Best Collection 43+ of Animated & Video Backgrounds to Download

When you need animated backgrounds for any of your online projects, or presentations or use in any Flash projects, just choose them from the unlimited options that you can get free of cost. You can get the best animated images and download them at the ease of clicking your mouse. Several websites and lists present animation for fulfilling your creative needs and have an array of different motion backgrounds and video loops which would make your project more highlighted. You can get library of animated backgrounds which can be used by you for any digital purpose. The quality of your video production can be enhanced by using these backgrounds.

animated video backgrounds

Orange Blur Motion Background

orange blur motion background

You get these animated footages in customizable forms which can fit with your projects easily. You can find your productivity increasing with the usage of these premium backgrounds and even you do not need to compromise with the quality too. Not only for different projects, you can use these animated backgrounds for your desktop too, if you find the simple wallpaper boring after a period. Browse from the numerous options available of top categories and use them for the most appropriate place. Start browsing animated backgrounds now for making your projects more interesting and alluring.

Castle Stock Animation

castle stock animation


Active Night Sky

active night sky


Flying Over The Clouds

flying over the clouds


Fire Flame Motion

fire flame motion


Melding Fire Background Motion Background


Stock Animation

stock animation


Weater Forecast Video Background

weater forecast video background


Ripple Stock Animation

ripple stock animation


WallpapersWall Coating

wallpaperswall coating


New Year 2015 Animation Stock Animation

new year 2015 animation stock animation


space tunnel 2 HD

space tunnel 2 hd


Sperm Swimming Into Oblivion Stock Animation

sperm swimming into oblivion stock animation


Orange Stream Beam & Particle Motion Background


Theater Curtains Free Video Background

theater curtains free video background


Video Wall Background Loop

video wall background loop


Night Flowers Loop Stock Animation

night flowers loop stock animation


Dancing Sunbeams Motion Background


Space Panorama Earth Shine

space panorama earth shine


Glow Particles 3 C 1 G 2 4 K Stock Animation

glow particles 3 c 1 g 2 4 k stock animation


News Earth Free Video Background

news earth free video background


Dlinking Eyes Distracting Video Background

dlinking eyes distracting video background

Backgrounds for an Animated Videoclip

backgrounds for an animated videoclip

4K Deforestation 5 Stock Animation

k deforestation 5 stock animation


Night Flowers Loop Stock Animation

night flowers loop stock animation


Castle Stock Animation

castle stock animation


Animated Music Video Background

animated music video

Portal Free Motion Background

portal free motion background


Glow Particles B 4 B 4k Stock Animation

glow particles b 4 b 4k stock animation


music video background 013

music video background 0


Flying above the Clouds

flying above the clouds


Sunrise Flourishes Motion Background

sunrise flourishes motion background


Electricty Free Motion Background

electricty free motion background


Kaleidoscope Stock Animation

kaleidoscope stock animation


New Year 2015 Loopable Background Stock Animation

new year 2015 loopable background stock animation


Black And White Lower Third

black and white lower third


Flashing Web Animated Background

flashing web animated background


Stock Animation

stock animation


Glow Particles B 4 C 4k Stock Animation

glow particles b 4 c 4k stock animation


Looping Film Strip Background

looping film strip background


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