How to Make a Table Tent [10+ Templates]


Using table tents is one of the most effective means of promotion. They may come small in size but they are usable in diverse ways that would support their main purpose, which is to promote your product or service. Listed below are tips on how to go about in creating one.

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5 Steps on Making a Table Tent

Step 1: Use the best material making table tents

Table tents need paper material that is sturdy but flexible in the making. The best to use is card stocks of different sizes or textures. These materials are sure to stand upright no matter how the table is designed.

Step 2: Decide how many pieces to use for one promotion

Depending on the amount of written and graphic contents one desires to use for promotion, multiple number of table tents can be used for one promotional time. These are applicable to those who wanted to be specific about the products, campaigns or the mechanics of an ongoing promo. All is good as long as the numbers used are necessarily needed.

Step 3: Choose your table tent’s look based on the volume of contents

There are three main looks for table tents: The pyramidal, the back-to-back and the three-sided upright. The simplest one and most commonly used is the back-to-back because it can be suitable for any mass of contents. The rest are for less and more loads respectively.

Step 4: Use appropriate material size and cut or fold accordingly

Still dependent on the sum of the contents to be placed and the actual features of the table tent, the material’s longitudinal stance can be higher or lower. Make sure first that everything needed to be placed in the allocated sides are covered with contents evenly before deciding the cuts and folds to be done.

Step 5: Aim for visual loudness

Since banners serve as the tiny versions of billboards, they are expected to appeal or grab attention in any way they can. The colors, graphics, and texts must be vivid but harmonious with each other. Lastly, the written contents must be as wide as they can get.

10+ Table Tent Templates

1. Event Planner Table Tent Template

event planner table tent template 440x570 1Download

This modest table tent stays true to being the straight-forward type in providing just the essential amount of particulars in a minimal amount of graphics but with vibrant colors. This can be utilized for various types of events or campaigns. It is also possible to use for promotions of the basic kind.

2. Restaurant Food Table Tent Menu Example

food menu table tentDownload

Table tents found at food establishments are often used partly as a food menu. They make things easier for people to order because the courses are easily seen and specials are noticeable from being featured upfront the tables or counters. This table tent is flexible in usage for any types of courses.

3. Bakery Menu Table Tent Template


This is a suitable table tent for all bakery and pastry shops. It gives space for any product to be put on special features while the rest are neatly listed alongside other offers. The sensible mix and arrangement of the contents make the courses look delightful to prospective customers.

4. Cafe Menu Table Tent Design

cafe menuDownload

Your not so ordinary kind of cafe menu table tent. Not only does it show the prices of courses and their descriptions but also entice people through the usage of great images of these meals. This is great for any kind of food establishment to use.

5. Black Cafe Menu Table Tent

cafe menu 3 table tentDownload

A standard type of cafe menu table tent. Those given emphasis through picture features are only the bestsellers. This is good for use in both diners and cafes that serve only a few courses but with very good sets of meals that people would patronize.

6. Pizza Menu Table Tent Template

pizza menu table tent templateDownload

As the title implies, it is a table tent usable by pizzerias. It contains all the essential details within the tiny menu and it features as many types of pizzas the whole thing could possibly fit. It also has a space for a special or for introducing a new product.

7. Mobile Apps Table Tent Template

3 Download

A table tent usable for advertising mobile apps. It can contain instructions, facts and other necessary information to prospective clients. Its main use is for advertising and marketing on apps.

8. Retro Coffee Shop Menu Table Tent

smart shop 000760 2Download

The menu table tent that goes straight to the point. can cover all the essentials from headings, a name of products served, description or ingredients and prices all in the simplest manner and in design. This is any day go-to piece off of it’s kind.

9. Doctor and Medicine Table Tent

4 Download

This sort of table tent is used to inform clients of products and services available within a clinic or hospital. There are also bits of facts and frequently asked questions answered within its contents to help out patients in understanding the system and processes in the facility that uses this manner of advertising.

10. Photography & Fashion Table Tent

4 1Download

A decently artistic type of table tent that showcases a photoshop or photographer’s work history and the works or services they are offering. Everything is filed neatly with most images at the left side and the written contents to the right to ensure ease of seeing notable facts and more important details.

11. Spa Center Table Tent Template-V03

preview2 Download

The table tent’ s main purpose is to promote wellness through the spa and inform prospective customers of the freebies provided if certain services offered are availed. All explanations on how these services work are included along with the prices specific to the corresponding services.

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