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3+ Accomplishment Report Templates – PDF, Word

Whenever a goal is met, that means that something has been done in order to accomplish it. So let’s say that you’ve completed your own personal smart goal after taking such a long time. Wouldn’t you want to record the details of how you went about in achieving it? You may also see report templates.

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Accomplishment Report Sample

Accomplishment Report Example

Accomplishment Report PDF

You’re going to have to learn how to write down the details of your accomplishments, especially if you’re working in a company. The reason for this is because your employers are going to want all of the information they need to learn about how these goals were accomplished. This would mean you’re going to have to come up with accomplishment reports and this article will teach you how to do just that. You may also see daily report templates.

How to Write an Accomplishment Report

When the time comes as to when you have to create monthly, weekly, or yearly reports based on the accomplishments you’re going to have to include all of the necessary details.  Understanding how to write such a report well can make a big difference in whether you are perceived as a success or someone that isn’t exactly meeting the standards of the company.

So here are the steps that will help you make a proper accomplishment report:

1. Open With a Summary Paragraph

At the very top of your accomplishment report, you’re going to have to provide a summary of the report’s entire overview. This will basically give the reader a short rundown of the things that you’ve managed to accomplish.

  • If you’re writing an accomplishment report for a non-profit organization, then you can summarize successes such as being able to hold successfully organized events or creating partnerships with sponsors that have greatly benefited your organization. You may also see report sample templates.
  • You don’t have to put too much information in the summary. The point of the summary is to tell the reader about your accomplishments in the fastest way possible, so adding too many specifics will defeat that purpose. Two pages is a good rule of thumb unless your employer required you to have a specific number of pages for the report. So it’s best that you check with your employer to see if there’s a recommended format. You may also see sample reports.

2. Provide Details That Will Backup the Points in Your Summary

Since you’ve already provided your points, the next step is to back them up. This would mean you’re going to have to point out specifics further down in the report. You may also see report templates.

  • Use outline form. Organize different areas into their own sections and make use of sub-sections beneath each header.
  • Under the header, you can make use of bullets or letters while you’re listing down a brief summary paragraph of each event held, the purpose of the event, and how it was able to achieve the goal that you and your team have been able to accomplish. Remember that you’re going to have to be very specific when writing these down, so don’t leave out any important details. You may also see free weekly report templates.

3. Make Use of Professional Formatting

You don’t want your report to look like a jumbled mess or something that you just decided to cook up last minute. You want the document to look organized, in a professional font, and on paper that will make it look even better.

  • Create the title of the report and put it at the center of the page. Use bold subheads to organize all of the information that can be found within the report. You may also see sample expense reports.
  • At the very top of the report, you’re going to have to provide the basics. Present the dates that are covered by the accomplishment report, and then provide the name and job title of the person who was able to prepare it. You may also see sample excel report templates.

4. Keep Track of Time Period Where You Have to Write Down all Accomplishments

It’s best that you have a journal in which you can write down all of the details regarding how certain goals have been accomplished. Also, having the journal will make it much easier for you end as you gather accomplishments as soon as they happen.

  • Keep a journal or folder in which you track accomplishments throughout the time period of when you have to list down all of the goals that you and your team have managed to achieve. This is going to make things so much easier for you in the event that you’re required to write down the accomplishment report. You may also see event report templates.
  • If you don’t keep proper track of your accomplishments, then you’ll end up forgetting very important details regarding how these accomplishments were done. Or even worse? You might even forget that you’ve managed to accomplished certain goals! That’s not something you want to happen. You may also see monthly report in PDF.

5. Remind People of Your Performance Goals and Expectations

You have to remind the readers of the report as to what specific employee performance goals were at the beginning of the time period wherein you have to list down all of your accomplishments. You also have to write down what the objectives were and the expectations of the job. If you have no idea as to what these are, then you can always get this information straight from your employer.

  • Once you’re able to gather all of the necessary information, you’re going to have to explain how those goals were achieved by providing actual numbers and substantial information. The point is to compare what your activities or results were against other projects. You may also see monthly report samples.

6. Provide Visuals

Include a few charts or graphs if you think they will help the reader visualize all of the data you want to present in the report.

  • You have to remember that there are some who might only scan through the report since they’re very busy. So providing these people with visual aids is one of the best ways of giving them all of the information they need even if they decide to rush through the report. You may also see exception report templates.
  • Don’t put in too many graphs or charts that could possibly overwhelm the reader. Just make use of the right amount of visuals that will get your point across and that’s it. You may also see grant report templates.

7. Focus on the Challenge, Actions, and Results

This is one of the best techniques that will help you document and organize your accomplishments and it’s recommended that you do this.

  • Figure out the challenges of your job. Once you’ve figured these out, outline the actions that you’ve taken to address these challenges and document the result of each action. You may also see compliance report templates.
  • The main point here is that you have to very specific so be sure that you provide all of the necessary details that one needs to know how you were able to accomplish whatever work-related goals you’ve had for that specific time period. You may also see call report templates.

8. Present Your Methodology

If your program involved you in any necessary data collection, then it would be a good idea for you to briefly explain your methodology that you used.

  • Let the readers know the rationale for the chosen survey methodology. Explain the benefits as well as the results of the survey. Why did you decide to go with this method and is it credible for gathering data? You’re going to need to provide the answers to that within the report. You may also see sample financial report templates.

9. Focus on Your Accomplishments

This is the main reason for your entire report. While you’re picking out all of the work-related accomplishments that you want to present in the report, you have to think about the ones that are relevant to the job and those that you are particularly proud of.  While it’s important to tell your reader about your accomplishments, don’t throw in too many details that could possibly overwhelm or wastes the reader’s time. You may also see status report templates.

  • Focus on things such as how difficult it was for you to achieve these goals or the impact once you were able to achieve them.

10. Explain Your Value

Don’t just point out the results of what you’ve worked hard for, you also want to point out just how valuable these accomplishments are to your organization.

  • You have to think about how your accomplishments were able to affect your company before you decide to write them down. Think about it very carefully as you don’t want to embarrass yourself by listing down accomplishments that do little to nothing for the company you’re working for. So if it has no concrete value, you should definitely consider highlighting any of your other accomplishments. You may also see project report templates.

11. Proofread the Report Before Submission

Remember to treat this as a formal business document as the information in here is what you’re going to present to your employers. It won’t exactly make you look good if you create something that looks as if it were just tossed together as unprofessionally as one could possibly make it.

  • You’re going to have to proofread the report for any grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Once you’re done creating the report, it’s best that you put it down for the night and go through it the next morning. By then you’ll have the energy to review the whole document, possibly even twice if you think you need to. You may also see sample action report templates.
  • Remember that you should also spot for errors in terms of information. You might end up writing down an accomplishment that you didn’t achieve and fail to mention those who helped you or you there’s a possibility that you’re addressing the report to someone who isn’t meant to receive it. The moment that you’re able to spot any one of these errors, you’re going to have to fix them immediately to prevent any problems from taking place. You may also see summary report templates.

If you would like to know more regarding what you should do to create an accomplishment report or anything related to this topic, then all you have to do is go through our site, find the articles that contain the information you need, and make use of whatever you’ve been able to gather to help you out.You may also see sample inspection report templates.

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