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Let us put it to the fact that not all of us have the privilege of wealth. Others live in mansions and palaces and expensive apartments. These kinds of families also let their children go to schools that are high class and big for the betterment of education for their kids. But there are some who only live in a simple apartment. What’s sad about them is that those kinds of people sometimes only eat twice a day or three times with minimum quantity. Yet they also can go to the most prestigious schools. Do you know why they still do despite their low income? It is because of the scholarships they apply for and get an opportunity to enroll in such schools. You may also see school application templates.


In this article, we will explain to you what a scholarship article is and what do you need to do in order to get that kind of privilege, especially in an expensive school. After that, we will be giving you tips on how to maintain your scholarship throughout your whole college life. In this article also, you will see templates of a form that would help you in applying for a scholarship in your very own school and we will enumerate and explain the parts of this form. So what are you waiting for? Continue to read on and know how to save more for the family. You may also see sample application forms.

Free Scholarship Application Form Template

free scholarship application form template
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Free Scholarship Application Template

free scholarship application template
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Scholarship Application Form Instruction

scholarship application form instruction

Scholarship Application Form Template

scholarship application form template

Scholarship Application Form Sample

scholarship application form sample


Reading the introduction above, you might be wondering how does one actually get that kind of “privilege” and how you can maintain that. I mean, let us be real, who does not want to study for free or a minimal tuition fee for 12 years in grade school or for 4 years in college? Who would not want to see their parents smiling and happy because they know they would not have to worry so much about their financial commitment to your education for a number of years? You may also see application letter samples.

You get that kind of privilege because of your scholarship. A scholarship is basically a financial support given to a student who shows excellence in his/her grades in all of the subjects that would reflect in his/her average grade. This can also be awarded to students who show an immense amount of talent and skill in the sports they play specifically if one is a varsity player and has been consistent in contributing to the school’s pride by giving them wins in every competition the school participates in, whether in the local, national or international setting. You may also see membership application templates.

Other times a scholarship is given when one is working in the school. In short, this means he/she is a working student who still attends his/her classes but has specific hours to work mostly as an assistant in the library or department offices, different offices found in the school or academe. So those are basically the general reasons why one can be eligible for a scholarship. If one maintains their scholarship for long, they can pay only a small amount for their tuition until their graduation if they are consistent in their performances and tasks. But before anyone can actually be a scholar, he/she has to go through phases, and one of those phases is the groundwork of it all; filling up the scholarship application form.

Sports Scholarship Application Form

sports scholarship application form

General Scholarship Application Form Template

general scholarship application form template

The Scholarship Application Form

The scholarship application form is a form needed to be filled up by the applicant in order for the coordinators to review and assess if this applicant deserves to be in the scholarship program (this is for those not yet recognized or known as skillful in their sport because those who have scholarships because of their sport are directly accepted by the academy and just needs to fill the form up to deem as professional). We will show you the parts of the scholarship application form and don’t worry, it is not that different from other application forms. Here are the parts:

  • General Information. This includes the name, age, birthdate, sex, address, email address, nationality, civil status, cell phone number, religion, and pin code. You may also see college application templates.
  • Classification of Enrollment. This section pertains to what year level are you going to enroll in. In college generally, there are four levels which are the first year, second year, third year and fourth-year college. You may also see application template samples.
  • Course. It is where the applicant will choose what course to take (if ever enrollment is in college already). He or she should choose wisely the course he/she intends to take so that the scholarship will be on full effect because some schools, if you decide to shift courses, your scholarship will not be allowed anymore or it may not be a full scholarship. You may also see job application templates.
  • Parents information. In this part of the application form, the items found here are the father’s and mother’s personal information. These include their name, contact number, office address, home address, birth date, age, and nationality.
  • Sibling information. The items found here are as of the parents except if some information is not required like nationality and office address. You may also see basic application forms.
  • Financial Status. This is for those who are not applying for a sports scholarship but are applying either as a working student or a regular student who wants to have a scholarship. The financial status is important because the applicant will give the overall income of the parents. Once this is done, the school usually examines if it passes the criteria of scholarship. It is understood that if the parents earn minimal income that is only good for the household, the student is eligible for applying for the scholarship as long as he maintains a high grade throughout his school life.

These are basically the important parts of a scholarship application form. Although there are numerous types of scholarship forms, often they require the student or applicant to fill-in similar items for information. In order for you to maintain this kind of privilege, maintain your grades. If there is a certain average that you have to maintain in order to still have your scholarship in effect, maintain it or better yet improve it. You may also see free applications.

Once it has dropped, the school would either give you a chance to make up for it in the next semester or gradually increase your tuition fee. Another way for you to maintain your scholarship is that you should not violate any school rules and regulations or commit any serious offense. If you are into sports, make sure you will not withdraw from the varsity team or perform poorly because your coach would let you go and because of that, fully ending your scholarship. Work hard and train hard. You may also see printable applications.

Scholarship Form Sample

scholarship form sample

Scholarship Guidelines Template

scholarship guidelines template

Background Template of a Scholarship Form

background template of a scholarship form

Keep and Improve the Will

Maintaining a scholarship might sound easy but that is better said than done. If you are an athlete, aside from performing well in your sport, you also need to not fail in any major subjects or any subject for that matter to keep your scholarship. Practices can wear a person off and would give them a hard time in studying when they get home. It might be tiring but it is also a sad scene if you look at your parents struggling to even pay the bills at home. You may also see application letter template formats.

The best thing one can do is to help them by making use of the scholarship rather than taking advantage of it. Improve your grades and your performance and maintain the hard work until you graduate and get a decent job to finally support your family. Let them serve as your inspiration to push through in any hardships in life you face. One of the best things in life is to see the fruits of your labor not go to waste and witnessing your parents cry on the day of your graduation and telling you that they are proud of your hard work and dedication you have given all these years to maintain the scholarships and to graduate with awards and honors. You may also see student application form templates.

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