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What Is A Call Report

When sales representatives and professionals want to write down all the details of the phone call they made, they need a call report to do so. For that reason, a call report is essential for a successful business. This type of report?—once done— is handed to supervisors so that the employees will receive feedback about their job performance.

How To Create A Call Report

Producing a call report document from nothing can be difficult, especially when you have no experience writing one or have not encountered this report. That is why we are presenting to you this article. This short how-to will be your guide to creating a sample call report.

1. Start With The Basics

First off, when you are writing a call report— or basically any report like daily reports— you have to begin with the basics. Write down the report number, email, company name, call duration, website, date, time, and address. There are so much information you can write on your sales call report. You just have to choose from that information and ponder whether they are relevant to the call report you are making.

2. Take Note Of The Person You're Speaking With

Do not forget to take note of the name of the person you were speaking with on your sample report. Your caller can be a customer, potential customer, or a returning customer. Therefore, you have to specify which among the three is the person you're talking with. Try to include further information about this person. Additional information should be the person's name, job title, company, contact information, and characteristics.

3. Determine The Purpose Of The Call

Never forget to write down the purpose of the call. Was the call in person? Or was the call made through the phone? Keep it simple and straightforward. Determining the purpose of the call is essential for the written document because it will be useful when the time comes for you and your supervisor to analyze whether your call was successful or not.

4. Include Relevant Information

Avoid making your call report into an incoherent document by including more information that you think is important and appropriate to the external sales call log. Avoid censoring conversations and writing bits of the sales call. If you believe that a particular part of your discussion had an impact, then you should write them down as relevant information.

5. Browse For A Template

The final step to creating a call report is to use a template for this report. Why bother starting from scratch when in front of you is a collection of call report templates you can use and customize. You can find on our selection of templates: a telemarketer call report template, parent call report template, ambulance call report template, and call center report template. Browse our website for the template you're looking for. And once you find the perfect one, just click download and you can now start personalizing the report template to befit its purpose.

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