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About Curriculum Vitae Cover Letters

Your job application cover letter is as significant and critical as your curriculum vitae. Your cover letter introduces your curriculum vitae to hiring managers or recruitment panelists. It’s in a way similar to a teaser for marketing advertisement. It must create a blast or a positive spark in the minds of the hiring managers.

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There is no perfect manual in writing a cover letter. However, cover letter templates can fuel your mind and gradually provide you with interesting ideas to make your letter professional and engaging. It must not be too boring nor too flowery. If you’re having a hard time starting your cover letter, we have email cover letter ideas and templates that you may use to inspire your mind.

Steps in Writing a Curriculum Vitae Cover Letter

There are generally accepted formats that are followed in writing a simple cover letter. However, it is highly suggested that you customize and modify your resume cover letter in accordance to the job post you’re applying for. Here are some basic steps that you may follow.

  • Address your letter accordingly. Your cover letter format should contain the correct name of the cover letter addressee. As much as possible, provide a specific name. Your contact details must be professionally sorted out and formal in character especially your email address.
  • Write your introductory paragraph. For this section, you have provided a brief background on how you found out about the job posting. Provide reasons why you’re interested in joining the company and why you decide to delve on that particular career path.
  • Introduce yourself. You can start writing about your credentials on the second paragraph. Let the hiring managers know your academic competencies and work-related experiences. Just focus on keywords and phrases because your CV sample will support your claims. Cover letter samples will also teach you how to showcase your credentials.
  • Formally conclude the letter. Before starting your closing statement, you may also showcase your knowledge about the company’s dynamics and business processes. Then, end your letter with a call to action.

What Makes a Curriculum Vitae Cover Letter Special?

It is is a recommended practice for applicants to use specific cover letter templates. Writing a generalized cover letter will make your letter boring and unappealing to hiring managers. To make your CV cover letter special, diligently give more attention to cover letter formats and content structure. Here are some tips that may help you.

  • Your letter must be short and sweet. Like any other effective cover letter, make your letter short, simple, and professional. A short cover letter does not mean that you cut short its substance and content. As an applicant, you must know how to organize your letter and strategically position its elements to suit a particular job posting.
  • Don’t overshadow your curriculum vitae. Your cover letter must not be redundant. It should not include elements that are supposed to be in a resume or curriculum vitae. Your cover letter must showcase your personality, enthusiasm, and professionalism.
  • Know what to highlight or emphasize. You need to feature the right qualifications and credentials. Don’t mention irrelevant ones just for the sake of pleasing the hiring managers. Be logical and strategic in selecting the highlights of your career.

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