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Wedding is not just a function rather; it is a bonding of two families and a number of people together in a single string of relationship. On one side where, wedding brings responsibilities in our lives, it brings togetherness and celebration too.Wedding in our country is one of the biggest celebrations or say festivals where only two families are hosting and rest are enjoying. You can also see wedding  itinery templates.

Ask the hosting families, they will tell you the bitter truth of organizing a wedding function. Are you going to be a host soon? Firstly, congratulations! And now, we have a plan to plan your wedding function with our destination Wedding Templates.

202+ Wedding Templates in Word, Google Docs, Apple Pages, PSD, InDesign, Publisher, Illustrator, Google Sheets - START DOWNLOADING

Pink Wedding Invitation Card Photoshop Template

pink wedding invitation card photoshop template Download

Wedding Ceremony Menu InDesign Template

wedding ceremony menu indesign template Download

Wedding Schedule Excel Template

wedding schedule excel template Download

Chalkboard Wedding Invitation PSD Template

chalkboard wedding invitation psd template Download

Printable Wedding Itinerary Template For Download

printable wedding itinerary template for download

Not sure how to design a wedding itinerary? Well, take some cue from this printable wedding Party Itinerary Templates. Designed by professionals this gives you a detailed idea of the format to follow.

Wedding Itinerary Template For Easy Download

wedding itinerary template for easy download

In case you need some help to design a wedding itinerary, go ahead and use this Sample Wedding Timeline Template. Easy to download and customize, using this template ensures that you do not miss out on any crucial sections.

Wedding Celebrartions Itinerary For Download

wedding celebrartions itinerary for download

Creating a perfect wedding itinerary was never as easy as it is with this wedding celebration itinerary template. It comprises of all the essential segments and follows a predefined format, thus simplifying the task.

Weekend Wedding Itinerary Template For Download

weekend wedding itinerary template for download

A weekend wedding calls for elaborate celebrations with lots of fun. Design a detailed itinerary to keep your guests informed about what to look forward to. Using the Sample Wedding Weekend Itinerary Templates make the whole task easier for you.

Ready To Print Wedding Itinerary Template For Download

ready to print wedding itinerary template for download

Need some help to design a smashing wedding itinerary for your big day? Check out this print ready wedding itinerary template which gives you a close look at the layout and the format that should be followed when designing the document.

Easy To DownloadWedding Itinerary Template

easy to downloadwedding itinerary template


Print Ready Wedding Itinerary Template For Download

print ready wedding itinerary template for download

If you responsible for designing the wedding itinerary for the bridal party, take some cue from this template that is ready to be downloaded and print. You can make necessary changes to the existing design and layout, as per your requirements.

Colorful Wedding Itinarary Template For Download

colorful wedding itinarary template for download


Simple & Clear Wedding Itinerary Template For Download

simple clear wedding itinerary template for download

In case you are thinking of creating a simple yet easily decipherable itinerary, get some ideas from this aforesaid template. It comprises of all the essential sections that should be included in a wedding itinerary without making it look too complicated.

Elegant Wedding Itinerary Template For Download

elegant wedding itinerary template for download

A wedding itinerary with a simple and elegant design is sure to please all the guests. Designing such an itinerary is really not that difficult. All you need to do is download this template and then customize it with the required details.

Wedding Itinerary Template For Free Download

wedding itinerary template for free download

Laced Wedding Itinerary Template For Free Download

laced wedding itinerary template for free download


Corporate Wedding Itinerary Template For Download

corporate wedding itinerary template for download


Wedding Itinerary Card For Free Download

wedding itinerary card for free download


Thematic Wedding Itinerary Template For Download

thematic wedding itinerary template for download


Wedding Itinerary Template For Download

wedding itinerary template for free download1


Example Wedding Itinerary Template Download

example wedding itinerary template download

Your wedding will run more seamlessly if you have set a schedule for all the important events of the day. This customisable and downloadable Wedding itinerary will help you do just that. It gives you the option of writing down all the events in a page; is elegant and simple at the same time.

Sample Wedding Reception Iitinerary Template Pdf Free Download

sample wedding iitinerary template pdf free download

dynamicweddings.ca This is a Sample PDF Wedding Reception Itinerary ideas template. When you have to jot down the events of a single day in detail, this is the perfect template for you.

Sample Wedding Iitinerary Template Download

sample wedding iitinerary template download

Inform your hotel and out of town guests guests about the wedding ceremonies by using this particular wedding timeline template. This Wedding Weekend Itinerary is another good-looking option which you could put to work. This is an easy-to-download template and you can easily edit and insert text elements.

Wedding Itinerary Form Template

wedding itinerary form template

scooterthedj.com This is an Itinerary Form Template for wedding service providers to get a full detail of the wedding which will help them make all the arrangements much ahead of the event.

Wedding Event Dj Itinerary Worksheet Free Download

wedding event dj itinerary worksheet

www.dexform.com | This is a Wedding Itinerary for the sound and music service providers for events. This template enables them to write down the timings, contact information and other important details.

Wedding Day Itinerary Printable

wedding day itinerary printable

This custom wedding itinerary with fun silhouettes is sure to charm and delight your guests. Not only that, it will help keep your wedding party on track for the whole weekend.

Beach Wedding Itinerary Template

beach wedding itinerary template

This Beach Wedding Itinerary Template is, as the name suggests ideal for beach weddings. It’s a sleek and vibrant template without much a-do and yet solves the purpose of letting your guests know of the wedding events.

Starfish Wedding Itinerary Template

starfish wedding itinerary template


Anchor Love Wedding Itinerary Template

anchor love wedding itinerary templat

The Anchor Love Wedding Itinerary Template is a contemporary wedding template in a classy format which can be editable and easily downloadable. It comes in a dual colour font of black and red.

Wedding Worksheet Itinerary Template

wedding worksheet itinerary template


Sample Wedding Agenda Template

wedding agenda template1motmplus.com

Wedding Itinerary for Guests

wedding itinerary for guestslangtons.co.nz

Wedding Weekend Schedule Template

wedding weekend schedule templatenaturebridge.org

Free Printable Diy Wedding Weekend Itinerary

free printable diy wedding weekend itinerary

Anniversary Itinerary Template Example

anniversary itinerary templatevisitdodgecity.org

Wedding Itinerary Template in Word

wedding itinerary template word1eventective.com

Sample Wedding Itinerary Clipart

sample wedding itinerary clipart

Wedding Ceremony Detail and Itinerary Sheet

wedding ceremony detail and itinerary sheetclass-acts.com

Party Itinerary Template PDF

party itinerary template pdf1musclesprouts.com.au

Example of Photo Video Wedding Day Itinerary

example of photo video wedding day itineraryversatileeventsnj.com

Wedding Itinerary Design

wedding itinerary design1

Destination Wedding Welcome Itinerary

destination wedding welcome itinerary

Wedding Invitation Itinerary Design Template

wedding invitation itinerary design template

Wedding Itinerary Worksheet & Bridal Party

wedding itinerary worksheet bridal partymagicalsoundentertainment.com

What to Include in a Wedding Itinerary?

A wedding itinerary is one that informs the guests of all the ceremonies along with the time and venue. Most guests would follow this diligently which is why it is extremely important that you include all the essential information in this itinerary. Using Sample Excel Itinerary Templates simplifies the process of designing the itinerary. The things that should be included in a wedding itinerary are

  • The important dates
  • Date, time and venue of the rehearsal and dinner
  • Date, time and venue when pictures will be clicked
  • Date, time and venue of the wedding ceremony
  • Time and venue of the after wedding party
  • Time of farewell

How to Make a Wedding Itinerary for Guests?

A wedding itinerary is of prime importance at any wedding as it gives the guests a clear idea of the events, their date, time and venue. Most people prefer to use Itinerary Templates Download in order to quickly design a wedding itinerary. However, if you are thinking of designing it yourself, here is how to go about it.

  • Open a Word Document and start by giving the itinerary a title.
  • This should be followed by the dates across which the wedding celebration is spread out.
  • Next break down the celebrations into different sections like rehearsal, dinner, pictures, wedding, party and farewell.
  • Against each section, mention the date, time and venue of the event.


It is a never ending discussion as to whether the wedding itineraries are necessary or not. While a lot of people render these useless and make do just with Wedding Invitations, there are others who vouch by these. So, what exactly is the purpose of a wedding itinerary? Let us take a look.

  • It gives the guest a clear idea of what all is in store for them.
  • The guests get elaborate information about the various ceremonies, their dates, time and venue, thus making it easier for them to plan their day around it.
  • The wedding itinerary ensures that no one can make an excuse of not knowing about an event.
  • It ensures that all the guests make it to the ceremonies well within the appointed hour.

Benefits of Wedding Itinerary Template Plate

The sample wedding itinerary timeline Excel template  has got its uncountable benefits, below are some core benefits of the same for you:

  • It saves you time and money.
  • It makes your wedding function more managed.
  • It keeps you free to enjoy the function and bless the couple.
  • It let people praise your management skills.
  • We have collected wide range of Wedding Itinerary Templates, hope these templates will help you.

In case you are not sure of how to design a wedding itinerary or do not have enough time to hire a professional, the best thing to do is to use the Sample Wedding Itinerary Templates that are readily available online. Easy to download and customize, these ensure that you have a perfect wedding itinerary ready within a matter of a few minutes. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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