18 Elegant Wedding Invitation Templates

Wedding planning would not be complete without creating a wedding invitation card. This printed document is used for informing other people of any upcoming nuptials. On top of that, these cards need to be sent out at least three to eight weeks before the wedding date. This timeframe allows both wedding planners and guests to make all the necessary arrangements for the event. If you are planning a wedding on a tight schedule, you may need to look into wedding invitation template designs to make the invitation card creation process faster and easier.

There are 15 different examples of downloadable simple wedding invitation templates included in this article for anyone to peruse. Each sample template is described in detail and tips are provided on how you may recreate these template designs on your own.

Editable Wedding Invitation Template


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Airmail Wedding Invitation Template


First on the list is the Airmail Wedding Invitation Template. This event invitation template may best suit those who are planning an air travel-themed wedding. It may also work as an invitation card for those who want to have a destination wedding. Recipients of this wedding invitation will be excited to be at the wedding since the invitation cards already signal the start of a new adventure in another land. Despite that, couples who want a regular wedding at the town church, for example, may still use this kind of invitation template if they both love traveling.

It is best to print this invitation template using plain cardstock or paper. This way, the red and blue airmail patterns will stand out on the card. This invitation template set also comes with matching RSVP and honeymoon wish cards.

Framed Floral Wedding Invitation Template


The Framed Floral Wedding Invitation Template pictured above also doubles as a wedding RSVP card. If you are planning a simple wedding and you are looking for ways to reduce wedding costs, try out this invitation/RSVP card template instead. This kind of wedding invite template does not only work for those who are on a budget. it may also be used by couples who feel strongly about paper recycling and the wedding’s effect on the environment.

This wedding template may easily be recreated by anyone who knows how to use Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, or InDesign. But for those who are strapped for time, using this downloadable template is a more welcome approach.

Floral Wedding Invitation Template


Flower designs are forever a trend in the wedding industry. Hence, you may like to use the Floral Wedding Invitation Template featured above as your wedding’s invitation card design. In this template design, wedding planners may play with the flower colors and the typefaces. If you prefer, you may also change up the card’s background color to match the specific color of cardstock you are using. This way, the final wedding invitation card will look more personalized.

Bloomy Wedding Invitation Suite Template


For those who want to have an all-in-one wedding printable solution, try out the Bloomy Wedding Invitation Suite Template. This set allows wedding planners to use a single and uniform invitation template design. All your wedding card needs will sport the same flower patterns, font styles, and layout types. Using templates like this will be really useful for brides who are planning their own DIY weddings. This template set will allow them to relax and take it easy at least on the wedding invitation creation aspect of the wedding.

Gold Font Wedding Invitation Template


Gold represents luxury. And when this color is paired with flower elements just like in the Gold Wedding Font Invitation Template pictured above, it creates a good wedding invitation design. If you wish to achieve this effect for your own wedding, try out this design template. In this wedding invitation template, only the most necessary information regarding the wedding are listed on the card face. This frees up space on the invitation design, allowing the floral and gold elements to shine.

Peach and Gold Wedding Invitation Template


Despite its minimalist roots, the Peach and Gold Wedding Invitation Template still works as a wedding invitation design because it is a no-nonsense type of printable invitation card. This invitation template directly shows its recipients all the important wedding information underneath an elegant floral design. The combination of peach and gold also works hand in hand without overpowering the entire template’s aesthetic.

Use this invitation template carefully and only if your own wedding is also following a peach and/or gold motif. This template may not work as well if singular elements of the design are changed.

Blue and Gold Wedding Invitation Template Set


Another example of a wedding invitation template set is the Blue and Gold Wedding Invitation Template Set. In this wedding invitation template, wedding planners will get a template for the invitation card, RSVP card, menu card, wedding program, save the date card, and a wedding name card template. For those who want to have a formal seated wedding reception, this invitation template set will be ideal since it already includes card designs for the reception event.

Choosing separate wedding card templates may prove to be more troublesome since you will need to coordinate different card designs. So it will make more sense to use template sets instead.

Greenery Wedding Invitation Template Set


The Greenery Wedding Invitation Template Set embedded above is another example of invitation template that takes advantage of this year’s greenery official Pantone color. Green wreaths act as the focal image on the invitation card while additional wedding information is only displayed in a smaller font below the main image. This kind of layout focuses the reader’s attention toward the image on the card design and they seamlessly introduce them to the other pieces of information. You may also use this invitation template design if you want to use a uniform card design or image on all your wedding printables since this template comes as a set.

Movie Ticket Wedding Invitation Template


For those who are planning a less formal wedding celebration, try out a movie-themed wedding using the Movie Ticket Wedding Invitation Template pictured above. This invitation template really looks like a genuine movie ticket but with added information pertaining to a wedding celebration. Your wedding guests will appreciate this kind of invitation card design since it is not often done for weddings. To make your wedding invitation template more realistic while using this template, make sure to print it out using rustic cardstock or premium paper.

Navy Blue Wedding Invitation Template


Halfway through this list comes a wedding invitation template suggestion for couples who want their wedding cards to be bold and expressive of their personalities. Try out the Navy Blue Wedding Invitation Template pictured above. The floral design and the gold elegant cursive font used in this template works well with the blue background, making it appeal to both male and female guests.

To achieve this specific look for your own wedding invitation cards, it is best to print the template on navy blue colored card stock. This way, you will save both on ink and printing costs.

Passport Wedding Invitation Template


Couples who love to travel and wants to showcase this on their wedding theme will appreciate the Passport Wedding Invitation Template featured above. This invitation template also works well for those who are planning a destination wedding. Guests will know what type of wedding they are going to attend just by glancing at this creative wedding invitation card.

When customizing this invitation card template, make sure to use a two-sided print setting. This way, you will not have any problem with the orientation of each page. To avoid this problem, you may also just have the template printed out at a professional print shop in your area.

Rustic Wedding Invitation Template


The Rustic Wedding Invitation Template pictured above is a good choice for a wedding invitation template since this template design exudes both elegance and coziness at the same time. When printing out this kind of invitation template, it may be more cost-effective to find premium papers that already have printed wood patterns. But if you cannot find anything that will suit your taste or match the original template’s design, it may be best to just print out the template as it is. Find a local print shop that offers bulk promotions for this kind of printing job if you wish to reduce the printing costs.

Green Foliage Wedding Invitation Template


Choose the Green Foliage Wedding Invitation Template if you are planning a wedding theme with this year’s official color (greenery). This template is fully editable so the bride or groom may customize the different names, date, time, and venue information on the invitation card design. When printing out this invitation template, make sure to use thick card stock to give the invitation card more credence.

The Green Foliage Wedding Invitation Template is stored in a PSD (Photoshop document) file. This means that if you have Adobe Photoshop at home, you may easily edit the documents, adjust layers, and/or remove design elements.

Typography Wedding Invitation Template


A wedding theme trend that does not seem to go away but just keeps on getting better is the use of typography. This is evident in the Typography Wedding Invitation Template pictured above. This template is very easy to recreate on your own as long as you know how to use a word processor or an editing software program like Adobe Photoshop.

This invitation template will also work well for couples (and their guests) who prefer to have fewer images on their wedding card designs. Using a typography design gives its designers the leeway to express their creativity using typefaces instead. Couples may even make a project out of this and create the base template design on their own. This way, they will have something special to remember their own wedding by. This wedding template is best printed out on plain or grey cardstock to help give the invitation a more rustic feel.

Vintage Country Wedding Invitation Template


Lastly, use the Vintage Country Wedding Invitation Template featured above if you want your photo wedding invitation template to look cozy and more family-oriented. As its name indicates, this type of invitation design will also work well for weddings following a retro or countryside theme. As with most themed wedding invitation templates, they are best printed out on rustic card stock if available.

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