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15+ One-Page Resume Templates

Are you currently looking for a job? If you are a fresh graduate and you are currently looking for a new job, you have to keep reading. After all, it is now about time to face new and bigger realities.

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Don’t get too overwhelmed just yet and settle a pace on how you should write your resume. Whether this will be your first time or you are looking for ways to improve your resume, take heed on proper guidelines as to how you write a presentable and attractive resume. See these Resume Templates and earn that job interview!

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Objective of a Resume

A well-written resume is vital to your job-seeking process. It is most important among those who seek entry-level jobs. You will need to impress employers with firsthand information, which is on your resume. Your resume aims to represent you in all your achievements despite limited access to experience beyond school advocacies and requirements.

You may not have a long list of credentials and you may not have work experience just yet but a good impression is built on concise and humble achievements written down in your resume. You just have to maximize your skills and strengths so as to indirectly assure your employer that you deserve the job.

Elements of a Resume

You should not worry about the little information you will be writing down in your resume. However, you might as well make sure that these important elements are on point to increase your chances of getting hired:

  • Correct font style and size. Your resume should be readable enough. How do you think would your prospective employer read your information with fonts styles that are complicated and font size too small to read?
  • Contact information. Every Basic Resume Format will provide space for all of your contact information. This is important while compiling your resume. By the time your employer approves of your credentials and invites you to their office for an interview, they will certainly need your contact information. Make sure to input your mobile number and email address at the very least.
  • Education. This section on your resume will help your employer assess if your educational background is the best fit for the position. This will also qualify you for other possible vacant positions available in the company.
  • Experience. This will best describe which field you should be appropriate in. This will impress prospective employees to base if you are qualified for their vacant position through your experience in a certain field.

Write your Job Resume as brief as possible. Establish a quick impression through filling up your resume with concise yet impressive content. One-page resumes are highly encouraged these days so as not to bore anyone who could be evaluating it.

One Page Engineering Resume Samples

Mechanical Engineering One Page Resume

One Page Engineering Resume Sample

One Page High School Resume

One Page High School Resume Cover Letter

One Page Internship Resume

One Page Internship Resume Cover Letter

One Page MBA Resume Samples

MBA One Page Resume Format


MBA Freshers One Page Resume Format


How to Write a Resume

Nowadays, an Entry-Level Resume is encouraged to just be written in a single page. Employers who might be interested with your resume will certainly find time to go over your achievements, but when they find out it’s done in several pages, there might be a possibility that your resume would not be evaluated fully. Stick with writing down what’s vital for your resume. Once your resume earns you an interview, you will have more time showcasing your skills and experience.

It could also be possible for you to write an overview of your achievements in a Cover Letter that could basically imply what you are capable of. This will make it more inviting for our employers to go over the next pages of your application.

Here’s how to write a one-page-length resume:

  • Resume preference. There are various types of resume that you can use. You may want to go for a more straightforward resume and track down your credentials in bullets or perhaps in chronological order of experiences. Choose the type of resume that best highlights your strengths and skills.
  • Read resume reviews. Look into reviews and see which type of resume could be fit for the position you are applying for. If you would need a type of resume that will need you to expound more of your educational background, for example, you definitely use a type of resume that focuses on these specifications.
  • More of keywords. Use keywords that may be just exactly what the company looks for in every resume. These keywords will increase your chances of getting hired since most companies filter applications online. Make use of keywords that specialize on what the company targets from its applicants.
  • Edit your resume. Make sure you go through grammars and spellings in your resume. Also, check on consistency with your dates on your internship experiences or other voluntary work. You could also include editing your cover letter and see to it that it coincides with the information written on your resume.
  • Read resume advice. You have to assess your own resume. Before you send out your resume to prospective employers, always look for people to evaluate what you have written. It is best to have it checked with someone who would look at in an employer’s perspective. That way, you get to have an idea of possible comments and questions from employers.

Evaluate Your Resume: Would You Hire You?

It is a competition of winning entry-level jobs in the real world. There will possibly a lot of applicants for one specific position. It is only right to prepare a resume that stands out from the rest and get you near the possibility of getting the job.

When you write your resume in its entirety, make sure you use a unique strategy for your resume to make it to the narrow list of applicants. Be very diligent with your resume and make an impression even with entry-level experience. Start evaluating your resume now and check if you have followed the guidelines.

One Page Marketing Resume Samples

Marketing Strategy One Page Resume

Marketing Financial Plan Resume

One Page Teacher Resume

Sample One Page Teacher Resume

One Page Teacher Resume Example

What to Consider in Entry-Level Jobs

An entry-level job is usually one that requires a one-page resume. When one does not have too much information and credentials to include, all the pertinent information should squeeze in one page’s length.

Before pursuing an entry-level job, you must consider a lot of things be it in its nature, pay, and employment status. You have to remember that this is your first experience in the workforce, and just like every person situated in higher positions, they too have experienced entry-level jobs.

This type of job is generally common among fresh graduates and those who want a shift in their career paths. This is a type of job you would want to pursue to prove your capabilities to your employer. Consider these before applying for your first job or shifting careers:

  • Learning stage. Consider this job to hone your skills and capabilities that you know you have in you back in your undergraduate years. This will prepare you for greater opportunities in the workforce. You will have to be very patient at this stage as you are still in the process of transition.
  • Lower wage. You cannot be earning satisfactorily straight out after you just graduated. Entry-level jobs do not pay you as much as you are expecting, but you get to earn the experience you will need in your future endeavors. There is nothing wrong with starting small.
  • Work ethics. You will develop good work ethics as you pursue your first and entry-level job. You will learn about the environment in perhaps corporate workplaces along with your workplace culture. You will certainly have to prove your capabilities.

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