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Meetings are usually done in a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It depends on the company’s call on how often these meetings are done. A team leader gathers up its members to talk about the latest progress of their project, where they went wrong and how to improve the weak points. The meeting can stretch for an hour to a number of hours, and sometimes every crucial point needs to be tracked for future reference. You may also see informal meeting minutes templates.

Jotting down the minutes of the meeting absolutely plays a big role in the company. Supervisors need to have something to refer to while the project is ongoing, especially if it is a big one. The secretary is tasked to do that job, and sometimes it’s a pretty tough one.

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Special General Meeting Minutes

special general meeting minutes 788x1020

Delta State University President’s Cabinet Minutes

delta state university presidents cabinet minutes 788x1020

Sample Board Meeting Minutes

sample board meeting minutes 788x1020

How To Take Minutes In The Meeting

Taking minutes in the meeting needs a person who is keen on details and can pay attention as well as keeping up with every single one. He has to be attentive and alert in the meeting. To take down minutes effectively, just follow some of these steps:

1. Gather participants.

It is your task to gather all the participants of the meeting in the conference room. If one member is absent, verify his cause of absence first before proceeding to the meeting. After gathering all the members of the meeting, take a few minutes of relaxation before starting the meeting. You may also see business minutes templates.

2. Read agenda from a previous and upcoming meeting.

It is a must for you to read the agenda of the previous meeting to refresh the participants on the things that were talked about in the meeting. It makes them remember important points and ensures that no one gets left behind as new topics will be talked about. You may also see construction meeting minutes templates.

3. Take note of the terms to be used.

Some terms will come out of the meeting and you have to take note of each one. These terms are usually jargons used in the industry you are working in, but some terms are just not that clear. You should familiarize yourself with the jargons so you can keep up with the meeting. You may also see minutes templates.

4. Record the time and date.

The time and date of every meeting should be recorded. These are important parts of the agenda. The time and date can also be used as references when you want to track down a certain part of the meeting, or if there is a point in the meeting that you want to go back to. You may also see nonprofit meeting minutes templates.

5. Jot down relevant points.

Listen carefully to the meeting and jot down any relevant point that can be useful for everybody’s information. You have to be really attentive to what they are saying as it could be a piece of useful information. Every speaker in the meeting always has something to say. Pay attention to each speaker well. You may also see team meeting minutes templates.

6. Ask for clarifications.

If a term is unclear to you, take time to pause and ask the speakers to clarify what the term means. It pays well when you ask for something that confuses you. Take time to understand each term and write them down so you won’t forget them. You may also see a meeting of meeting samples.

7. Stick to the agenda.

Meetings could start from the main agenda and go farther to the most undesirable topics on earth. It is your job to keep them on track and stick to the agenda no matter what happens. The meeting should not stray from the original agenda that you had earlier. You may also see staff meeting minutes templates.

8. Take note of the next meeting’s schedule.

After the meeting ends, get the schedule for the next meeting and inform everybody via email. It can also be included in the final copy of the minutes that you are going to send to everybody. You may also see free meeting minutes templates.

9. Finalize the minutes.

The rough draft on your notebook will be put to good use. Take it and write it down after the meeting. Proofread everything and send it to every participant via email, or give them printed copies each. You may also see business meeting minutes templates.

10. Send each participant a copy.

Each participant, present or absent, should get a copy of the sample minutes of the meetings. For those who were not in the meeting, this gets them to read on the topics that were covered. For those who were present, the minutes serve as a reminder for them.

Meeting Minutes Template

meeting minutes template

Black Stump Soccer Club Minutes Committee Meeting

black stump soccer club minutes committee meeting 788x1114

Sample Format Of Meeting Minutes

sample format of meeting minutes

Why Taking Minutes Is Important

There are several factors why taking minutes in a meeting is important. Each factor contributes to the effectivity and data tracking of the meeting as a whole. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. It is a whole lot of effort.

Most of the meeting participants don’t pay full attention to the agenda of the meeting itself. When you take down minutes, you are helping them be refreshed with the agenda that will be tackled next meeting. This is also a reminder for them to keep their attention focused next time.

2. Reduces misunderstanding.

With a whole lot of content covered in meetings, taking down minutes reduces misunderstanding when everyone gets to read what was being talked about. Fewer questions will be asked if minutes are being given out after the meeting. There is a better understanding of the real agenda when the minutes are well-written. You may also see recording meeting minutes tips.

3. Provides structure.

There is no standard format when taking down minutes in the meeting, but jotting down creates a structure in drafting the final copy of the minutes. You would have your own ways of organizing every kind of information covered in the meeting. The most important information is highlighted while the least important ones are more often not included.

4. Give legal protection.

The minutes can be used as backup information just in case the business gets involved in legal matters such as business tax returns. It can be considered as a legal document if a lawsuit comes in. You may also see meeting minutes formats.

Sample Meeting Minutes Template

sample meeting minutes template 788x1020

Council Meeting Sample Minutes Template

council meeting sample minutes template


The minutes of the meeting can be short or long, depending on the meeting and how good you are in taking them down. This job needs full focus and attention so you won’t miss anything. Aside from that, it is a pleasure to take note what people are saying and disseminate them to many afterward. You may also see board meetings.

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