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Summary templates allow anyone to quickly create outlines and abridgments of lengthy tomes, books, research studies, business financial information, contracts, and other sources of lengthy pieces of information. So if you want more downloadable examples and more information on how to create and use printable summary templates, read the rest of this article and be enlightened.

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What is a Summary Template?

A summary is a rundown of a thought, idea, action, series of events, set of steps that were either previously done, said, recorded, or written in whatever form. Summaries are usually short re-statements of what previously happened or what was previously written. Any person can be summarized something that they heard, was told to them, what they saw, or what they have read. You may also see project summary templates.

In academia and in other workplaces, summaries are created and written after reading, watching, listening, or witnessing a source material. To illustrate, if you are a graduate student studying the different modern theories of the formation of the universe for your thesis proposal, you may have read, understand, and subsequently summarize the different scientific research case studies, articles, and books about that field of study.

Creating summaries is not a task only done in scientific communities. This simple task can even be done at home or in any kinds of workplaces. In fact, you may even be doing some summarizing when you recount a story you overheard to your mother or to another friend or when you are filling out a checklist form.

A summary template is a guide that allows you to create concise and accurate summaries. These pre-made templates will usually include a list of questions or guidelines that you need to answer before you can proceed on writing another section of your summary.

This article, in particular, will deal with different kinds of summaries created using sample summary templates. Read and study each type of summary template so that you will know which one to use for any work or school task. The first kind of summary template that we will be showing is a discharge sample summary template. You may also see free executive summary templates.

Discharge Sample Summary Templates

A discharge summary template is usually used in clinical settings since these kinds of summaries are written by a physician or anyone in the healthcare team. To create a discharge summary, you will need to have comprehensive knowledge of a patient’s health condition, the different medical and surgical interventions done to him or her, and the aftercare the patient should do when he or she is discharged.

For hospital administrators who are tasked with creating a standard discharge summary form for their health institutions, using a discharge sample summary template will greatly help make the task easier. With a discharge summary template, it will be easier for you to know what specific information to include in the discharge summary health form that you are creating.

For example, discharge summaries may require a health assessment portion where the attending physician can evaluate a patient’s current condition prior to discharge. To make the information input process easier, summary template creators can use tick boxes or checklists on the discharge summary report instead of requiring them to write down everything. With a pre-made discharge summary template, hospitals and clinics can create their own summary forms without having to learn how to add those tickboxes, checklists, and tables.

Server Checkout Summary Template

server checkout summary template
File Format
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  • Google Docs


Summary Report Template

summary report template
File Format
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  • Google Docs


Executive Summary Report Template

executive summary report template
File Format
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Change Order Request Summary Template

change order request summary template
File Format
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  • MS Excel
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  • Numbers
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  • Google Sheets


Marketing Plan Executive Summary Template

marketing plan executive summary template
File Format
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Project Summary Report Template

project summary report template
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Commission Summary Template

commission summary template
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Budget Summary Template

budget summary template
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Blank Discharge Sample Summary Template

blank discharge sample summary template

Clinical Discharge Sample Summary Template

clinical discharge sample summary template

Dictation Discharge Sample Summary Template

dictation discharge sample summary template

General Format Discharge Sample Summary Template

general format discharge sample summary template

Hospital Discharge Sample Summary Template

hospital discharge sample summary template

Article Sample Summary Templates

The next kind of summary template is an article summary template. As its name implies, this kind of summary template is used if you wish to create a short version of an article that you have written. The summary template examples that we have included in the list below will allow you to create different kinds of summaries depending on the kind of article you are reading.

To illustrate, there is nursing literature article summary template that can be used by those in the nursing profession to create summaries of research studies in their own field. A newspaper article summary template is also included to help students and professionals easily create outlines of the different newspaper articles that they have read.

In these sample article summary templates, end-users may find a list of questions or writing prompts that will help them write better article summaries. In some way, an article summary template may seem like writing a book report. The only difference is that article summaries tend to be shorter while still packed with a lot of information. Check out these printable templates for article summaries below.

Academic Article Sample Summary Template

academic article sample summary template

Blank Article Sample Summary Template

blank article sample summary template

Newspaper Article Sample Summary Template

newspaper article sample summary template

Nursing Literature Article Sample Summary Review

nursing literature article sample summary review

Bid Sample Summary Templates

The next kind of sample summary template included in this list article is a bid summary template. This kind of summary template is useful for contractors who wants to convince a contractee (the government, a business owner, a company, or another institution) that they can create or render the necessary services to complete a certain project.

A bid summary will typically include important information about a business’ finances and background. If you are an entrepreneur who wishes to bid for a project or service, you should make sure that your bid summary contains accurate and up to date information. The government, for example, will often conduct background security checks to ensure that they are doing business with legitimate law-abiding people and entities.

Blank Bid Sample Summary Template

blank bid sample summary template

Informal Bids Sample Summary Sheet

informal bids sample summary sheet

Simple Bid Sample Summary Template

simple bid sample summary template

Why Use Sample Summary Templates?

The use of summary templates can be a necessity if you are creating outlines and guides of various lengthy source materials for work or for school. To aid you in this matter, we have listed various reasons to help further convince you of why pre-made printable summary templates can be a better alternative to creating summary templates from scratch. Read them below so that you can create better summaries.

Summary templates are reusable.

One of the main advantages of using pre-made summary templates is that, by definition, they are reusable. When download a summary template, you have the complete freedom to save the template file on your computer for eternity. This means that you can access the template over and over again as long as the base file is not corrupted.

In addition to this, you can even make some modifications on the template and create a whole new summary template depending on what kind of summary you need. As long as you know what the basic things to have on a summary that you intend to make, it will be easy to transform an existing summary template into another type of summary template.

A tip: If you want to make sure that your sample summary template can be reused for years to come, store the template file in your hard drive, in the cloud, or on any reliable storage device so that you can access it again for other uses.

Summary templates are easy to edit.

Most pre-made templates created for graphic design projects are created using industry-standard graphic design software tools. This means that as long as you have a compatible software program, you will be able to edit the template file with ease. Also, a lot of people today already know how to use different software tools; but if you are still unfamiliar with them, you can easily learn through free Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials online.

When you have fully customizable summary templates, it will be very easy for you to adapt these templates for your own needs. For example, if you are a university professor who wants to standardize the research article summaries submitted by your students, creating a research article summary template will help you and your students a lot.

Summary templates are free to download.

Sample summary templates, especially the ones included in this list article, are available for free. You may download them right away, make the necessary edits, print them out, and start using the templates to create your own summaries quickly. This way you do not have to fork out any money just for using something that will allow you to do a task more efficiently.

So if you do not intend to needlessly spend money for a sample summary template, using these free printable templates is a better alternative. And if you want to check out other free templates and printables, feel free to browse through the rest of the site.

They allow you to hone your editing skills.

Another benefit of using these pre-made summary templates is that they can help you practice your editing skills. This especially applies to those are going to use any of the downloadable summary templates in this list and pattern their own summary templates from them.

Most of the summary templates in this list are available as PDF or Word document files. If you intend to use them, you can further practice on editing these types of documents. And when you have done this task repeatedly, you will ultimately become an expert at it that you will hopefully feel confident enough to create your own graphic design templates.

Summary templates help you save time and energy.

One of the main reasons people use summary templates is to make it easier for others and for themselves to recall and further understand any source data or document. Often, these source documents can be very long and reading them can get really boring.

For instance, if you are tasked with creating a summary of a scientific research study and present it to a group of people, you will first need to make sure that you have read and you understood the whole scientific paper. In this case, an article summary template will help you create a summary that will allow other people to fully understand the source article without actually reading the entire study. In addition, when you use a summary template, you will be given guide questions or prompts that will allow you to write a summary more quickly.

The person creating the summary will save time and energy since he or she will already know what to look for on the source article and what to write on the actual summary. On top of that, the people who will read the summary will also save time since they do not need to read and condense what they have read.

You can focus on the actual task of creating useful content.

Another important advantage of using summary templates is that they allow you to focus on the actual task of writing down a summary. What this means is that you do not have to worry about the summary’s format or the key pieces of information to include to the summary. This is because a summary template will also have all these pieces of information or guides that will tell you to pay attention to a specific kind of information.

To illustrate, if you are creating an investment summary, a summary template will ask you to pay attention to what kind of investment is being discussed and the people backing the investment proposal. When you write the actual investment summary, you will just need to follow the different prompts or guides on the template and write about it.

Once you are focused on your actual task of creating condensed content, it will be easier to create other summaries since you do not have to worry about the nitty-gritty stuff of summary writing.

Those are the different advantages of using sample summary templates. We hope that you have read them thoroughly so that you can leverage your newfound knowledge when it comes time for you to finally create your own summaries. Browse through our site for more tips and examples of printable summary templates.

Contract Bid Sample Summary Template

contract bid sample summary template

University Bid Sample Summary Template

university bid sample summary template

Check Out The Rest of These Sample Summary Templates

As promised, listed below are more sample summary templates that anyone can use for work or for school. Most of these blank templates are available as PDF templates so make sure that Adobe Acrobat Reader has been installed on your computer so that you can open and access the documents correctly. The next type of summary template that we are discussing is an investment summary template. Read on…

Investment Sample Summary Template

Another kind of summary template that is useful for business owners is an investment summary template. An investment summary is a document created to seek funding for an asset, business idea, stock, or other legal money-making schemes. Entrepreneurs are usually required to create an investment summary when they go to a bank or financial institution to ask for a loan.

And since an investment summary will be read by bank officials and evaluators, you need to make sure that the information you write in the summary is accurate and complete. That is why investment summary templates are used so that business owners will not forget something important writing their own investment summaries. You may also see sample marketing plan executive summary.

There are premium and free templates for creating investment summary templates available online today. But remember that an investment summary’s main goal is to convince an investor that your business idea is worthy of their time and money. So when you are creating your investment summary, make sure that you choose a summary template that will prompt you to write about the most important things required by the bank or the financial institution you are seeking funding from. You may also see create an executive summary.

Investment Sample Summary Template

investment sample summary template

One Page Investment Sample Summary Template

one page investment sample summary template

Investment Property Sample Summary Template

investment property sample summary template

FLIP Investment Sample Summary Template

flip investment sample summary template

Simple Investment Sample Summary Template

simple investment sample summary template

Meeting Sample Summary Templates

Meeting summaries are outlines of what occurred and what was discussed in a meeting. The more formal a meeting is, the more formal your way of writing a meeting summary should be. Also remember that big companies and government offices tend to use meeting summaries as documentation for various job audits. So if you are creating this kind of meeting summary, make sure that you follow the correct verbiage and format as these summaries will be kept for documentation and may need to be used to protect the company or organization during legal proceedings.

The different sample meeting summary templates embedded below will all help you with that. Each of these downloadable templates is formatted to match whatever situation or scenario you are in. Take a look at them below.

Meeting Minutes Sample Summary Template

meeting minutes sample summary template 788x10

Annual Board Minutes Meeting Sample Summary Template

annual board minutes meeting sample summary template 788x10

Project Meeting Minutes Sample Summary Template

project meeting minutes sample summary sample template 788x10

Budget Sample Summary Templates

Another important kind of a summary is a budget summary. As its name implies, a budget summary will show a tabulation of all the expenses, sources or money, and other pieces of information relevant in assessing the financial status of a company or a person. The more formal budget summaries are usually created and used by accountants or bankers.

In some cases, budget summaries and expense lists may be used in legal proceedings or to comply with standard government audits. In these cases, the budget summaries may need to be created by a legal auditing firm and signed or notarized to ensure that the document is true and accurate before they are submitted for audit. In these case, a company or any business entity may need to hire a lawyer to ensure that all correct legal steps are followed.

So if you are looking to create your own budget summary, you may rely on the sample budget summary templates that we have attached below. Most of these summary templates will allow you to fill out tables so that the entire expense and budget lists are presented in a more understandable manner.

Budget Sample Summary Template

budget sample summary template

Budget Development Sample Summary Template

budget development sample summary template

Tabular Budget Sample Summary Template

tabular budget sample summary template

Things to Include in Almost All Kinds of Summary Templates

Listed below are some of the most important pieces of information that should be included in any kind of summary and summary template that anyone should be creating. Keep these things in mind so that your summaries will be a lot better.

  • Name of person, department, entity, or organization sponsoring or creating the summary.
  • Contact information of the person, department, entity, or organization sponsoring or creating the summary.
  • Branding design elements of the entity, business, or organization creating the summary including but not limited to business logo designs and slogans.
  • Easy to understand graphs, tables, and other visual aids that will help tell a story or summary better.
  • Accurate and verified dollar amounts and sources of information used in the summary.
  • Duration and date the summary was created.
  • Reason for creating the summary
  • Lawyer’s name and signature (if applicable)
  • Source article or data

Detailed Budget Sample Summary Template PDF

detailed budget sample summary template pdf

Contract Sample Summary Form Template

contract sample summary form template

Sample Contract Summary Template

sample contract summary template

Simple Contract Brief or Sample Summary Template

simple contract brief or sample summary template

A small request…

Learning how to create useful summaries takes time and skill to develop. The more you practice this skill, the better your summaries become over time. Summary templates can help you a great deal in terms of improving your skills in creating summaries and in condensing large chunks of information. So make use of the different summary template examples embedded in this article to your full advantage. Learn along the way and make sure to enjoy the entire process.

This article is a comprehensive list of different kinds of sample summary templates and downloadable examples of each template. If you found this article useful, do not forget to share it with your friends and followers on social media. And if you want to link to this article as part of your social media marketing plan, check out the linked article.

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