Have you been searching online for a professional and easy-editable template to use in putting together a timeline project for a team presentation on PowerPoint or just to keep yourself organized with a simple graph? That’s why we’re here to help you out with our expansive array of Ready-made Timeline Chart Templates for you to browse through! The files of our templates that we provide are ready to be changed in Apple Pages to save time, each of those files coming in A4 and US letter sizes to comply with usual chart standards for your convenience. So, don’t keep waiting and download now to create your diagram!

How to Create a Timeline Chart in Pages

Building your own infographic is no problem, especially with Apple Pages and our diverse catalog of Ready-made Timeline Chart Templates at your disposal! And if you’re feeling a bit lost, there’s no need to worry -- just keep reading below and we’ll guide you with some easy steps.

1. A High-quality App for Any Budget

Do you have Apple Pages on your Mac yet? Or, for that matter, any art and design software for you to use for editing your timeline template? Well, that’s why we recommend for you to try out Apple Pages. Just go visit Apple’s online app store to download and install it.

But you’re probably feeling hesitant about purchasing Pages and wondering how much it would set back your budget if you did, and considering other cheap options you might find out there to get instead. Well, you can rest easy about that, since Apple Pages comes free for anyone to use! And don’t think that Pages is just a throwaway program with subpar tools and features because of it being available for no charge, as it will wipe away those concerns once you get your hands on it and try it for yourself.

And, if you need to work on the go while eating out for your lunch break, Apple has you covered with that since Pages is also available to download and use on your favorite mobile iOS devices -- iPad and iPhone!

2. Download and Install Apple Pages

Now, after nabbing yourself a download of Pages and installing it onto your computer or device, it’s a good idea to open up the app and get familiar with its user interface before getting right into making your time chart. It might feel at least a bit daunting to handle a graphic-rendering app for the first time, but just going through the sleek and simple design of Pages for a bit will clear those insecurities right away! Plus, if you’re using Pages on your iPad or iPhone, then you can take advantage of its compatibility with Apple Pencil to give you an easier and more intuitive option for interacting with the app.

3. Look Through Our Selection for a Suitable Template

So, you should be feeling fairly comfortable in interacting with Apple Pages now. The next step is browsing through our Ready-made Timeline Chart Templates in search of which design to use for your needs.

While looking at the thumbnail examples, simply click on one to open that thumbnail’s respective page in a new tab on your browser. In the new tab, you can see preview images of the template to the left, with the download link and details of the file to the right.

4. Download the File and Get to Work

Have you decided on a template yet? Download the appropriate file to your computer or device and you can start editing your timeline chart. With Apple Pages, you can do more than just fill and edit the fields, but also change the chart’s layout itself. If you need a helping hand, Pages even lets you collaborate online with other people in real-time.

5. Don’t Forget to Save!

After you’re done making whatever changes you need, just remember to save. Whether you’re keeping track until the next milestone or scheduling a wedding, you can count on Apple Pages and our Ready-made Timeline Chart Templates to help out!

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