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210+ Sample Application Template

Application samples aren’t often hard to create from the ground up, but spending a lot of time on your computer designing a template that you can download with a single click of a button doesn’t make much sense. We have spent hours in design to create something awesome for you. So, you can take advantage of the following sample forms, download whichever pleases you with a single click of a mouse, and then use it for your business as well as personal needs.

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> Sample Job Application

The sample job application was designed with job seekers in mind. Whether you are an entry-level candidate or you already have a job market experience, the job application sample PDF is for you. The file is fully editable, and it is easy to customize. You can download the file for free. (15+ Sample Job Application Templates)

> Letter of Application Sample

Writing an application letter that converts is not always easy. But if you use the right format, you can always win someone over without looking like a diehard. That’s why letter of application sample is important. The sample letter of application is available for free download. Here is the download link. (50+ Sample application Letter Templates)

> Sample Leave Application

Employees in your company need leaves sometimes, so it is important that your company have the best sample leave application PDF or word files in place. Because these sample files take a lot of time to design and print, you can always cover up for the design [part by downloading sample leave application templates. (11+ Sample Leave Letter Templates)

What is sample Application

The basics of sample application templates

Sample application templates are files designed to enable you save time and money. At least that’s the basic purpose of sample application templates designed for free download. In the real sense, creating these templates yourself is not always easy. Because it takes a lot of time to design, customize, and edit these kinds of files, the overall task can be quite overwhelming.

As such, the best thing to do would be to download an already existing template for free use. In the heart of it all, these files are just trying to do one thing: make it easy for you t get your application done without spending too much time on the task.

A Professional business Approach

Sample application forms are useful in business. Especially when it comes to applying for an open position in the job market. More often than not, the largest groups of application forms are those that target potential employees who are looking for jobs in different industries.

As you read the list that we have already provided, you will notice that a majority of the template on the list are specifically for professional job seekers as well as those who fall into the category of entry-level job seekers. For job seekers, these files are the best to use because they save a lot of time as well as money.

Other categories of application templates

The other categories of application templates are those that don’t target employees. For example, school application, l day care application, medication application, and scholarship applications are examples of the best sample templates that fall into the category outside those that target employees and businesses.

What’s more important about these files is they have an advantage that anyone can benefit from. Overall, they are important to anyone who decides to use them for business or personal matters.

> Sample Rental Application

If you wish for an easy time handling your new tenants, then they must use sample rental application. These files are important for the business because they help to connect a tenant and the property owner in the most professional way possible. You can download the file for free by clicking the link below. (13+ Sample Rental Application Templates)

> Sample Application Form

If you are looking for  a sample application form that you can download with a single click of a mouse, then you just landed the best sample template for free application. Whether you want to use this as a job application form, a sample rental application, or any other way, this piece will definitely save you a lot of time. (15+ Sample Application Form Templates)

> Sample Scholarship Application

Scholarship applications templates are for anyone interested in applying for a scholarship program. If you want to make the application process fast and easy, the sample scholarship template Word is worth checking. Also, you can download the template with just a single click of a mouse. (15+ Sample Scholarship Application Templates)

> Sample Employment Application

Sample employment application templates are design for potential employees who are seeking for opportunities. The goal of the template is to quicken the process of application by cutting down the time you would otherwise l have to spend designing the sample template on your own. (15+ Sample Employment Application Templates)

How to write a sample application letter

Begin by understanding yourself

Writing a sample application letter is easy, right? It seems that all you need is a sample job application template, a pen, and your brain. And then you can start writing down all the professional things about you as much as you can. How you are wrong. Writing the best application begins by understanding yourself in the terms of what you are applying for. So, the best thing to do is to first determine the type of application that you would like to write, and then download the best template for that. By doing that, you will write the best sample application in the shortest time possible.

Understand the requirements of the application

Application forms always have some sets of instructions that one must follow. So you need to make sure you fill out your forms based on the requirements of the target recipient. It is important t to keep in mind that when you write down your points, you are doing so for serious readers. So it is important to make sure that your application not only adds value to the reader, but also reflects what their requirements are. By understanding the requirements of the application file, you should be able to write the best one within just a few minutes.

Make your document short and precise

The biggest problem with so many applicants is the struggle with relevance. If you are having a problem with this as an individual, your application may not be approved, to say the least. The problem here seems to be the length of the document. It is good to write a long application letter, but is what you are writing relevant? The best thing you can do to make the application read well is to make it as short and precise as possible. If you can have great punch lines with very few words, then just use few words. Anything extra may add no value to the document.

> Sample Grant Application

If there is one thing that is for sure, it is that you are going to spend a lot of time creating a sample grant application yourself. To save time and never have to worry about creating the sample from scratch, you can utilize the following grant application template PDF. The sample file is free to download. (6+ Sample Grant Application Templates)

> Sample Printable Job Application

Download a free printable job application for personal use. Narrow the process of signing on for a job by using this job application form to cut down the time you would otherwise have on the design of the template. The file is editable, easy to customize, and suitable for personal use. (10+ Sample Printable Job Application Templates)

> Generic Application for Employment

Whether you are an entry-level employee or you already have experience in job hunting escapade, you can use the generic application for employment to sign on an available opportunity. By using this application form for employment, you will save time, money, and energy on the task. (6+ Sample Generic Employment Application Templates)

> Sample Credit Application

If you are in the lending business, this sample file is for you. By using the sample credit application, you are able to cut down the time it would otherwise take to create this sample template from the ground up. Credit application templates will help you manager your customer records, and make it easy to track your business activities as far as credits are concerned. (15+ Sample Credit Application Templates)

> Sample Lease Application

The sample lease application was designed for real estate property owners who don’t have enough time to create sample templates for lease application on their own. Because the sample template is easy to customize, it should not take you long to edit and start using the document. You can download it for free. (9+ Sample Lease Application Templates)

> Apartment Application Sample

If you are in the real estate business, you will need apartment application forms to help you manage your property with ease. Because these are great for leasing business, there is no way your business can do without them. As such, consider downloading and using this file rather than creating one from scratch. (7+ Sample Apartment Application Templates)

> Sample Employee Application

Are you an employee looking for an easier way to write your job application? You can do that using the following sample employee application template. The template us easily editable. It is available in PDF as well as Word Format. Editing the file is easy, so it should take you less than 20 minutes to customize the document. (9+ Sample Employee Application Templates)

> Sample Target Job Application

Hunt for your target job using thus sample target job application. The sample template was designed with entry level as well and experienced job seekers in mind. So, you can download the same file for free and use it as is without editing the design of the template. You can customize the text with ease. (15+ Target Job Application Samples)

What to include in application letter

When writing an application letter, it is important to keep a few things in mind. First, make sure you write the letter in reference to the exact needs of the target recipient. Remembering that you are writing the application to be read by someone else is the best way to write the best application. With that in mind, here are things your letter must have, literally.

  • A subject, also known as the reference. Without this, a reader won’t know what the letter is about, in the first place.
  • Your signature. This often comes at the end of the letter.
  • Your name. Include this at the end of the letter, so that the recipient knows from whom they received the letter of application.

Tips on Filling out job applications

It should not be hard to fill out your application, but you need to make sure you do it right. The best thing to keep in mind is to remember that you are not writing this sample letter for someone that you know. So, you need to make sure the letter is as professional as possible. At the end of the day, what really matters is you writing the letter according to the expectations of the reader.

When filling out a job application template, keep the following things in mind.

  • Be as honest about yourself as possible. Don’t just write words to please the recipient. Make sure what you write is the truth and nothing but the truth.
  • Do not forget to mention your experiences as well as achievements. Of course, many templates will have you fill out mama parts in writing. So, you have an advantage of explaining yourself better.


There are many job applications examples that you can download and use as your personal guide. If you have never written an application before, these examples will give you a better idea on how to write the best letter that can get a potential hiring manager talking and wanting to hire you fort the job that you are seeking for from their company.

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