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14+ Itinerary Templates

Travels are usually handled by individuals using a tool to organize trips along with related activities. This tool, referred to as an itinerary, pertains to the guide used by tour guides in tour packages availed by clients. It can also refer to activities that have been planned for certain events.

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When it comes to planning for travels, the first thing to consider before the travel preparations is the creation of the perfect travel itinerary for the trip. The following itinerary templates can provide the necessary outline or format that is suitable to the itinerary templates you are making for your travels.

Blank Itinerary


Daily Itinerary Template


Family Reunion Itinerary Template


Flight Itinerary


What Is an Itinerary?

An itinerary provides the guide to the planned activities and events related to the travel or trip. Destinations of the travel pertaining to various places are scheduled on the itinerary with specifications on the time and the means of transportation to reach the destination.

An itinerary may not only pertain to travels as seen on the trip itinerary templates of this website. Various itinerary templates provide other outlines and types of itineraries available for your perusal.

Elements of an Itinerary

The following are the elements of an itinerary present on the blank event itinerary templates and itinerary templates in Word format provided on this website:

  • Duration of the Trip – This element determines the time frame of the itinerary serving as the basis for the planning process of the trip.
  • Places – This pertains to the different ares the participants will be visiting as well as their choice of accommodations.
  • Schedule of Activities – The schedule of activities is one of the most important details that needs to be included in an itinerary. It refers to the different activities participants will be doing in certain places and at certain times.
  • Attractive Destinations – When it comes to travel, it is most preferable to go to famous destinations particularly those which the participants have never been to in order to increase the satisfaction of the trip.
  • Travel Guide – Information on the destinations from travel guides must be stated on the itinerary for the participants to know what to expect on the trip.

Holiday Itinerary Template


Monthly Itinerary Template


Party Itinerary Template


Road Trip Itinerary


How to Make an Effective Itinerary

The creation of an itinerary requires different aspects and factors to consider regarding the planned travel and events. In order for the event to be successful, the following are the steps to writing an effective itinerary:

  • Make use of itinerary templates. For starters, it is best to consult the various itinerary templates in PDF. They provide an outline of the itinerary which will serve as your guide in incorporating the needed information.
  • List down each activity to be incorporated. Enumerate the places and the activities to be carried out during the event. Narrow down the list of activities to make it easier for you to choose the most suitable place you need for specific events. Birthday itinerary templates, for example, show that the event need not be at one place alone.
  • Consider different aspects of the event. There are different factors to consider in making an itinerary especially for travel. Among these factors are transportation, time allocation, weather conditions, ticket availability, budget for food and accommodations, and participants.
  • Prepare for unexpected situations. Always have a contingency plan for all the activities scheduled for the event since there are uncontrollable situations that are usually met on the duration of the event.

Sales Itinerary Template


Travel Itinerary Template


Visit Itinerary


Weekend Itinerary


Weekly Itinerary Template


Kinds of Itinerary Templates

For you to have less difficulty in finding the appropriate template for the itinerary you are making, the following are the kinds of free itinerary templates presenting different itinerary formats as provided on this website:

Periodic Business Itinerary Templates:

  • Sales Itinerary – This template type pertains to the recording of planned sales of a business.
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Itinerary – This template provides the format which can be used for daily, weekly or monthly schedules of the company. Meetings, like the ones presented on the meeting itinerary templates, for example are usually done monthly and can be included in the monthly itinerary.

Event Itinerary Templates:

  • Family Reunion Itinerary – Reunions are planned beforehand by organizers and need itineraries that will inform family members about planned activities.
  • Party Itinerary – This template type accommodates the activities to be done during a party.

Travel Itinerary Templates:

  • Flight Itinerary – This template provides the flight details you need for your travel.
  • Holiday Itinerary – Holidays are usual the best times to go on extended trips. This usually requires a lot of planning as depicted on this template for a holiday trip.
  • Road Trip Itinerary – Random road trips may still need the use of this itinerary template as it outlines the places you can go on these road trips.
  • Visit Itinerary – This template applies to travels where you visit sacred or important places that does not involve beaches and resorts.
  • Weekend Itinerary – Weekends are rest days which calls for travels like the cruise itinerary templates of this website.

An itinerary is essential when planning for planned trips and events. These itinerary templates can be your source of editable and downloadable templates you can utilize when you make your itinerary.

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