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What is an Activity Report?

An activity report is a professional report of certain activities that are being performed over a period of time by a salesperson to the industry’s management. It is useful for gathering information about open activities, completed activities, gathering events, or pending approval requests. An activity report gives salient details about the performance of the workforce. It is a form of workplace communication that describes a project’s progress in the industry. Like business letters and emails, activity reports can be used to report progress on a project, to inform that important information inside and outside the company, to formally report incidents, and to report findings of the tests or inspections of the industry.

The purpose of an activity report is not to persuade a reader or to argue a particular situation. Activity reports aim to keep employees and managers to be informed about past, present, and future completion tasks. These types of reports are either requested by a manager or the fellow employee to inform any progress or obstacles encountered while working on a certain project. Activity reports can be used in business industries, police department, and more.

How to Make an Activity Report

activity report template

In order to write an activity report, you need to think thoroughly and carefully consider what to encode inside an activity report. An activity report must be established well because this will serve as a basis to take note of the status of the activities. Here are some tips which might be useful in making a simple report.

1. Plan the Report Thoroughly

First, you have to plan your activity report thoroughly and identify your main purpose in writing it. You must also understand what you are reporting about while considering your main audience which is the industry's management. Your sample report must be supported by identifying the different risks, issues, and possible solutions of a certain project.

2. Compile the Data

Compile the following data that you need in an activity report. Your company report must have supporting pieces of evidence like pictures. It is for you to prove that every activity has been done thoroughly and the progress has been detailed. Any activity report should include keywords that will identify the project’s progress such as "We are just beginning the project," or “We are putting the final touches on our work”.

3. Give a Proper Report Structure

Give your activity report a proper structure that will help you reveal all the highlights of your report. A proper activity report structure will keep your report organized and will not complicate the one who will be reading it. Your business report must contain the following structure like introduction, summary, and results of activities from the past to the present, planned future activities, and lastly, the conclusion. Some industries would also ask for other data like expenses, materials, and so on. Make sure to be concise and do not make everything in a long paragraph. Break down all of your explanations into bulleted fragments.

4. Present the Necessary Information

A study states that activity reports should also identify any challenges encountered from the industry, with particular reference to possible actions that can avoid these obstacles in the future. Elaborate on these difficulties to conclude the project’s condition whether it is maintained or amended. You can also add graphs in your management report if it is necessary.

5. Proofread your Report

Proofread your report before submitting it. An activity report is a formal report. The content should be presented correctly including the spellings, punctuations, and grammars. This will be a formal way of communicating with the other department of the industry. Make sure that the report is easy to understand and correct.

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