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Do you want to be a secretary, auditor, agent, and office helper all in one setting? If yes, then you are just the perfect fit for a receptionist position. You pick up calls, set appointments, and follow up meetings. All these things could be tough for anyone but if you want to become one, the first step in realizing that dream is to write a curriculum vitae (CV).

Reading through this article means you’re already halfway there. Start off your receptionist career by learning the basics of curriculum vitae writing. Afterwards, start learning how to write Curriculum Vitae Cover Letter to prepare yourself.

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Hotel Curriculum Vitae

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Types of Receptionist CV

You can actually be a receptionist for different specific purposes. That means you prepare a certain receptionist CV based on a particular field that you want to be a receptionist of. Tasks may be more or less the same however, there are certain specifics to be able to come up with a a particular receptionist position.

Below are a few types of a receptionist CV:

  • Medical receptionist CV
  • Corporate Receptionist CV
  • Dental Receptionist CV
  • Bank Receptionist CV
  • School Receptionist CV

Any curriculum vitae template could be ideal for the different fields mentioned above. Unlike a simple resume, a curriculum vitae needs a lot of information to create. It may also serve as a long term representation of your receptionist skills and experience.

Receptionist Skills to Include in a CV

Any applicant could showcase his or here personal skills when applying for a job. For a receptionist job, there are certain skills that one must have in order to be deemed fit for the position he or she is applying for.

Here are skills that prospective employers look for in an ideal receptionist:

  • Communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Secretarial skills
  • Technology skills
  • Time management skills

The skills provided for and enumerated above are most likely what employers look into a curriculum vitae. Should you wish to download a business curriculum vitae template from our page, you would not have a difficult time drafting an effective CV.

Corporate Receptionist Curriculum Vitae

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Primary School Receptionist

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Part-time Receptionist

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Curriculum Vitae Example Templates

Because there are many types of receptionists, we also have many types of CV templates, as well as various cover letter examples, on this site. Here are some of the CV’s we have available:

  • If you’re looking for a 1-page and simple CV, this Front Desk Receptionist Curriculum Vitae Format Template might just ideal for you and your application plans. Information and details are simplified and straightforward for your readers.
  • Our Hotel Curriculum Vitae Template has it all for you. By just simply downloading this template, all you would have to do is fill out the template with your information that’s fit for your application.
  • We also have a Corporate Receptionist Curriculum Vitae Template that focuses on corporate applications for corporate duties. A summarized personal profile is already provided for you as well.

Just remember that, unlike the accounting curriculum vitae, which is for those into finance, receptionist CV’s cater to those who prefer to work in customer service. So capitalize on your abilities to please, and impress your potential employers!

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