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33+ Travel Itinerary Templates – DOC, PDF, Apple Pages, Google Docs

Are you planning for a trip anytime soon? If yes, then you should take the help of a travel itinerary for all as it features the arrival & departure time, details on the means of transport, the destination stop, activities while reaching the destination & so on. You can also see vacation itinerary template. Such kinds of road blank travel itinerary templates contain the name of the traveler, date, and purpose of traveling along with the mode of transportation and name of the travel companion. They further carry details of the vehicle to be used for transportation which consists of the vehicle number, license number, model and color of it along with the name of the maker for further assistance. These templates also provide information about the place for accommodation along with the person you have been assigned to meet.

40+ FREE ITINERARY Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Excel, Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages, Google Sheets (SPREADSHEETS), Apple Numbers

Travel Itinerary Template

File Format
  • Google Docs
  • Word
  • Pages

Size: A4 & US


Business Travel Itinerary Template

File Format
  • Google Docs
  • Word
  • Pages

Size: A4 & US


Feel free to organize and schedule your business travel with this simple itinerary template. It lets you note down details such as the date, time, location and event details of your trip. It is a free template so you can download and print it easily after customizing it in MS Word.

Sample Travel Itinerary

File Format
  • Word
  • Pages
  • Editable PDF

Size: A4 & US

Free Download

Easily organize your travel plans now with the help of our free sample travel itinerary template. This file ensures the systematic arrangement of your travels in terms of lodging, transportation, and destinations. It also tells you what you can wear or bring for a particular destination. You can edit this itinerary template for free by customizing it on MS Word.

Blank Travel Itinerary

File Format
  • Google Docs
  • Word
  • Pages
  • PDF

Size: A4 & US

Free Download

Are you in need of a minimalistic blank itinerary that you can use for your upcoming travel? Then our blank itinerary template will be of great help to you. You can enter your personal information, lodging details and so on by easily editing and modifying to suit your preferences. Get this printable template for free.

What is Meant By Travel Itinerary?

A travel Itinerary refers to a planned schedule of events that involve traveling to several destinations. It may contain the exact date and time for visiting specific places, choosing the means of transportation, deciding on the food to eat and so on and so forth. Whether it is traveling for business purposes or leisurely travel, it is important that you create an Itinerary in order to stay well ahead in your journey. Maintaining an Itinerary makes it easy to navigate places and saves you from a lot of confusion and clutter which would have caused otherwise. A Holiday itinerary template can be checked to get an idea of how to write the day by day tour itinerary.

Sample Travel Itinerary Template

File Format
  • Google Docs
  • Word
  • Pages
  • Editable PDF

Size: A4 & US

Free Download

This sample business travel itinerary template helps you to plan the business tour schedule for each hour from day one to the last day. A well-drafted travel itinerary can be of great help as it keeps travelers together and confusion at bay. If this is your first time drawing a travel itinerary, fret not, we have got it covered for you. There is a ready-made travel itinerary sample template available, and we have stacked up against the best formats for you right here.

Sample Travel Itinerary Template Excel Format Download


This free Travel Itinerary excel format is simple and instructions are provided on how to use it. Using this travel schedule template you can plan your program of important places to visit for each destination separately.

Download Travefy Travel Itinerary Template For Free


This is a lovely and colorful travel itinerary planner that is available free both in MS Excel and MS word formats. You will be excited to use it with every item of the itinerary can be planned precisely.

All Things Admin Travel Itinerary Template Free Download


This is a detail-oriented travel itinerary template which is available in MS word format. The best of this planner is it explains to you how to use this template effectively and is available for free download.

Business Travel Itinerary Template Free Download

Travel Itinerary Template Free Word

Benefits of Maintaining a Travel Itinerary

A travel itinerary is an essential tool while traveling and sometimes it is the make or break of your trip. The importance of a travel itinerary can just not be emphasized enough. Below are some benefits of an itinerary listed out. Before starting out, be sure to check out some samples for sample excel itinerary templates.

  • It helps you manage all your trip essentials without forgetting.
  • It helps you save a lot of your time as you have a detailed plan beforehand.
  • It helps you manage your costs and expenditures appropriately.
  • You can prioritize the destinations, especially when you are traveling to a foreign country with an end number of attractions, you cannot visit all and hence you can prioritize the best of places to visit beforehand.
  • It ensures you enjoy a happy and hassle-free vacation without taking the trouble of looking to places and deciding which one to visit and which one to not while you are traveling.

Traveling is not as exciting and glamorous as it sounds because there are hurdles and unexpected occurrences that one has to deal with. In order to enjoy a peaceful and stress-free journey, it is recommended that you maintain an Itinerary and plan out every single detail of your journey. This will help you stay ahead in achieving the goal with which you started your journey, instead of wandering in foreign places. You can check for the business itinerary template for getting an idea of creating Itineraries.

Travel Itinerary Template in PDF

Sample Trip Itinerary Template Word

This is a one-page template in MS Excel in a grid format with basic details like Date, Basic Itinerary, Date, total and a break up of cost. These can be used for family trips, Sports team tours, school excursions, etc., business trips, etc.

Cross Country Road Trip Itinerary Template Free Download

Traveling with a lot of people comes with added difficulties. However, if you want everything to be done on its time during a trip, you must focus on getting a great cross country road trip itinerary developed.

Sample Business Travel Itinerary Template Free Download

This is a more detailed Travel Itinerary template which breaks your journey into the flight, road transport, hotel and meeting, and events. It serves as a complete round-up for all your entire travel. Also, it comes in an attractive format and is easily manageable.

Purpose of Itinerary

The main purpose of creating an itinerary is to stay focused and save yourself from chaos while on the go. You do spend a lot of money for travel, so you have to ensure that your trip is well planned and that you do not end up wasting your time and energy in doing something that you did not come for. Sometimes traveling may lead to unpredictable occurrences which you may not have been prepared for. However, maintaining an itinerary solves this problem and helps you manage your expenditures well. You may want to also check out some printable travel itinerary templates for getting ahead initially.

Printable Travel Trip Itinerary Template Download

This Printable Travel Trip Itinerary Template gives you a complete month view wherein at a glance you can get an idea of the trips scheduled for the month. This comes in extremely handy for the frequent flyer/traveler. You may also check out here the event itinerary template.

Sample Travel Plan Template


This is a template that is typically used for planning a travel-related event and the action plan associated with it. The event has a start date, an implementation date, an estimated travel budget and the person accountable for it.

What Is a Business Trip Itinerary?

A business trip Itinerary is the complete schedule of the travel which is meant to help you keep track of all the business travel details. An itinerary for business travel is required because it helps in putting the entire plan into a scheduled list. It contains every single detail which is part of the business trip. It may include the assignments and work schedules which may have been delegated to be performed in the proposed business tour. You can check out several other business travel itinerary templates in order to get an idea of creating a fun tour itinerary.

4 Day Sample Travel Itinerary Template


This is a sample travel itinerary template showing a 4-day tour plan which is in the format of a PDF. You can modify it as per your requirement. This template has a free download option.

Sample Trip Itinerary For Charlene Stanford


This sample trip itinerary is available in MS word format and you can edit it easily. The schedules for each with time is mentioned in the template and is available for free download.

Example of Tour Travel Itinerary Sample


Sample Travel Itinerary Form


How to Plan a Travel Itinerary

Though creating a travel itinerary appears to be a tedious job but actually, it is a very easy and quite simple task. While preparing an itinerary one should think of how to organize the entire traveling, staying and visiting places. There is rich information on the web with regards to the places that one is planning to visit and to know about them well in advance. This helps one to schedule and plan staying period ahead in any visiting place. You can see also travel business plan template.

Through online one can book not only airline tickets but also hotel rooms at the visiting places as well. One should select a travel itinerary template so that it can meet all the essentials needed. Many travel itinerary example files are available on the web. On the web, many types of itinerary format are available like travel itinerary word format and travel itinerary template excel format.

Standard Travel Itinerary Format PDF


Simple Travel Itinerary Design


Basic Middle School Travel Itinerary


Types of Itinerary

There are quite a number of types of the itinerary, however, one can broadly classify them into three types and they are basic or skeletal, technical and descriptive. The skeletal itinerary gives a gist about visiting places and brief schedule for activities. The technical itinerary features many things like start and ends time and date for each visiting place, the travel time and accommodation details. The descriptive itinerary describes each activity for a particular destination in an elaborate manner. Some more itinerary varieties are separate plans for vacations and pilgrimage purposes. For yearend vacation, one likes to enjoy the holiday itinerary templates and get completely relaxed.

Detailed Program Travel Itinerary


Printable Travel Plan Itinerary


Final Travel Itinerary Templates


Tips With Regards to Travel Itinerary

Get as much as possible information about the destination that one plans to visit. One can get real experiences from any known visitor to these destinations. Of course, one can a great amount of data from the internet too. These inputs will help one to plan a travel itinerary in a perfect manner. If one is traveling with a group of people one should thoroughly check the travel itinerary and its credentials. Many fun travel agents are offering packaged trips to various destinations. If one wishes to use these services he or she should go through the itinerary and confirm. During summer one can plan a travel itinerary with the family to specific destinations so that they can enjoy and get cool off from the scorching heat at least for a few days.

Travel Itinerary Layout Templates


Sample of an Event Travel Itinerary


Travel Agency Itinerary


Bus Travel Itinerary Example


Technical Tour Itinerary Example


How to Make a Road Trip Itinerary?

A road trip can either be a precisely planned and scheduled one for some and on the other hand, some may prefer to spontaneously go around places and check out tourist destinations on the way. Whatever you choose to do on your road trip, an itinerary is sure to help you out and save you a lot of time. You can plan way ahead of the places you plan to visit while on the way, you can get the list of restaurants, hotels and motels you find in your way and decide where to eat, what to get, etc. No matter what kind of trip you make, a little planning is essential which is what makes it worthwhile. Also, you can check on some itinerary templates examples and try creating a fake tour itinerary which will be helpful for creating an actual one in the future.

Tourist Itinerary Example


Downloadable Travel Proposal Itinerary


Honeymoon Itinerary Worksheet


There are many travel itinerary Layout examples available on the Web if you want to check and take ideas and design one on your own. Whether you’re a economic traveler or someone who doesn’t mind splurging big on his travels, you will find your travel itinerary match!

Online Creation of Travel Itinerary the Creative Way

One can make use of an online itinerary maker which is available on the internet to create and view the itinerary at any time and at any place. They can be viewed using smartphones or tabs as well. There is no need to depend on the laptop to check any info of itinerary during the trip. These online tools are easy to use and it drives one to add each item like flight details, hotel reservations, place of importance at destinations and many more one by one. You can see also travel invoice templates. Some travel websites are offering the best itinerary plans for a particular destination after submitting the basic information like visiting country, how many days one is likely to stay etc. After preparing itinerary these online tools have the printable option as well.

By planning a trip with our travel itinerary templates helps one avoid the stress of landing in an unknown place. By booking in advance for traveling according to the itinerary one can avoid transportation issues, thereby the journey becomes smooth with the least hurdles. With itinerary, one can see all the places of the destination and not get disappointed by missing any important visiting place. Also, one can plan and manage the budget to a great extent and avoid spending any extra money.

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