Whether it's for business reasons or not, it's very disrespectful to barge into someone's office. Sending an appointment request letter to arrange a meeting with someone formally is crucial. If you want to write an appointment letter that commands proper attention, we have ready-made Appointment Request Letter Templates you can use. These products have sample content that you can use or customize as you need. Each template allows you to enter your details easily. Download it onto your computer and other mobile devices. Subscribe now to start downloading!

What Is an Appointment Request Letter?

An appointment request letter is a formal correspondence that one needs to create if he/she desires to arrange a meeting with a manager, client, or any person with authority. It can either be for a job, employment, or any other business purposes.

How to Write an Appointment Request Letter

According to TPP Recruitment, a manager will have to interview 3 to 5 candidates every day. That's on top of a manager's daily schedule! People with great professional profiles barely have time to meet anyone at any time. That is why it is crucial to write an appointment request letter before meeting and discussing matters with a manager, CEO, chief of the organization, etc. The same goes for a doctor's appointment too. If you need help in writing an appointment letter, check out our writing tips below.

1. Know the Recipient

Before you start writing your request letter in MS Word, Pages, or other formats, it's essential to know the recipient first. By knowing him or her, you can offer a valuable and enticing deal that's hard to ignore.

2. Suggest a Specific Date and Place

If you specify an exact date, time, and place, deciding whether to go or not is easy and quick. When suggesting a date and location, you have to make sure it's favorable to the recipient since you are asking for their time.

3. Be Specific on the Length of the Meeting

A client, boss, manager, a doctor, or even a common person does not have all day to talk to you. They have a lot on their plate. If you arrange a meeting, make sure that you will only discuss the most crucial points to keep it short.

4. Elaborate the Benefits of the Appointment

Explain the context of the meeting concisely. You also need to elaborate on how this appointment will benefit the person you're writing to, so you can get a "yes," from him or her.

5. Request for a Response

The recipient should know that you are expecting a response for approval. If you failed to include this in your request letter, the recipient might think that it's okay not to reply. Add your contact information so they can easily connect with you.

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