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How to Create an Itinerary Template

Put concisely, any basic itinerary, much less a perfect travel itinerary, is more or less a schedule of one’s activities, particularly for a trip of some kind. No matter the reasons, it would be appropriate to use tools like travel itinerary examples so as to make the best use of one’s time.

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As for the use of itinerary templates, that would be on any occasion where one travels, and would like to do so in a fairly organized fashion. After all, any itinerary template would provide an organized framework, which would be perfect for business trips where time needs to be regulated.


What to Include in an Itinerary Template

There are some elements that you would naturally have to include in your itinerary formats so as to let them do their jobs, such as:

  • Dates and times of arrival and departure, as you should have an idea of when you expect to arrive and leave your destination.
  • Schedule of activities, as any itinerary template, including daily itinerary templates, would have some kind of schedule of planned activities.
  • Notes, if you see a need to include notes for different parts of your trip.
  • Travel times, so that you have an estimate of how much time you can expect to spend traveling.

Steps to Create an Itinerary Template

It would be wise to know how to create your own itineraries, so as not to have to rely on itinerary templates in Excel.

  • Arrange your itinerary template according by day, so that each day has space for different activities.
  • Include space for times on the left-most column, so that you can have a schedule template for customizing as needed.
  • Use another column for activities themselves, so that you can set activities for particular times and dates. This can also be used for determining travel times between places.
  • You may have another column for adding notes for activities, if need be.


Guidelines for Itinerary Templates

When using templates like itinerary templates in Word, there are some guidelines that you may want to take advantage of in order to help you with your work. After all, these guidelines are meant to ensure that you have thought of everything regarding your itinerary templates.

  • Keep the template simple. Most free itinerary templates are fairly simple to use, being that they do not require advanced computer skills to use. This allows a greater number of possible users to use such tools easily.
  • Allow for full customization. It is to be expected that users will have specific needs for these templates, so you have to allow for them to customize the templates for whatever their specific trips might entail.
  • Be sure to check the formatting. Your template needs to be usable for different kinds of users, and still remain consistent. You should take steps to ensure that the formatting stays consistent even across different users for the sake of convenience.
  • Make the template organized by default. This allows for users access to framework where every category can easily be found so as to make the template easier to use.

Hopefully, you can have a better idea of how to make your own itinerary template, so as to make planning your trips all the easier.

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