Outstanding Collection of 70+ Grunge Textures & Backgrounds for your Inspiration

Good news for all you designers put there – free Grunge textures of top quality and high resolution to fit your needs are available. Distressed backgrounds, worn textures, dirty paint splash which are vector grunge graphics are available as free downloads. The vector graphics are famous for their crisp quality, having sharp edges and also controlled gradients.

Grunge textures are more versatile vector freebies. You can create a set of scalable Grunge Icons and grab multiples of vector grunge graphics with corners, borders, backgrounds, textures, splats, and more. These files are available for free downloads in EPS, AI, CSH and other vector formats. The grunge textures can be used for commercial and personal use. Don’t forget to check the usage rights before using them in your project.

There are colourful grunge textures available which can be utilized and is perfect for usage as overlay textures on photos. Depending on the look you want you can set the texture layer to SoftLight, Multiply, Screen or Overlay, these being just a few of the popular options. There is also an option to mask some portions of the texture used where you don’t want to give it a great effect. Add unique texture for you design or typography by using these free grunge textures.

Texture 11023

  • texture 11023


5 Dirty Grunge Textures Pack 2

  • 5 dirty grunge textures pack 2

Paper Textures Pack2

  • paper textures 2

5 Dirty Grunge Textures Pack 1

  • 5 dirty grunge textures pack 1

Texture 678

  • texture 678


  • dsc


Dirty Asphalt Background

  • dirty asphalt background

Vintage IV Texture Pack

  • vintage iv texture pack

Texture 736

  • texture 736

Texture 727

  • texture 727

Rusty Iron Texture

  • rusty iron texture

Vintage paper TEXTURE PACK

  • vintage paper texture pack

Texture 4943

  • texture 4943


Grunge textures 01

  • grunge textures 01

Texture 748

  • texture 748


  • grunge textures 117555400

Texture 2605

  • texture 2605


Victorian grunge texture pack

  • victorian grunge texture pack

Texture 2471

  • texture 2471


Texture 717

  • texture 717

Grunge Background Set

  • grunge background set

Grunge Backgrounds 8678848

  • grunge backgrounds 8678848

ScratchBG – Modern Grunge Backgrounds

  • scratchbg modern grunge backgrounds

27 Paper & Grunge Backgrounds

  • 27 paper grunge backgrounds

Grungy Cracked Textures Pack

  • grungy cracked textures

Grunge Background 8541935

  • grunge background 8541935

Grunge Backgrounds 7692949

  • grunge backgrounds 7692949

Webtreats whitewashed grunge4

  • webtreats whitewashed grunge4

Grunge Backgrounds 7058114

  • grunge backgrounds 7058114

Grunge Background 8406192

  • grunge background 8406192

Grunge colorful background

  • grunge colorful background

Grunge Background 8369385

  • grunge background 8369385

Subtle Grunge Textures and Effects

  • subtle grunge textures and effects

Grunge background

  • grunge background

5 Grunge Texture Overlay

  • 5 grunge texture overlay

Grunge background 106933001

  • grunge background 106933001

13_Random Grunge Textures

  • 13

Grunge background 122163571

  • grunge background 122163571

The thriller – cinematic background textures set

  • the thriller cinematic background textures set

Grunge textures 50574

  • grunge textures 50574

Background in Grunge Style – containing different textures

  • background in grunge style containing different textures

Grunge Texture 6856991

  • grunge texture 6856991

Wall Grunge 14 photographic textures

  • wall grunge 14 photographic textures

Grunge background with a colorful rainbow ink splat effect

  • grunge background with a colorful rainbow ink splat effect

15 Grunge Textures with Lighting Effects!

  • 15 grunge textures with lighting effects


  • old grunge wood texture background

Color grunge textures

  • color grunge textures

Grunge Background 61119754

  • grunge background 61119754

Assorted Soft Grunge Textures

  • assorted soft grunge textures

Dirty Wall Textures

  • dirty wall textures

15x Seamless Grunge/Metal Textures Set

  • 15x seamless grunge metal textures

12 High Res Color Grunge Textures

  • 12 high res color grunge textures

Old, grunge background texture

  • old grunge background texture

Grunge Texture 6592732

  • grunge texture 6592732


  • brick wall grunge textures

Green grunge background

  • green grunge background

Dark Grunge – 40 Totally Different Textures

  • dark grunge 40 totally different textures

Mixed texture set

  • mixed texture set

Tileable Vintage Textures Pack

  • tileable vintage textures pack

Old Distressed Wood Textures Grunge

  • old distressed wood textures grunge

A4 Grungy Paper Textures

  • a4 grungy paper textures

PhotoMelange Grunge Textures

  • photomelange grunge textures

Grunge Textures 5243627

  • photomelange grunge textures1

5 Dark Grunge Damask Textures

  • 5 dark grunge damask textures

Grunge Textures Set

  • grunge textures set1

Soft grunge textures

  • soft grunge textures

vintage grunge textures

  • vintage grunge textures

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