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In every company or team, there will always be goals. Those goals might range from a small one to a big one that could alter the direction of the team or organization. It is important that a company or a team should have achievements and improvements to better justify who they are and lift their credibility. To achieve this goal, a team or an organization has to do the proper planning and giving out strategies that would be the best way to actually achieve the smart goal. They can plan this out by having a meeting with one another.

A meeting, as we know, is an agenda or event where people gather to discuss and deliberate a specific topic or topics at hand. The people who are present at the meeting are the ones who are involved or the leaders in such departments or the ones who are trusted to carry out the best solution for the team or organization. With that being said, who has the responsibility to actually document what was being said? You may also see board meetings.

The answer to that question is the person or secretary who is assigned to do the minutes in a meeting. We will be giving you the format or the parts of the minutes in the meeting along with some templates to guide you in writing your minutes of the meeting if ever you do get the opportunity to actually write one. Afterward, we will be telling you how to write your minutes.

Minutes in a Meeting Format Template

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Format of a Minutes in a Meeting Sample

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General Meeting Minutes

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Minutes in a Meeting and its Format

Let us try to say that you are assigned to do the minutes in a meeting in 2 weeks but the catch is, you have never experienced being a secretary but you were voted to be the one taking the minutes because others think your handwriting is clear and readable. But what is wrong is, you have no clue what is a minute of the meeting and what are the parts. Luckily for you, we will be explaining to you what it is. You may also see church meeting minutes templates.

A minute in a meeting is a kind of document used in formal meetings and project meetings. This document is the source of all the summarized information on what took place and the things being discussed in a meeting. The contents are mostly of the end result or agreement, the suggestion being made and which were approved. The minutes are being done by the secretary or someone who is trusted to take notes fast and know when to paraphrase important statements. So that is basically what the document is all about. If you have fully taken a grasp of its meaning, you may now proceed to the parts or format of the minutes in a meeting.

It is important that you also take into consideration the templates we have displayed for you here in this article because of they also present parts that you might want to consider when you start to make your own minutes in the meeting. All we will present is the common or general parts of a minute of a meeting. You may also see informal meeting minutes templates.

Here are the following parts:

1. The heading

This is the start of it all. It is necessary to write down the topics or agendas that will be discussed and also include the name of the committee who will take part in the said meeting. Also, note where the meeting is taking place, what time should it start and is expected to end and the date of the day. You may also see business minutes templates.

2. The attendance

Since you are the one taking the minutes, you have to be there really early to check the attendance. Being early helps you avoid the hassle of preparing everything before it starts and you can still take note what time each individual arrived at the meeting. You can also have the opportunity to ask the persons who said there might be a possibility there will only be there in the meeting half-day only. If they are leaving at a specific time, ask them right away and note that information. You may also see construction meeting minutes templates.

3. The action items

Once the discussions are already starting, there will always be an end goal or solution or agreement within a particular topic. Whatever the agreement is, take note of it whether it is final or not (most agreements are final either way). This is also where you take note who said what and who are assigned to do the specific tasks in the agreements or solutions. It is important you take note if there is anybody assigned to do any task to ensure that they have this kind of responsibility and if the task is not met, the one responsible of the task has to speak for himself on why he or she was not able to accomplish it during the next expected meeting. You may also see minutes templates.

4. Important announcements

After everything is being discussed, there are most likely to be some announcements before everyone is dismissed. The announcements can be the of some reminders in the office or the events that the team must participate in. You may also see nonprofit meeting minutes templates.

5. The next meeting

This part of the document is where you would write the following information that surrounds the next meeting. This can be from what are the topics that are expected to be discussed and when, where and what time the meeting will take place. You can also note down who are assigned to look for the venue and who has to look for a restaurant that could sponsor their meeting. Also, note when the deadline is for those assigned people to inform the team where the next meeting would be held. You may also see team meeting minutes templates.

6. The adjournment

This is basically where it all ends because all the secretary or the one who was assigned to do the minutes of the meeting is to write the time the meeting has come to an end. Usually, the one who announces the meeting’s adjournment is the one higher in position or the one who organized the whole meeting. You may also see a meeting of meeting samples.

7. Signature line

In this final part of your document, it is one of the easiest things to input. This part requires you to affix your signature on your name to assure you that you take responsibility to what is being written there and that all of it is true based from what was being discussed and agreed upon by the committee when the meeting started until the end. You may also see staff meeting minutes templates.

Sample Minutes Template

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Board Meeting Minutes Sample

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Template of a Minutes in a Meeting

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How to write the minutes of the meeting

In this final part of the article, we will be giving you tips on how to properly write the minutes of the meeting of your company or team. If you are already keen on your English skills and grammar, writing the minutes will not be so difficult to do. But if you are still having a difficulty, you may decline the offer or better yet, take it as a challenge to relearn what you learned before. It is never too late to learn something again and you should never be ashamed if you still do not have that skill right now because of everybody has their own pacing in life even in learning.

With that being cleared out, here are the following tips on how to write the minutes of the meeting:

1. Write the person’s name

Although it is a known fact that you write the one’s attending, but what we mean by this is you should write the people who were suggesting an action plan or making a motion. It is also important to include what that action plan was for all of the people voicing out their suggestions. You may also see free meeting minutes templates.

2. Write down word for word

By this we mean the motions, resolutions, amendments, decisions and the end conclusion of it all.

3. Approved or not

You should write if the proposed motion has been approved or not by the people in the committee and who voted for what in the meeting concerning that particular motion. You may also see staff meeting minutes templates.

4. The assignments to do

Like what we have stated in the previous sub-topic, you should note who are assigned to do things and what those assignments specifically are. You may also see business meeting minutes templates.

Those are tips on how to write effective minutes in a meeting. You can also search on the internet more information on how to write the minutes in the meeting. You have to remember that you should not overstate some words or agreements that were made during the meeting because if you get caught, you will be held responsible and can get you fired. It is true that we have our own opinions but when it comes to that, state your opinion while the meeting is still ongoing not only after it is finished that you decide to put yours in the document without it being agreed on. You may also see recording meeting minutes tips.

You were the position not because you are skilled in writing or even paraphrasing, but because you are also trusted by everyone who expects you not to be biased in writing formal documents, especially with this one. Keep that integrity and trust intact. You probably would not expect it, but maybe you would get promoted someday for your consistency at work and having the eagerness to take challenges such as this one to fields you are not supposed to do because it is not part of your job description. Stay eager for challenges and be out of your comfort zone.

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