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In any kind of organization, “minutes” and “meetings” are the most interrelated words. When meetings are conducted, there is an assigned member of the organization to take note of the minutes, which are the important details in the discussion per agenda and the action points. These minutes can be written on any piece of paper or typed in a text editor in a laptop. You can create your own structure for the minutes or download a template where you can use it as it is or edit and customize the details of the structure according to your needs. You may also see board meetings.

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The minutes of meeting samples differ from one organization to another, so you need to carefully assess each of the templates that we are going to show you so you would know what to get. We have templates for various purposes, such as minutes for school meetings, board meetings, club meetings, and committee meetings. So, let’s not wait further and let’s get started with the list of minutes of meeting samples!

Board Meeting Minutes Sample

board meeting minutes sample 788x1020

Minutes of Meeting Sample Template

minutes of meeting sample template

School Minutes of Meeting Sample Template

school minutes of meeting sample template

Things to keep in mind while creating Meeting Minutes Template

1. Write the Important Details

In writing the minutes, it’s not necessary that you write in verbatim. If you are the secretary or just the assigned member to take down the minutes, listen carefully to the discussion and write whatever is important. Some of the important details include that answers to the five W’s and the How. If money is involved in the topic, you can clarify it later on together with the other details that you think you wrote inaccurately. You may also see recording meeting minutes tips.

2. Use Shorthand

Sometimes, as the stenographer, it’s impossible to keep track of everything that was discussed in the plenary session or any other meeting. This is when shorthand writing comes into play. If you are well-versed with shorthand, you can freely do so especially in rapid and intense discussions. This is an optional method of writing as not everybody knows how to do it or if they are not comfortable doing it this way. For the final report, of course, you have to translate or convert the draft into a document that most people are comfortable in reading. You may also see business meeting minutes templates.

3. Never Add Emoticons

This may seem unnecessary because no one would possibly be unprofessional enough to do so. But, if ever there is someone and if you are that person, then you should know that the minutes of the meeting isn’t your diary. Adding emoticons would only distract you from taking down every important detail in from the discussion and it would only make your document look unprofessional.

Club Minutes of Meeting Sample Template

club minutes of meeting sample template

Meeting Minutes for Technical Advisory

meeting minutes for technical advisory 788x1020

Minimal Meeting Minutes Example

minimal meeting minutes example 788x1020

4. Handwritten or Digital?

Traditional versus modern. Pen versus keyboard. The platform and tools that you are going to use for writing the minutes of the meeting depend on which platform you are comfortable with. For some people, writing the minutes on paper is the best way since they are comfortable writing using a pen or pencil. They are also faster in writing than typing. However, if you will be writing on paper, you might as well use a pencil rather than a pen. You would be able to easily erase any mistakenly written information when you use a pencil. Although there is an erasing tool for the ink of the pen, it would leave an unpleasant mark on the paper.

There are different advantages and disadvantages when you either go for a handwritten or digital report for the minutes of the meeting. You may also see free meeting minutes templates.

These are some of the points that you have to consider before you decide which platform you are going for:

1. Security

When you prefer the handwritten document, you have to be mindful of where you are going to keep the document. Most of the files are kept in a secure storage, like a file cabinet. But, these files are prone to damages caused by fire, water, and other external factors. Also, they are prone to be torn, so you would be writing them all over again unless you have a backup copy of it. You may also see staff meeting minutes templates.

On the other hand, when you use a computer, you can save the file in your hard drive. But, as is with everything digital, your computer is prone to digital viruses which will either damage your computer and corrupt the files or get hacked by someone who’s interested in your files. Although hacking would be a stretch for the smaller organizations, this would be a huge concern for the much larger ones. You may also see church meeting minutes templates.

Of course, there are preventive measures such as encrypting the files or have a software installed in the system to protect the files from any damages. But that doesn’t mean that they are out of reach, either. They can still be accessed by anyone who has improvised means to hack them. Let’s just hope they won’t be able to penetrate through the security that you put up. You may also see informal meeting minutes templates.

2. Accessibility

Since the handwritten minutes would be kept inside a file cabinet or any kind of compartment, they could only be accessible by personally fetching the files wherever they are stored at, on the occasion that these files are needed during a discussion. Also, the secretary would need to personally go to wherever the storage is to store the files after the meeting. This would only be applicable if the meeting is held outside the building. Otherwise, there won’t be any problem at all since the files would be accessible from a short distance. You may also see team meeting minutes templates.

In the case of a digital format for the minutes, the files can be accessed in the computer’s hard drive. So if you use a laptop to write the minutes, you won’t have to travel a certain distance to fetch or store the files. And, to be more convenient with the files’ accessibility, they can be uploaded to an online drive with sufficient capacity for your files to be kept in. You may also see business minutes templates.

These virtual drives can be accessed anywhere as long as there is an internet connection and you can even use your smartphone to download or preview the files. But, as is with every machine or device, they won’t operate without electricity. You just have to make sure that your laptop is fully charged in case of a power outage. It will last you long enough until the meeting ends. You may also see construction meeting minutes templates.

5. Improve the Template

There may or may not be a default or standard format for the template of the minutes, but it is important to take note that you need to improve the format every now and then. This practice reduces the mistakes you have committed in your previous meetings. The more comprehensive and mistake-proof your report is, the better it is for both you and the members involved in the meeting. You may also see minutes templates.

Open Market Meeting Minutes

open market meeting minutes 788x1020

School Council Meeting Minutes

school council meeting minutes 788x1114

Task Force Meeting Minutes

task force meeting minutes 788x1020

Consultancy Meeting Minutes

consultancy meeting minutes 788x1020

Elementary Meeting Minutes Sample

elementary meeting minutes sample 788x1020

FDA Meeting Minutes

fda meeting minutes 788x1020

Government Association Meeting Minutes

government association meeting minutes 788x1020

How-To for Meeting Minutes

how to for meeting minutes 788x1020

University Meeting Minutes

university meeting minutes 788x1020

Internet Meeting Minutes

internet meeting minutes 788x1020

Different Kinds of Minutes of Meeting Samples

1. Minutes of Meeting Sample for Schools

The school is like a war zone and as such, there are complaints that sprout out here and there. And, since it is an institution, there are concerns regarding the facilities and the teaching methods that should be discussed in a meeting. You can look for a template in this article or you can browse for more in our School Meeting Templates article. The templates for meetings in schools can be used for interschool and intraschool meetings. These templates are also very useful if your school has more than one branch.

2. Minutes of Meeting Sample for Clubs

Being in a club is a perfect start to meet up new people and explore more of your interests. If you are the assigned member of the club to take down the minutes of the meeting, you can use one of the templates in this article and check out the others in our Club Meeting Minutes Templates. This will help you quickly write the important details that were discussed in the meeting. They can be used in all clubs from the international level to local.

3. Minutes of Meeting Sample for Staff

There are a ton of objectives in a staff meeting that could range from internal issues to acceleration and streamlining of staff or for operational issues. Whatever is the reason for the meeting, you can download a template from this article that would be able to satisfy your needs or you can check out more in our Staff Meeting Minutes Templates. This will help you list down everything that was discussed in the meeting with its clear and comprehensive format.

4. Minutes of Meeting Sample for Committees

There are different committees that make up an organization. Each of them tackles a certain aspect of the organization, like having a Logistic Committee to handle the necessary equipment for the event. You can look at the template that we have included in this article that is suited for committee meetings, but you can also take a look at our Committee Meeting Minutes Templates. These templates can greatly reduce your groundwork and the time you invest for that. They can tap meetings for all committee related meetings, no matter how sensitive and complicated they are.

Maine Meeting Minutes

maine meeting minutes 788x1020

Meeting Minutes for Accountants

meeting minutes for accountants 788x557

Meeting Minutes Format

meeting minutes format 788x1020

Committee Minutes of Meeting Sample Template

committee minutes of meeting sample template

Board Minutes of Meeting Sample Template

board minutes of meeting sample template

Pick the Right Template

The right template depends on the details that you want for your minutes. If most of the details of the template meet your requirements, then you should pick that one. You can edit the minor details that you want to change and it would be the perfect template for you. We wish you all the best in your meeting and may any of the templates above help you in writing the minutes in a proper and professional manner. You may also see nonprofit meeting minutes templates.

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