all of the arrangements. Create a timetable of everything that needs to be taken care of during the day.
  • Give the wedding ceremony and reception site managers a schedule of the vendor delivery and setup times, as well as all of the contact numbers.
  • Make sure that you get a manicure, massage, wax, etc.
  • Pack an overnight bag for the reception.
  • Pack everything that you’re going to need for the honeymoon.
  • Organize all of the payment for the suppliers on the day.

Two to three days before

  • Make any last changes to the table plan if it’s necessary
  • For the groom, go for the final pickup and fitting of your formal wear.
  • For the groom, make sure that the groomsmen attend their fittings and pick up their outfits.
  • Confirm the pickup times of the transportation service that you hired.
  • Reconfirm all of the details with the vendor applications. Discuss any of the last minute changes or  substitutions.

The day before the wedding

  • Provide all wedding professionals with an emergency phone number to call on the day of the wedding.
  • Sort out the payment for the final balance that has to be paid at the end of the reception.
  • Ensure that the cake is on track for delivery.
  • Rehearse the ceremony with all of the ceremony party readers to iron out all of the details.

Weddings are always going to be tough to plan out, so if you need a wedding checklist to help you and your partner, then you can go through our available checklist templates to help you out.

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